Let me begin by saying that this is the very first time that I find myself writing something like this. I am usually a man who doesn’t say much, let alone a man who writes anything up. But I find myself compelled to make an exception. I am making an exception because I feel that it is my duty to share what I have learned with others and that by sharing what I have learned, I will be both enabling a great deal of bottled up joy to be released as well as contributing, if only just a little bit, to the promotion of peace and harmony between the races.
So here goes. My wife and I have been involved in a swinging relationship with four Chinese couples for the past handful of years and the experience has been so fulfilling and so meaningful that I would be remiss if I didn’t share some details about it with the world. I intend to do this in this note and in future notes, and I will try my best to provide you with information that I hope will be useful. As you will note, I try to provide guidance that is actionable and that will enable others not only to enjoy reading about our adventures, but will enable them to start their own adventures.
To start with, all of the couples that we are involved in are in their mid fifties and older, with the oldest couple in their mid and late sixtes: the lady is sixty four and the man is sixty eight. Secondly, you may ask (and I know you are asking): why only Chinese and not other ethnicities? That is in fact a very good question, but the answer is this: simply that we have developed a taste for the Chinese (every time I see someone from China, I have, I am not shy to say, a very strong erection, whether they are male or female) – and in fact, Mainland Chinese for that matter. But if I were to provide an explanation, I would say that we like Chinese couples because of the fascinating psychological dynamics between older Chinese men and women and Caucasians. For instance, older Chinese men, we have discovered, are very aroused by the very notion that a Caucasian male finds their female attractive. The men are also very aroused by Caucasian females. They are extremely intimidated by them and would never approach them on their own, so that finding themselves with easy access to a Caucasian female who is friendly and respectful towards them almost numbs them with joy and even giddiness.
Also, I must add (because it is important), for some reason, older Chinese men don’t find it offensive if a Caucasian male touches them sexually. Why? I have no idea, but I can tell you that they not only find it not offensive, they find it amusing and often they laugh when a male touches them affectionately (that is why, for instance, whenever I move to kiss a Chinese male, they start laughing and sticking out their tongue playfully, which then enables me to suck their tongue, which in turn amuses them even more). These are all the dynamics, among others, that work very reliably with Chinese couples. (The dynamics may be – and in fact are – different with other Asians: Koreans, Vietnamese, etc. And it’s probably different even for Taiwanese, who have internalized some Western values and sensitivities and are therefore not as interesting . What we have become experts on are married Mainland Chinese couples who live in the United States).
So, just to be sure that I not misleading anyone, it’s a specific set of people that I am discussing here, although there is a very large number of them out there (there are Chinese couples everywhere you turn) and you should be able to befriend many in your very area. I’m pretty sure that if you looked, you would find some in your neighborhood in fact.
Now, when you spot an older Chinese man or woman, just walk by their house when one of them is around and be friendly with them and work your way to chatting with them. After that, just build up your friendship patiently and step by step. Older Chinese couples, especially when their children have left, are very easy to make friends with and it’s amazing how easy it is to enter in a swinger relationship with them.
After about 3 months or so of friendship building, invite them to your home for dinner and treat them well. Chinese like to be respected and treated nicely. (Respect is very important to them, and you can go a long way by being meticulously respectful ad courteous to them). Gradually – and I mean very gradually – begin to introduce sexual innuendos and allusions in your conversations, all couched in innocent, simple humor. You want to get to a point where you can comfortably share with them some of your sexual preferences and tastes, and they in turn theirs, without arousing any suspicions about your ultimate intentions. (This is harder that it may seem. For me, since I have an erection as soon as I see an older Chinese person, I have taken to ensuring that my penis is well tucked in so that the erection doesn’t show.)
At some point (and you will know when that point comes) make a clear-cut sexual compliment about the wife and lustfully stare at one of her parts (her breasts, buttocks or legs) and then laugh out loud and in a friendly manner. When you get to this stage, make sure that you have positioned your penis so that your erection will show, and that you look at your erection and at the lady’s parts back and forth. Make sure that you don’t make eye contact with the lady as you do that. Instead, make sure that her husband catches you doing this and momentarily make eye contact with him as you do this. Don’t laugh or say anything as you do this. All of this must (this is crucial) remain unspoken. The message you are communicating is that the animal in you has been aroused and that you are not able to control that animal.
This one move will get you close to the next level. Repeat this regularly, escalating each time, until you get to the point where you are able to express your desire to take the lady to bed and to enjoy her body in front of her husband and your wife. If you do this gradually (over a couple of more months), you will get there. Once you have been able to cross that point, the rest is easy.
The couples that my wife and I are engaged with are all dear friends of ours who are there to help and support (and us to them) as well as full emotional and sexual partners. We work hard on both sides to ensure that there is a romantic element with the core sentiment being desirability: we desire them and they desire us. So, leering at each other and openly expressing verbally and beyond how fond we are of them, their bodies, etc.
In terms of what we do in the bedroom, we engage our couples one couple at a time.
The fact that we are four of us opens up limitless possibilities to what we can do together that don’t exist otherwise: straight husband and wife copulations, with the pleasure of watching the other couple have sex while you have sex with your spouse; double penetrations of a husband of the wives, wife stacking and the husbands taking turns, the husband doing 69 and penetrating each other, and so on. A great deal of fun indeed.
Usually, we start such sessions after dinner at 7:30 pm and go on through the night and past midnight, with breaks in between to refresh.
With the couples that we have, we are able to have sex every week, usually Fridays and Saturdays. Nothing kinky with any of the couples at all: simply sex. With two of them, the men have homosexual sex, including penetration. There are times when a husband comes by himself to our house for sex, and sometimes asks to have sex just with me (the husband), and I am fine with at. One of the two men like to be the lady while the other one like to be the man, although in both cases, I make sure that regardless, I go get a turn on their ass. Both men do like to be penetrated and for some reason, when they are being penetrated, they both laugh out loud and make constant eye contact with me, hungrily watching the expression on my face. And the more pleasure I show on my face, the more uproarious their laughter is. They find it funny that a white man is being pleasured by penetrating in their ass. It is really an experience!
Regarding the ladies, they are not submissive at all, contrary to commonly help opinion. On the contrary, they are very much engaged. One thing that all of the couples that we have engaged have in common is that the ladies are very health conscious. They see the sexual engagement from the perspective of health: it helps them with maintaining a youthful “Chi” as they put it and given that these sexual sessions are usually several hours long and there is a lot of sweating, they see it as part physical exercise. They are very affectionate, but they also have a bit of bossiness about them. Like their husbands, they laugh quite a bit and use laughter to mitigate against embarrassment (for instance, farting, ejaculation, etc.). The ladies do not hesitate to engage in sex with my wife. They don’t even seem to see it as sex, but rather as affection and play. They certainly have much less of a Caucasian complex and are amused that Caucasian men like them and more amused and laugh when they watch their husband in coitus with my wife. As you can tell, there is a great deal of playfulness during our sessions. And remarkably (I think this is a reflection of the fact that there is something called a mainland Chinese culture), there is little variation from sone session to the next between the couples, which simplifies things. I hope that is helpful.
Regarding the size of the men’s penis: it is not true at all that they have smaller sizes. Their sizes are about the same as what you expect with Caucasians. One man, Charles, in fact, has a larger than average penis (about 7 inches long) and rather thicker. My theory is that men from the northern provinces, who tend to be larger and bulkier, have larger penises. But that is a theory and pure speculation. But no, it’s a myth that Chinese men have smaller parts…
Going back to the ladies, three are petite and one is taller and larger than what you may expect. They all have breasts that are on the smaller size and they all have rather hairy vaginas. None of them shaves. In terms of sex with my wife, there is a great deal of kissing. They do not seem to like licking, but they do like being licked. Licking them in the anus amuses them a lot and my wife indulges them. They are also very keen on masturbation. As soon as we begin our sessions, they are constantly rubbing their vagina, even as they are talking to you, etc., walking around, etc. As soon as they get naked, they commence with rubbing their vagina and they all do it in the same way, as if they had been trained in the same school. It is curious. What is also worth noting is that once we are in a sex session, they are loud in their voice and very comfortable with their bodily functions – for instance, they will fart, go to the bathroom without closing the door, etc. Another thing that they have in common, which I found interesting, is that before they mount a penis, they loudly and energetically spit on it, almost mechanically, and then rub their spit around it, thus lubricating it. The first time one of the ladies did that to me, it startled me, but I very quickly got used to it. And when they mount you and are facing you, they stare at you in the eyes consistently and rather seriously. That’s another interesting thing and it’s as though they had been trained to do that.
Regarding the large lady (I know you are wondering about her): she is not Amazon size, but almost 6 foot tall and has large calves and thick wrists. She is very nice and smiles a lot and is gentle. Of course, like all women, they like their breasts to be caressed and kissed. One thing that I do that catches them (and their husbands) off guard is smelling and licking their arm pits. They all laugh the first time I do it, but then ask to be smelled and licked in the arm pit after that as a matter of course.
Let me stop for now.
In the next part, I will give you some advice on places you can go to easily find Chinese couples and will share some handy tips on how to engage with them And, again – just to make sure that no one misunderstands my intentions – I am sharing all this because I believe that I have something special to say and that the secret to a fulfilled life is being very close to as many people as possible, especially people that you can learn a great deal from. And sexually engaging with married Chinese couples in their fifties and sixties is a sure way for you to learn a lot not only about life, but about your most inner self.

Dr. Patricia Wong is a writer of erotica and has published two novels and several short stories. You may find out more about here here: https://linktr.ee/patwong