*Kinks: primitive tribal society, urination/squirting, pheromones, lesbian sex, incest.*

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**Primal Memories: Chapter 2**

**Part I**

Autumn pushed through the mammoth hide and stepped into the Elder House. “Mamá,” she called. Mamá looked up from her sage work.

*Rose is at home now, she needs you,* Autumn signed. Mamá stood from her stone table and crossed the hall to the entrance. She and Autumn set off for house Moon.

*Is Rose okay?* Mamá signed. Autumn looked up from her mother’s hands. She shook her head with a worried brow. Her face became hot as she signed, *Rose and Flint tried to mate.* Mamá’s eyes grew wide.

*Did they?* Mamá asked, cupping her fingers to emphasize the question.

*They-* Autumn began, *well, they…did not fully mate. They didn’t mate because she couldn’t… wet him.* Autumn felt too embarrassed to sign the word *squirt* to her mother. Mamá understood what the alternative gesture meant though.

They quickened their pace as house Moon came into view. The tall, rounded thatched roof was unmistakable. Papá had insisted on designing the house for him and his mate himself.

They passed through the door and into the dark home. The hearth at the center of the house was barely aglow. Rose could be heard softly weeping from her room.

Mamá gently pushed aside the woven curtain, the air was heavy with Flint’s scent. Rose was face down on her furs, her hands gripping them tight against her in bundles. The image of Rose gripping Flint close to her while naked reappeared in Autumn’s mind.

Mamá laid down beside her. She propped her head up on her elbow and combed Rose’s curly brown hair. “My sweet Rose, tell me.”

Rose’s crying eventually calmed to subtle gasps for air. She kept her eyes shut, tears still pooling on her face. Mamá’s earthy scent began clouding the air, it was heavier than Flint’s, being a mated scent.

“I was fishing with the gatherers,” she began, “and when we were almost done, Flint signed to me-” she lifted her hand and mimicked the mating signal. “After everyone left, we went down by the waterfall and talked.” Rose then recounted to her mother what had happened.

“Shhh,” Mamá soothed, “you haven’t done anything wrong. You can’t control these things, Rose.”

“But *why* didn’t it happen Mamá? I wanted him, my *body* wanted him! I don’t want another mate, I want *him*!” Rose gasped for air, “I love him,” she croaked.

“I’m sure the gods will show you their plan in time.” Mamá’s trust in the gods never wavered. Rose closed her eyes again, more tears dripping off her chin. Then Autumn spoke.

“Who witnessed him gesture to you? Has anyone smelled him on you? You could act like it never happened and just try again!”

Rose looked up at Autumn curiously. Mamá’s mood darkened. “Autumn! You know that is not our way!” Rose laid her head down once more.

“Mamá,” Autumn retorted, “you make taming oil yourself! How can you say it’s not okay for them to try again?”

“Taming oil is not meant to mask mating scents! Have you no respect for the gods, Autumn? They will show our family in time why Rose and Flint were not meant to pair, seek patience!”

“It’s no use,” said Rose, “Ostara was one of the witnesses.” She didn’t need to explain further what the relevance of Ostara witnessing Flint’s gesture meant. Most of the village likely knew they had tried to mate by now.

“I will tell the Elders what happened. There may be a gathering tonight, so stay close to home.” Mamá kissed Rose’s forehead, then stood. She glanced at Autumn sternly before leaving.

Autumn laid down on her back, shaking her head in opposition. “These aren’t the *gods’ ways,*” Autumn gestured in emphasis, “these are Human ways! It’s not right, Rose.”

Rose sniffed, “The gods’ ways, Human ways, it could even be the Tuskan way, it doesn’t matter.”

Autumn chuckled, looking over to her sister. Rose wasn’t smiling though. Her sister was only two years older than her, but Rose had the patience of a wise woman.

Autumn wiped Rose’s tears with her thumb, then tucked a bundle of hair behind her ear. A light waft of Flint’s scent returned. Rose’s face contorted in agony. “Oh, Rose,” Autumn whimpered. Rose rolled away from her and pulled a fur over her shoulder.

Autumn let out a deep sigh, there was nothing she could do. As Autumn watched her sister’s silhouette rise and fall with each breath, her mind began to swirl with the images of their attempted mating.

The way Flint’s cock stood over her, full and stiff. The image of Rose pulling her knees back, offering her pussy to him. Autumn felt her clit swelling again. The faintest waves of pleasure began to sweep from her stomach to her sex.

She closed her eyes and clenched her jaw, trying to relax her mind and body. It wasn’t right for her to be feeling this way. This was the most difficult thing her sister had ever endured, and she should never have been there to see it. She should have left the moment they started kissing. She could never tell anyone that she had seen Flint’s cock. Though, would it still matter now that he would be forced to leave the village?

Autumn let her mind ponder the guilt and sadness of it all. But her body refused to obey Human etiquette. The waves returned, and they felt stronger this time. She could feel her warm goop emerging.

Autumn looked over to her sister. Rose was trying to sleep off the pain. Autumn winced; not now, stop it. But she couldn’t fight it. She tightened her pussy, flexing her clit. She loved that sensation, and she needed release. She got up, gave a final glance to Rose, then stepped out of her room.

As she passed the hearth she grabbed a few thick logs and tossed them over the glowing coals. Though it was summer, the nights were still bitter cold. It would take hours to heat the whole house.

She hopped onto the second rung of the ladder leading to the loft. She had begged Papá to build her a room in the rafters when their littlest sister, Summer, arrived. After many moons of Mamá’s objections, Papá finally built it.

She reached the woven mat that covered the floor planks and crawled to the far wall. She stood on her furs, reaching her hands high into the thatched roof above. She felt inside the bristles until her fingers found the tiny clay pot she was searching for.

She pulled it out, inspected the twine strings clamping the lid shut, then dropped it into the pocket of her robes. She descended the ladder, and quietly exited her family’s home.

**Part II**

“Mape!” Autumn called from the side door to house River. Maple looked up from the ball of dough she was kneading, her red hair frizzled from the humidity of the kitchen, “Hey!”

Autumn walked over to her table and leaned on her hands, “Can you come help me pick herbs?”

Maple bit her lip, “Hmm- Má and Pá are having the Grove’s at our fire tonight. I need to finish baking this bread.”

Autumn sighed through her nose impatiently. “What if I gave you some of our bread? Mamá wrapped a loaf last night.”

Aunt Luna entered the kitchen from the main house, “Autumn! I heard that Flint and Rose mated, how exciting!” Aunt Luna was Papá’s younger sister.

Autumn leaned back from Maple’s table. She rubbed her chin with her fingers as she spoke, “Well, uhm, it actually didn’t go well… Her body didn’t accept him.” Autumn looked at the ground then to Aunt Luna again.

Luna and Maple’s faces changed from shock to sorrow. “Oh Autumn, I’m saddened to hear that. Do your parents know?”

“Mamá knows, she just spoke with her a short while ago. I think she’s telling the Elders now.”

“Where’s Rose?” asked Maple.

“She’s laying down in the house. I tried to help her, but I think she just wants to sleep,” Autumn replied. She began tapping her foot. “So, can you help me gather some herbs before the sun sets tonight?”

Maple looked to her mother. Aunt Luna gave a sympathetic nod, “You go with your cousin, and I’ll get your brothers to help me with dinner tonight.” Maple and Autumn hid their grins towards the floor.

“Will you send them home?” Aunt Luna asked, “I think they went playing on the eastern ridge.” Maple brushed flour dust off her hands and headed for the door.

“Wait,” said Autumn, she nodded towards the main hall, “let’s get your sack!” Maple cocked a brow, shrugged, then stepped into the main room.

Autumn knelt beside their hearth and began to rummage through their fire tools. “What are you looking for,” asked Maple.

“This!” Autumn held up a small clay pot with holes in the lid. “But I thought you wanted to be back before sunset,” Maple said, grabbing her satchel from her bedding area.

“Well, just in case,” Autumn replied. She took the lid off the pot and used the fire stick to roll a few embers inside. Then she grabbed a couple handfuls of wood shavings from the basket and stuffed them into Maple’s sack.

The girls passed beyond the last row of houses in the village. They walked along the beaten path between wheat fields, passing farm huts and animal barns.

They crossed the valley eastward until they reached the rocky bluff. Then they ascended the steep path to the ridge.

Autumn reached the top first. She held her hand out to Maple and pulled her up. They looked out at the village valley. The sun was closer to the western tree line than it was mid-sky. They had about three hours before sunset.

“I still can’t believe she didn’t squirt,” Maple said as they walked south along the ridge, “if *they* aren’t meant to mate, then I think the gods are playing tricks on us.” Autumn groaned in agreement.

Autumn lifted the lid to the pot and blew air inside, causing the embers to glow brighter. “Here,” said Maple, she pulled a hefty pinch of wood shavings from her satchel and stuffed them into the pot. Their eyes met and Autumn grinned, “Thanks, Mape.”

Maple smiled and shook her head, “Ya know, it feels like we never see each other since you started helping your Pá build.”

“I know,” Autumn replied. “Between working with Mamá in the mornings and Papá in the evenings, I haven’t had much time. I’m sorry,” she held Maple’s hand in her own. Maple slid her fingers between Autumn’s naturally.

“It’s okay, I know working with your Pá makes you happy. Makes you *both* happy.”

Autumn squeezed Maple’s hand. “I also think it’s a relief for him to have someone who *actually* understands how to build,” said Autumn, rolling her eyes.

Maple laughed. “You *really* hate him that much?” Autumn gave her a deadpan. “He made me leave our build because he thought I should be with the women, where my *place is*.”

Maple grinned, “Well, he’s not wrong,” she goaded. Autumn clenched her jaw and squeezed her hand. “*Ow,*” Maple giggled.

“Don’t you find some of those rules absurd? Why can’t men and women just do the work they’re best at? Why does Flint have to leave? What’s wrong with seeing a man’s cock?”

“Guess I haven’t thought about that last one.”

Autumn chuckled then looked out over the valley as they walked.

“To me, I can’t see it as the gods’ ways anymore. I think there are many things the gods want us to do, but to force Flint to leave the village? That’s just something an elderman made up moons ago.”

“Yah…” Maple pondered, “he’s a really nice man. It *is* a dumb rule.”

“You know,” Autumn said, “I think that if I prove myself as a builder, I may be able to get Papá and the other Elders to change the rules of apprenticeship.”

“Autumn, that’s not gonna happen, and you know it,” Maple said blankly. Autumn withdrew her hand. Maple moved in front of her and began walking backwards.

“Autumn, don’t be mad at me,” she said slyly, “I only think you won’t be able to change things *here*. But I know when you become an elderwoman, you’ll be able to do whatever you want with your own village someday!”

Maple’s optimism was infectious. “Whatever I want, huh?”

Maple winked then turned around, “Where the *hex* are my brothers?” They slowed to a stop. “Is it possible your Mamá was mistaken?”

Maple bit her bottom lip, “Yah! I mean, probably,” she said, shaking her head. She stepped to the cliff’s edge, putting her hands on her hips. Autumn’s gaze lowered to her plump butt.

“Well, if the boys aren’t here, we might as well go to the ruins,” said Autumn, picking her pace up again.

“Yah, ok,” said Maple, turning to follow her. “Wait! What?”

Autumn grinned, “We’re already up here, we might as well take a look!”

Maple huffed.

“Why do you like coming here so much,” Maple asked, folding her arms anxiously. “You don’t find it at least somewhat interesting,” Autumn replied.

She stepped around the remnants of an ancient stone wall, it was nearly fifteen feet tall. Thousands of rocks had been stacked perfectly together to form one solid barrier.

Maple walked into what used to be a house. The outline of the walls still stood in knee high rubble. The remnants of a clay oven rested within one wall, the arch of its ceiling shattered inside itself.

“The Tuskans must have built these *hundreds* of years ago,” Autumn said with wonder.

“And how do you know that,” Maple asked.

“The great pine over there,” Autumn said, pointing to an enormous tree. “It’s growing from *inside* that building. That tree must be at least three hundred years old.”

Maple laughed, “Autumn,” she sighed, “you’re too smart for your own good.”

Autumn rounded the stone door frame, joining Maple in the ruined house. “And you’re too *beautiful* for your own good.”

Maple looked over her shoulder. She gave a knowing smile, “Here?”

Autumn moved behind her. She collected Maple’s wild red hair and draped it over one shoulder. Her scent wafted over Autumn, she smelled like sweet lilies.

“Yes… If you want,” Autumn whispered into her ear. She slid her hands down Maple’s back, then wrapped her arms around her. “I’ve missed you,” she whispered, kissing Maple’s ear.

Maple closed her eyes and laid her head on Autumn’s shoulder, exposing her neck. Autumn lipped her there gently, breathing hot air against the skin of her throat.

“We have to be careful,” Maple whispered. Autumn smiled as she continued to kiss her neck. She withdrew her arm and pulled the tiny pot out from her robes.

Autumn held the pot in front of Maple. Her eyes widened as her mouth formed a naughty grin. “So, we couldn’t find any herbs?”

Autumn let out a moanful laugh. “That’s right. We searched all over for your brothers, and then the sun started to set.”

“I’m glad you brought the embers then,” Maple said softly. She turned around in Autumn’s arms and lifted her face to be kissed. Autumn leaned in and lightly pressed her lips to hers. Then she slipped the tip of her tongue into Maple’s mouth. She tasted her for just a moment before pulling away.

“Let’s build the fire!”

Maple ripped a patch of grass away from what used to be the house’s floor. Then she grabbed rocks from the rubble walls to form a fire ring. Meanwhile, Autumn left to collect wood. She returned with a bundle of sticks and one large branch.

They built a small wood pile, then gingerly rolled the embers from the pot into the center. They sprinkled wood shavings over the coals. Autumn steadily blew air into the base of the pile, and within seconds, the shavings lit ablaze and the fire slowly began to burn.

**Part III**

The sun sunk below the skyline of the rocky ridge. The western sky was still lit by daylight, but the eastern sky had grown dark. The stars were faintly visible.

Autumn untied the tiny pot, then used the twine to pull her hair back into a messy ball. She lifted the lid, revealing a pool of taming oil. It had a pungent scent of lemongrass and rosemary.

They dipped their fingers into the oil, then dabbed it on their necks and wrists. Then they gently combed some through their hair. Autumn replaced the lid to the pot and set it aside. She looked at her beautiful cousin, reached out, grasped her chin, then pulled her in for a kiss.

They laid down in the grass and became a tangle of limbs. Maple groaned as Autumn gripped the back of her hair. She pulled Maple’s head back, exposing her throat again. Autumn licked and nipped the soft flesh of her neck. She could feel Maple’s heartbeat pulsing against her tongue.

“*Oh, Autumn,*” Maple sighed. Then she pushed Autumn away from her. Autumn rose to her hands, “What is it,” she asked softly.

Maple untied the front of her robes. She pulled back one side, revealing a milky smooth breast. Her pink nipple was already hard, the flesh around it wrinkling upwards.

Autumn groaned as she lowered her mouth over Maple’s breast. Autumn sucked at her nipple, wooing her cousin to moan for her.

Then she rolled onto her back and began untying her own robes. She slipped them off as quickly as Rose had, and Maple did the same.

The memory of Flint kneeling over Rose flashed through Autumn’s mind. Her clit was pulsing with the clenches of her pussy. She grabbed Maple’s arm and rolled her over onto her stomach. Maple gave no objections. Autumn’s eyes took in her plump cheeks, the dimples in her lower back holding shadows from the firelight.

Without thinking, Autumn mounted her. She placed her thumbs into the dimples of her back, and gripped her waist tightly with her thighs. Maple let out a low groan, “*Ooof.*”

Autumn spread her lips with her fingers, peering down to see her clit bulging with arousal. She wiped her pussy and then slathered the wetness over Maple’s bottom. She spread her thighs wider, angled her hips, and then squished her clit between her cheeks.

She humped Maple firmly, sucking the cool air between her teeth. Maple arched her back, offering more of herself to Autumn. Autumn’s hands gripped her cousin’s shoulders. She massaged her with her thumbs, wanting her to feel her appreciation.

“*Oh, Mape,*” Autumn’s voice had become guttural. She whimpered with each hump, chasing the fluttering rise of pleasure in her stomach. It felt wonderful, like rushing water on a hot day.

And then she squirted.

For just a few seconds, a hot stream of clear urine hissed over Maple’s cheeks. They both let out moans of arousal. Autumn’s scent, a spice like cinnamon, burst into the air.

Maple squirmed and bucked beneath Autumn with each thrust. Autumn knew her scent was arousing Maple’s mind. She smiled, familiarizing herself with Maple’s sexuality again.

She gripped Maple’s hair. And as Maple began to squirm, she pushed her face into the grass. “Hold still,” she commanded. “*Oh, yes!*” Maple gasped. She clenched the grass with her fists.

Autumn felt another wave of pheromones washing over her. She stopped humping and hovered over Maple’s mount, a second passed, then she she shot her squirt into Maple’s sex.

Maple bucked again and again. Autumn could see between her cheeks each time. A thick pool of her own excitement was oozing from her pussy.

Autumn gently nestled her fingers against Maple’s opening. Then she slid her lubricant down and over her clit, swirling her fingers around Maple’s swollen knob.

“Don’t stop,” Maple pleaded. Autumn continued to rub her cousin’s clit. She kneaded her cheeks with the other hand, pushing and squeezing them like balls of dough.

Maple’s breathy groans were making her mind blurr. Autumn furrowed her brow as she quickened her rubbing, eventually forfeiting to furious sideways strokes.

Autumn clenched her teeth, her forearm beginning to burn. Maple started to cry out with pleasure, then droplets of her own squirt began tinkling over Autumn’s palm. The scent of her sticky sweetness overwhelmed her.

Autumn gripped her hair once more, pulling her face to the sky. She mounted her again and ground her pelvis into her ass until Maple’s cheeks were squishing against her back.

As Autumn rose to orgasm, she throttled her fingers over her clit. The tingling inside her grew until her body could take it no more. She flexed her pussy and a hot stream arched over Maple’s ass, spraying onto her back. “*Ohhhhh, yes!*” Autumn cried helplessly.

She slowly dismounted Maple, her muscles weak from mating. Maple then straddled her, her strawberry blonde bush buried into Autumn’s chestnut brown one. Autumn spread her legs and arched her hips so that her mound bulged upwards. This was Maple’s favorite way of mating.

Maple rolled her pussy over Autumn’s mound, her hands grasping Autumn’s breasts. A loving warmth began to spread through Autumn. She held one of Maple’s hands to her breast, then reached with the other to cup her face.

Maple looked up from their sexes and they met eyes. Autumn withdrew her hands and softly gestured, *I love you, sister.* Maple’s face curled into a heartfelt smile, then she laid down onto Autumn’s chest. They kissed softly, their mouths and bodies warming one another from the chilling dusk.

Soft streams flowed from Maple’s pussy, spilling over Autumn’s hips and into the grass. Autumn tangled her hand into Maple’s hair, and caressed her back with the other.

Maple whimpered into Autumn’s neck as she grew to orgasm. “Come to me,” Autumn whispered, “I need you.” She gripped Maple’s cheeks and pulled her pussy tightly against her as they rolled their hips together.

A heavy hissing sound let out from their sexes as Maple softly cried out in pleasure. Autumn moaned into her ear, suckling her lobe. Maple’s body deflated, her muscles giving in. She stretched her legs out so that she was no longer straddling her cousin.

Autumn rolled them onto their sides. She nestled her knee between Maple’s thighs and held her body close. They gazed at one another while their fingers and toes caressed each other’s skin.

Their mated scent overpowered the taming oil they had used for protection. It was a sweet spice that made Autumn reminisce the hundreds of times they had since they were girls.

“I’ve been missing this,” Autumn said. “Me too,” Maple whispered. Then she grinned. “What is it,” Autumn giggled.

Maple looked up to the stars. “Yah know, since you were busy with your Pá, I had to get this somewhere else.” She raised a brow, waiting for her cousin’s response.

Autumn chuckled, “Oh yeah? And where did you get taming oil from?”

Maple smiled, “We didn’t need any.”

“So you didn’t *actually* mate with someone else?” Maple shook her head, “No, but he helped enough.”


Autumn grew impatient, “Mape, with who?” Maple finally gave in, “With Oakley,” she replied.

Autumn scowled at her, “*Really?*” Maple laughed, “He’s not as terrible as you think he is.”

Autumn rolled onto her back. She readjusted the twine tying her hair up, then scoffed. “Yeah. I’m sure he’s a *very* sweet guy when you’re on your knees for him.”

“I’ve never sucked him,” Maple said, rolling her eyes. “Má and Pá would smell it on me. And you’d never give me taming oil if you knew I’d be using it with him.”

Autumn puffed, “So what do you do then?” Maple rolled over and wrapped her arm around her jealous cousin. She nestled her nose into Autumn’s neck.

“We hump in the flax field. We just keep our clothes on so our scents don’t mix.”

“Do you kiss?”

“Uh, yah.”

Maple sat up, she leaned over Autumn with a smile. “Don’t worry, cousin. He could never make me squirt like you do.” She leaned down and kissed Autumn.

When their lips unstuck, Autumn grinned. “Well, I guess we’ll have to find more time for this. I don’t want you pairing off with a man just yet.”

Maple gave a throaty laugh. “We gotta start walking back,” she said, looking at the sky. “The Grove’s are sitting by our fire tonight.”

Autumn grabbed the pot of taming oil and placed it between them. They dabbed themselves dry with grass florets, then rubbed themselves over with the oil. Their mated scent began to fade as the pungency of lemongrass and rosemary cut through the air.

Maple dipped two fingers into the pot, then leaned over and rubbed them between the folds of Autumn’s pussy. Autumn kissed her with a smile and returned the favor. They dressed themselves then snuffed out the fire.

“You think the Elders will gather tonight,” Maple asked.

“I’m not sure. I can’t remember the last time a male had to leave the village,” Autumn replied.

“Yah… me either.”

Autumn draped her arm over Maple’s shoulders. Maple raised her hand and clasped her fingers between Autumn’s, then she wrapped her arm around her cousin’s waist.

They set off, leaving the Tuskan ruins to fade into the dark night.

> I hope you enjoyed Chapter 2 of Primal Memories! Though the naughty bits don’t happen until Part III, I hope the length of the scene made the wait worth it. I’ve already outlined Chapter 3. It may not have many naughty scenes, but it’s going to be an important and *dark* chapter. – thatgirliguess