Most saturdays, my girlfriend and I find little hiking paths, and one such morning, we decided to try a new path further away from the city. The new path was absolutely picturesque, with lush trees and rolling slopes dancing around a bustling stream.

Despite its beauty, the hike was fairly challenging and the hot, sticky weather didn’t make it easier. Eventually, we crested another hill and decided to stop for a rest and water break. “I guess this is why less people hike this path,” I huffed before a pull of water. Emily laughed, “yea, it’s so hot. But it’s kind of freeing.” She then pulled off her shirt and stretched by the riverbank.

I couldn’t look away from Emily, now in just a sports bra and tight, spandex shorts. Her pale skin was slick and shimmering, with beads of sweat running down into her perky cleavage. Her radiant blonde hair tied up in a messy bun. To make it harder to look away, she was bent at the waist to stretch her hamstrings. Her tight ass bouncing slightly as she switched legs.

I became aware how alone we actually were. Nobody around. No sounds beyond the running water. Just us. I smirked and approached Emily as she straightened up. One hand circled around her hips. The other sliding up her taut stomach to cup a breast. “Baby, what are you doing?” She asked playfully. “We’re in public.” I kissed her neck. “Emily, nobody is around and you look so fucking sexy. I can’t help myself.”

Emily twisted her neck so our lips could meet. From the hike, her soft lips were salty and sweet, and her tongue was wet and hungry. We kissed furiously and savagely while our hands began to explore. While I had one hand climb under her bra and the other slip into her shorts to lightly tease a nipple and her slit, Emily’s hands traced my waistband and stroked my cock, which now jabbed at her through our clothes.

“Emily, can I?” She moaned and nodded, pulling her shorts and panties down to her knees. I did the same. I grabbed her hips in one hand while guiding myself towards her pussy with the other, and gently pressed against her lips. She was wet and waiting, even moaning, “please, fuck me!” I pushed in deep.

Emily wiggled her cute ass as I inched up to my base inside her. We moaned in unison, delighting in every inch of each other. Slowly, I stroked into my girlfriend’s heavenly soft wetness. The view was incredible as I panned from Emily’s tight body, her long blonde hair now freed and bouncing down her back with every stroke, across her forest and stream surroundings. The only sounds rising above the running river were our pants and moans.

Emily arched her back as I pulled her lips back to mine. We frantically and hungrily kissed, while I stroked her deeper and harder. Now the sounds of my hips clapping into her pert ass rang out with every thrust. She reached back, grabbing my hips to urge me harder and deeper in. As I felt the pressure rising inside me, I felt her body start to quake and her moans grow louder and deeper.

Her slit tightened around me as she reached a strong, shaking climax, but I didn’t relent on my stroking, pounding into my Emily’s soft, welcoming pussy, until I felt the pressure burst and I exploded inside. Savagely, Emily sensed this and bounced her hips, to draw out every drip of pleasure, until I could finally free myself and wobble over to a tree.

After getting our breath back under control and some water, we returned to the car. That hot scene by the stream still playing in our minds until we had got home and rushed to the bed for another round. Our Saturday hikes have now gotten even more interesting.