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*Pronounced ‘soul’ games. First-person, creepy, non-chronological, episodic stories inspired by the anime “Euphoria”, the book “Battle Royal”, the show “Squid Games”, etc. In this one, I choose my childhood friend, a thin blonde 18yo senior.*


I’m just trying to help with these disclaimers! I don’t want to spring things on anyone. Back out now if any of this doesn’t sound like your kind of thing!

The POINT of my writing is to combine VIOLENCE, HORROR, and EXTREME TABOO themes, trying to creep myself out as I write. This whole story is told through the eyes of a VILLAIN. If you do not enjoy very dark themes, this is not for you!

This is a work of fiction. I do not condone any of the things I write about. All characters are 18+. Any resemblance to persons living or dead is purely coincidental.



-Creepy/gross Sniffing/tasting (feet, sweat, bodily fluids, everything)


-Anal abuse


Jump Ropes

My heart races as I stand in front of the TV. Fingers trembling on the remote. I did it. I pressed the button! The screen acknowledges my selection, a soft arcade-like boop sound as the ‘Begin Game’ button animates and fades away, the interface changing. The screen returns to the gymnasium full of students and teachers. Every attractive senior girl in my school, along with every attractive female teacher. Currently all huddled around their bunk beds, comforting each other, a few pacing around nervously. But nothing else happens at first. Fuck, what have I done? I wait, every second a lifetime.

Then finally a fun little 8-bit arcade game intro sound comes over the PA system in the school, followed by the soothing woman’s voice, my TV picking up the sound easily, “Attention, females. Attention females.”

The girls around the gym perk up, some looking around nervously. But they aren’t surprised. I can’t remember how long we’ve all been held captive on this remote island. A couple days? Longer? Long enough that hearing announcements like this has become a routine for the girls. The Announcer continues, such an innocent tone, “Please line up along the center of the gymnasium. A game will begin shortly.”

She waits until they comply. Slowly, they all line up along the center of the basketball court, all facing toward my camera. God, look at them all. They’re terrified. Put on display just for me. All because I chose to press that button.

The pleasant voice continues, “Please remain standing until a female is chosen for the game.” The interface on my TV suddenly changes. A menu bar appears, taking up the bottom third of the screen, showing a row of faces. It reads ‘Select a Female’. I can hit the left and right arrows on my remote to scroll through the faces of each girl. As I hover over one of them, the rest of the screen zooms in on the face of that girl, showing me her in the gym in real time. This is fucking insane.

But I keep scrolling. I hover over a teacher, watching it focus on her face. Then a short girl from my History class, trembling and gripping hands with a girl next to her. A whole menu of females. I can pick any of them. As easy as shopping online, ordering food. So casual, as if these aren’t even people. My dick stirs in my pants as I look at the selection. Almost too many choices. I wish I could try them all. No, this is wrong.

But my mind keeps returning to the same girl. Ashley Keller. We’ve been friends since we were little. Well, in the same group of friends. We used to be kind of close, but we’ve grown apart. I was never quite in her ‘league’. She’s just a bit too popular, a bit too good for any guy really. She’s bossy, acts so mature for her age. But she’s impossible to dislike, has a way of getting everyone to love her, sweet-talking or flirting her way through everything. Teachers, students, everyone likes Ashley.

But none of that matters now. I watch as Ashley stares nervously at the floor. Straight blonde hair down past her shoulders. Slender and tone body. A bit tall, but only because she had her growth spurt earlier than most everyone else. Her facial features so sharp and elegant. She just stands there in her Catholic schoolgirl uniform. Completely unaware that I’m zoomed in on her. That she’s about to be chosen. She’s nervous, but she has a look that says she doesn’t believe she could really be chosen. That it could never happen to her.

I press the button, confirming my selection. The menu bar slides away, and a few long seconds later, the voice continues, “A female has been chosen… Ashley Keller. Please step away from the line.”

The gym erupts into shuffled movement, gasps of shock, muffled sighs of relief. And Ashley’s face is mortified. She covers her mouth with both hands, shaking her head back and forth in utter disbelief.

I watch for a moment, my heart racing. I can’t believe it either. Is this really happening? But then suddenly the TV changes to a default title screen, reading ‘School of Lust’, and the soothing woman’s voice starts talking directly to me.

“Thank you for your selection. You will now proceed to classroom 106, where further instructions will be given. The chosen female will await you there. Please bring your remote, and head to the southwest entrance. Do not deviate. Enjoy.” Her voice always sounds so happy. So innocent.

My walk over to the school building is nerve-wracking, but weirdly exciting. Each door I approach clicks unlocked. Outside, the warm ocean breeze, the fresh island air. I’m in paradise. Anticipation builds as I enter the school. The air is still. My footsteps are the only sound in the halls. Room 104… 105… I’m practically sick to my stomach with anxiety.

A mechanism installed in the door of room 106 clicks unlocked as I approach. I enter. There she is. Ashley, standing in the middle of the room. Blindfolded and shaking.

Her head whips toward me, “Who’s there?” I walk slowly inside, almost as nervous as her.

“Mm mm mmm,” I pretend to try to respond to her. I almost laugh. This is so weird. It’s like I’m in on some sick joke.

I glance around the room. It’s my English classroom. But some of the desks are pushed away from the center of the room where Ashley stands.

“You’re the boy they picked? You’re from our school?” Typical Ashley, trying so hard to figure things out, take control of the situation. She’ll probably try to talk her way out of everything too. I mumble an affirmative sound to reply to her questions.

A TV in the corner of the room suddenly turns on. An exciting 8-bit jingle emits from it, like an arcade game starting up. The Announcer’s voice starts speaking from the TV loudly, “Please remember, excessive disobedience will result in punishment. This includes conversation irrelevant to the game.” Wow, this lady seems to really have my back. I bet she can just make up any rule she wants on the spot.

The voice continues, “The rules of this game are simple. On the teacher’s desk, you will find several jump ropes. Above you in the center of the room, you will see a metal rafter running across the ceiling. The female must be suspended from this by the jump ropes. You may accomplish this however you see fit. Once suspended, the male must have vaginal intercourse with the female. The female must remain suspended off the floor from insertion to complet-”

“What?! No! You can’t do this!” Ashley screams, interrupting the voice, looking like she’s about to take off her blindfold and run. She is immediately zapped by her metal collar. She seizes up, a taser-like clicking echoing around the room. Then it stops. She gasps and falls to her knees.

“Remember, disobedience will be punished. And removing your blindfold will result in forfeiting the game for yourself and your loved ones. Please do not interrupt again,” The Announcer’s voice is so sweet and calming, so at odds with the grim meaning behind her words.

“As I was saying, the female must be suspended from insertion to completion. If the female falls or touches the floor in any way, you must start over. More instructions will be given partway through this game. Begin.”

The room goes quiet, my rapid heartbeat the only sound I hear. I don’t move at first, just staring in awe at the girl before me, crumpled on the floor, sitting on her heels. Panting, defeated. It must have hurt pretty bad. She doesn’t disobey or complain. Just sits there waiting.

I glance over at the teachers desk. Sure enough, there’s a whole pile of jump ropes of various lengths. Probably more than I’d ever need. Ok, I guess I’m doing this.

Then I notice the TV is displaying something. It makes no sound, but it types me a message. It reads, ‘Use your remote to see helpful tips.’ And below that are images of bondage positions. Tutorials? What the fuck.

I select one. Damn, it looks complicated. An illustrated female is shown practically upside down, a jumble of difficult knots all over her. I scroll through the others. My dick twitches in my pants. Endless guides on how to tie up the girl I’ve had a crush on my whole life. I select an easier guide and then return to the center of the room to start trying it out.

I keep glancing back at Ashley as I start getting ready. She trembles, jumping at every sound I make, her head whipping around trying to understand what she’s hearing. I pretend to be doing more than I am, really just taking my time staring at her. She can’t see me, so I’m free to look her body up and down at my own pace. For the first time ever, I can inspect her without fear of being seen.

Her hair is a pure, natural blonde, straightened, past her shoulders. Her skin is fair, features thin and graceful. A white short-sleeve uniform shirt, modest but showing off the slight curve of her small breasts beneath. Shirt tucked neatly into her plaid skirt draped over her long legs. She wears black knee-high socks and cute little black flats on her feet. She follows every dress code, and has a natural beauty that most girls in her class are probably envious of. So pristine. A perfect little Catholic girl.

I kneel down behind her and start wrapping some rope around her torso. She flinches and shrinks away from me in fear, but I just gently pull her back and keep going, glancing at the TV to follow the tutorial.

So close to her now, I can’t help but breath in the scent of her hair. God she smells like fruit. So enticing, a shiver runs through me.

I wrap over top her chest, around her back. Then another below the breasts and around her back. Her small tits accentuated, pinched by ropes pressed tightly above and below them. Her arms bound down at her sides. Then another rope around her waist like a belt. I don’t understand what the guide is saying to do with the legs, so I skip that. Lastly I start throwing ropes up and over the metal rafter along the ceiling, looping them back down and through the bindings on her body.

I make sure to touch her in a modest, gentlemanly fashion, as if saying ‘I’m sorry, but they’re making me do this’. I’m not sure why. Maybe I’m too nervous to go all out, as if this is all some trick. Maybe it’s my conscience. Or maybe I like the thrill of keeping up the charade.

I slide a desk over next to her. She whimpers in fear, no idea what’s happening. I lift her onto her feet and start gently prodding her, motioning to bend over the desk. She reluctantly does so, laying all her weight on it, belly first. I get her fully off the floor. My hope is to get her tied and then slide the desk out, with her remaining suspended at that height.

I have to stop and admire the sight. Ashley is laying flat out on a desk, tied up and helpless. I bend down over her and sniff silently, outside her clothes without touching her. Along her back, over her ass, everything. More of her fruity scent. I kneel down behind her to try to look up her skirt. Her legs are too close together, only giving me a nice view of her smooth white thighs. I need more.

I get back to tying her up, get the ropes pulled tight down from the ceiling. A few minutes later and I’m pretty satisfied. Everything seems taut and secure. Moment of truth. I start carefully sliding the desk out from under her, pulling it while pushing her hips and shoulder to slide her off.

She yelps, “What are you doing? Oh my God, no please!” I keep going, a final shove getting her completely off the desk.

It worked! Her head and legs dangle freely, but her torso is parallel with the floor, fully suspended. The ropes creak quietly as she wriggles around, kicking her feet in discomfort. But her feet are still above the floor.

An upbeat little arcade video game sound comes from the TV, as if signifying a checkpoint completed. Fuck, that means next I have to…

I stare at the girl in front of me, her legs dangling straight down, her ass bent nicely at the perfect height. Covered by her cute skirt. I slowly remove my pants and underwear. My cock fully erect. This is surreal. My friend Ashley went from unobtainable to unlimited access.

“P-please don’t look. Just do it quickly. Just get it over with.” Her voice cracks and quivers. She knows she’s in no position to demand anything, but that doesn’t stop her from trying. It always works for her after all.

So I play along. Part of me honestly does want to get her through this as quickly as possible. Let her keep some dignity. Make this easy on the poor girl. It’s bad enough she has to get fucked like this. Raped. I shouldn’t make it any worse than it already is.

I reach out and gingerly lift her skirt. Just enough to get my other hand under. Careful not to expose too much of her. My hand feels her ass. Her warm skin, and thin fabric covering half her cheek. Her little panties. I hold my breath, trying not to give away how fucking turned on I am.

I slide my fingers underneath her panties and slowly pull them to the side. Her skirt hangs over everything, hiding the pussy I’m exposing underneath. I shudder as my fingertips brush along smooth skin. Puffy and soft outer lips. I feel around carefully. Trying to remain respectful while groping around to find her little hole. Pulling her open gently while my cock throbs inches away from her, a bead of precum dripping to the floor.

“Hey! Why are you taking so long?! Just get it over with!” Ashley’s voice is growing desperate, terrified of how vulnerable she is.

I try to hurry, finding her opening and grabbing my cock. I lift her skirt a bit and press my tip against her warm flesh. Poking and prodding, to no avail. She yelps and flinches her pelvis away from me. I try to spread her more, poke harder. But she’s too dry. Too tightly clenched. Her body wants nothing to do with me.

“Ow! Stop it! You fucking asshole!” Her voice is getting shrill and annoying. “W-wait what are you doing? Don’t put your finger there!”

I can’t help it, she needs to loosen up, or we’ll never complete the game. With my fingers drenched in spit, I slide along her little slit. Feeling around, exploring her tiny folds. Her inner labia naturally hangs out a bit. I slide a finger inside her tight hole. The pressure on all sides is intense. I twist and pump in and out, her juices coating my finger. She’s slowly loosening, but there’s no way this goes well for her, no matter how much I prep her.

I get more adventurous, ignoring her complaints, tuning her voice out more and more. Her entire crotch is perfectly smooth. Compact and petite. I rub harder with one hand, pumping my finger in and out with the other, getting everything slick. Lewd sticky sounds accompany her whining. Her sweet voice becoming icy and hysterical. But the more I rub and fondle, the more squeaky and cracked her voice becomes. Furious cussing now interspersed with submissive whimpers. She’s realizing how bad her situation might actually get. Her body weakening.

I pull my hands away suddenly, my lust becoming unbearable. I smell my fingers, taste her juices. Fucking hell, it’s so sour. Pungent and raunchy. Everything else about this perfect little girl is so pristine and ladylike. But underneath it all, she hides a secret nastiness. And I can’t get enough.

I reach down and grasp a fistful of her skirt in one hand, bunching it up, my lust making me forget about her modesty. I finally lay eyes on the fair skin of her little ass. Her pale pink panties pulled aside to reveal her sopping cunt. I lift my raging cock to it, sliding it teasingly up and down her slit, admiring her little flaps hanging slightly outside her pussy. Dainty little pink rose petals.

I lift her plaid skirt a little higher. Her asscheeks are tight and tone. Cute and slender, fitting perfectly with the rest of her long frame. I pry them apart a bit, and my cock pulses at the sight. Her little brown asshole. Puckered and wrinkled. Probably too dirty, too much trouble. But a sight to behold nonetheless. I love finding such crudeness hidden on such a pure girl.

With one hand on my cock, the other gripping her skirt like a handle, I aim and press forward into her pussy. She bucks her hips and squeals, the ropes creaking and straining. But I hold her steady by the skirt, penetrating her little hole. Fuck, it’s too tight. But I can’t stop. My tip pops inside her, and I sigh in total bliss. The heat radiating from within her feels so inviting. Ashley screams in shocked pain as I hold her there for a minute. Letting her adjust, letting the tip of my cock bathe in her entrance. Her squirming actually makes it worse for her, causing slight motion in and out.

As soon as I enter her, the TV gives off a fun little arcade sound, signifying another success in the game. Now I need to keep fucking her until I cum.

Ok that’s enough waiting for her to adapt to me. I’m sure she’ll be fine. I grab her hips firmly with both hands. And thrust forward recklessly. Plunging into her depths. The pressure is immense, clearly too much for her. I press on anyway, my fingers digging into her soft hips to hold her thrashing body steady.

Her screeching voice fails to sweet-talk her way out of her predicament like she normally does. Fails to even form words. The pain is too much. I feel myself get about halfway inside her before I’m unable to go any deeper, my tip pressing up against her cervix in the back. My throbbing cock completely stuffing her, her walls straining. I back out some, and then slide in again, a little quicker. God this feeling is incredible. The girl I could never have, my childhood friend, forced to take my dick.

With each violating thrust, I can feel her getting slowly used to me, forced to succumb to the intrusion. I feel up and down her smooth thighs as I slide in and out. Squeeze her perky asscheeks, spread them apart to admire that nasty asshole again, winking back at me crudely.

I’m too absorbed to notice the ropes digging into her. Too distracted playing with her asscheeks to notice the bindings slipping with each thrust. They were sloppily tied. I didn’t follow the instructions very well. One more good slam into her cunt and the rope over her upper chest slips up toward her neck. Her body drops forward a bit, and I hear her wailing stop as it cuts off her airflow. I slow my pace, but continue. It feels too good to stop. Damn, why’d she have to go and do that?

I hump in and out, hoping she can just deal with it herself, but she starts gurgling and choking. Fine, I sigh and shake my head. I pull out, my cock making a sloppy wet sound as it drops out of her soaked cunt. I look down and notice a bit of blood on my shaft. A wave of guilt washes over me for a moment, but then I take a step to the side and take in the sight before me. My appetite overrides the guilt.

Ashley wiggles and struggles, unable to lift her head away from the rope choking her. Cute schoolgirl outfit. Ass straight up in the air. Head at a lower angle now, legs kicking around helplessly. Plaid skirt flipped up out of the way to expose her ass. Pink panties wrenched off to the side, her cunt dripping juices and a slight trickle of blood down her inner thighs.

Distracted by the sight, I take too long getting to her. She goes limp, passed out a moment before I can lift her poor little head away from the rope. I panic for a second. Shit, what have I done!? But her breathing seems to resume as I lift her. I sigh with relief. She’s out cold, but safe. I manage to shimmy the rope back to where I had it across her upper chest, but I stop to gently feel more of her soft body. God she really is sexy. Especially in her sleep like this. Such peaceful beauty.

I feel across her perky little tits over her shirt, her soft shoulder and neck, her silky blonde hair. I wrap a handful of her golden locks around my dick, cleaning off her juices and blood. Staining that platinum hair, tainting its purity with filth from our genitals.

Then my attention is back on those little tits under there. She hangs with her torso parallel with the floor, chest facing down. Ropes go across her chest right above and right below the breasts, pinching her little mounds between them, pressing them out. With an idea in mind, I look around. A quick walk over to the teachers desk and I find what I’m looking for.

I return with scissors and quickly kneel down underneath the hanging girl. Her tits hanging right above me. I grab and squeeze, fuck they’re so soft and squishy. I tug at the white fabric, her short sleeve uniform shirt is thin and delicate. Pulling it away from the center of a breast, I snip with the scissors, cutting a whole right where the nipple would be. I see light gray fabric underneath. I snip more away and reach in to feel around. She wears a thin little ‘bralette’. Not really a bra, more like a tight undershirt, or sports bra. No padding or wires. She doesn’t need much anyway with her small cup size.

I grope at her breast, exploring the sleeping girl. Grabbing the gray bra fabric and tugging at it aggressively. Another couple snips of the fabric and I cut a sizable hole all the way through to her bare breast. A tiny little nipple peeks out. Fuck it’s so cute. Barely sticking up at all, almost inverted. The palest pink color, almost the same shade as the milky white skin around it. Small areolas barely noticeable. I quickly cut away at the other breast, salivating as I work.

Finally, her little tits are exposed, pressed tightly and hanging down above me as I get comfy sitting on the floor beneath her. She’s at the perfect height, my mouth raising up to engulf her cute little breast from below. A shiver of pleasure runs through me as I taste her skin. Slightly salty.

Minutes go by as I shift back and forth, sucking and flicking my tongue across her nipples. Inhaling that fruity scent of hers. Getting light-headed underneath the erotic femininity of my old friend from school. Her tiny nipples start to respond, raising up, pointing sharply at my tongue as I swirl around and around.

A few minutes later, Ashley gasps and coughs, suddenly jolting awake. She starts panicking in confusion, her memory of where she is slowly coming back. She wiggles against her restraints again as the pain returns. And she quickly realizes what else she feels. The unknown boy from her school was suckling her breasts from below while she was passed out.

“What the fuck are you doing!? Oh my god! Get away!” I ignore her as best I can, but she goes on like this, squirming around, making it hard to continue. As I back away, giving up, her wailing drowns out the sound of the ropes straining and giving way.

A jump rope slips loose, causing the others to follow suit from the extra weight, and my comical attempt at suspension bondage comes crashing down onto the floor. Skin slapping down hard. An 8-bit failure sound emitting from the TV. I stifle a laugh as Ashley groans and rolls over slowly. Whelp, at least I wasn’t under there.

Time to start over.

The girl gets a short rest while I browse through the bondage tutorials on the screen. I ignore her whimpering as I find the perfect one and start preparing the jump ropes again. It’s harder, but I’m determined to get this one correct. I work at it for several minutes. She allows it, no longer even complaining. She’s broken finally. Knows any resistance only makes things worse.

Finally, I step back to examine my handiwork. Sweet little Ashley is strung up like quite the spectacle. She’s in a standing vertical position, with arms outstretched straight above her head, hanging from each wrist. Support ropes wrap a few times around her ribs. Underneath her breasts, propping them up a bit, the holes in her clothing making her perky tits poke out directly at me. These ropes create a nice harness behind her back that also hangs from the ceiling. Then her legs, instead of reaching the floor, are spread wide open, exposing her pussy nicely. Both knees are bent, feet pointing straight down at the floor, knees pointing at the ceiling on either side of her.

It might be the greatest thing anyone has ever accomplished in this English classroom. This would leave Shakespeare speechless. She wriggles around in discomfort, one of her little shoes falling off and clattering on the floor.

I stroke my stiff dick as I approach her, reaching out and gliding my other hand along her smooth black knee-high sock. She flinches at my touch, but I grab her ankle and lift her little foot. Without her shoe, the foot is warm and clammy. I caress it, letting my cock bump into her thigh as I stroke.

I watch her reaction as I slowly lift her foot to my face. “Wh-What? No! Don’t do that. It’s gross!”

I rub it along my cheek, bury my nose in. Her toes wiggling cutely, her leg trying to kick away unsuccessfully. It’s slightly damp. All the torment I put her through today has left her a bit sweaty. I push my nose in, inhaling deeply. Gah, fucking gross. And yet my cock throbs in my hand. The depravity, her humiliation, it spurs me on like some animal.

Enough, I need to be inside her again. I toss her leg aside and grab her asscheek from underneath. I squeeze, holding her steady. I stand inches in front of her now. Her butt is even a little damp too, I notice. The scent coming off of her is strong now. Up close, I can smell her signature fruitiness, but it’s mixed with a strong musk of sweat and pussy. I couldn’t be more turned on.

I aim my cock with my other hand and pierce into her without hesitation. She’s still wet enough. Barely. She gasps in agony as I fill her up immediately. She’s so shallow, so small. I could break this slender girl if I really tried. I sigh as half my cock is engulfed by her warmth.

8-bit sounds coming from the TV indicate the initiation of the main task of the game again, and I pull her in tight, both hands under her ass for a firm grip. Our faces inches from each other as she hangs at the perfect height in front of me. Our breath hot on each other. She pants in pain, I breathe heavily with lust.

I watch her pained, blindfolded expressions as I begin pumping in and out of her painfully-stretched cunt. My hands digging into her sweet little butt to pull her towards me. My hips smashing forward hard to swing her away again. Flesh smacking loudly, sticky wet sounds of her fluids being churned inside her.

I lean in and lick across her face, tasting a hint of salty sweat, mixed with tears. She flinches and yanks her head away, which only allows the perfect access to her soft neck. Avoiding her metal collar, my tongue flicks across her skin, the forced intimacy adding so much more torment to the nightmare she’s in. Her pure little girly scent is defiled with sweat and the musk wafting up from her pussy below. It’s almost too much. I can feel myself boiling over.

But a new little sound from the TV catches my attention. I glance over and see a secret message being typed out for me. It reads, ‘Optional bonus. Starting now, each second of painful sex the female endures will earn you a $1 bonus.’ What the fuck? This sick fucking game. Now it’s incentivizing me to prolong this even more?

I look at her as I continue pumping in and out. Jesus, I’ve already gone too far. My friend since grade school. Her head lulls back and forth with each thrust. I’ve tortured her long enough. I should just end this now. But…

But, I mean, she’s already here. I’ve already broken her. There’s no going back. What’s a little longer matter? And what’s ‘painful’ mean exactly? I test it out, watching the timer displaying on the TV as I give her a single harder thrust. Just enough to get a slight yelp of pain from her lips.

A single coin sound emits from the screen, straight out of a classic arcade game. The counter ticks, showing one second now. Best dollar I’ve ever made. I pump in and out a few more times, watching the counter increase with each passing second. Ashley whimpers and shakes from my heavier stabs, the tip of my cock satisfyingly bumping against her poor cervix each time.

But I’ll cum too quickly if I keep this up. I slow my pace, gently fucking her but reaching a hand up to grip a handful of blonde hair. I yank, making her cry out. The counter keeps ticking. Coin sounds enticing me to keep going.

I fuck her as slow as I can, milking dollar after dollar out of the game. Pulling her head back painfully by the hair. She squeals as I lean in and lick up the length of her soft neck, just above her metal collar. Then I switch to her nipples, tugging and twisting. Watching her thrash and buck in anguish. As I continue to slide slowly. In. And out.

I keep noticing the end of a jump rope dangling under her. Swaying with every thrust of my hips. On the end is a plastic handle. Thin. Cylindrical. Fuck it, why not?

Without pulling my cock out of her, I lick my fingers, getting them nice and drenched. Then reach my hand up under her, fingering around, finding her dirty little asshole. My cock pulses inside her cunt as I find the little wrinkly button. I swirl my fingers around it, prodding, massaging.

Ashley perks up in surprise, “Wh- what are you doing?? No, please! Not there! It’s dirty!” I move the fingers up to her mouth and shove them in. She gags in disgust as I let her taste her filthy asshole. I scoop some of her saliva and return my fingers to her sphincter, working at it roughly.

A quick minute of stimulation, and she seems to loosen up slightly, my finger able to slide inside her hole a bit. Good enough. I reach down and grab the jump rope handle. It has a slightly rounded end, but it’s pretty thick. I spit on it, then aggressively shove it in her mouth, plastic clacking against teeth. Straight to the back, handle ramming against her uvula and partway down her little throat. An arcade coin sound rings from the TV as I earn more bonus money. She gags, UURP, coating the thing in mucusy spit. Perfect.

I rip the handle out of her mouth and press it up under her butt. My cock still throbbing in her cunt, I watch her face as I begin jamming it against her brown hole. Her body writhes in pain, straining against her restraints. She wails and screeches as the hard, thick plastic starts stabbing into her. I don’t relent, jabbing as hard as I need to, wiggling back and forth to help gain entry. I feel a bit of wetness trickling down my hand as she begins bleeding from her anus. But I press on, starting to hump my hips again, churning her pussy once more with my cock. Continuous coin sounds urging me onward. Rewarded for every second of torture I put my friend through.

Finally it slides in, the fat handle of the jump rope piercing into her tiny asshole. Forcing her to adapt or be ripped open. An inch. Two. All the way in, only the rope left hanging out from between her cheeks. She pants, groaning in never ending agony, her whole body tense, trying not to move for fear of it hurting more.

I place my hands on her hips and start smashing my cock in and out as roughly as possible. She screams, her asshole ripping with each violent motion, her cervix getting rammed with every savage stab. The coin sound effect dinging every single second.

Minutes go by. It’s up past $700 when Ashley starts to mutter to herself. Babbling incoherently. Drool leaking down her chin. Her cunt is much looser. Almost slack around my cock. She seems to be going numb to it all. On the verge of consciousness as well as sanity.

The counter stops. Yeah I agree. I don’t think she feels much anymore. No matter. Let’s finish up. I grab her waist with both hands and pummel her with everything I’ve got. She lets out a continuous mindless moan, her head flopping around. Silky blonde hair flapping around my face. Her little tits jiggling slightly, sweat trickling down her flesh.

Squelching sounds fill the room as I destroy her cunt, plowing into her like her well-being no longer matters. There’s no turning back anyway. I might as well get every last bit out of her. Use the perfect little Catholic girl’s flesh as the Good Lord intended.

I hug her body tight to mine, my face buried in the crook of her neck, filling my lungs with her scent one last time. I let out a beastly growl that echoes around the classroom, slamming one last time against her battered cervix.

And I unload. The TV accompanies my climax with the arcade sound of an explosion of coins and victorious 8-bit music. I flood her insides with my thick cum. Breeding my childhood friend. Jizz pooling around my cock within her. I back out a bit and give one more hard thrust, feeling the creampie churn and splash around inside her warm pussy.

The Announcer’s soothing voice speaks, “Congratulations. You win. You may now each return to your quarters.” I smile, breathing in the scent of sex in the room, enjoying the afterglow.

Ashley Keller. The girl I always wanted. Could never have. She turned me down so many times. Always too good for me.

I step back, letting my cock slide out of her used cunt. Now look at her.

She hangs there trembling, suspended in bondage. Her breathing shallow and wheezy. Her head limp down at her chest. Dripping with sweat. Clothes ripped and ravaged. Globs of my cum and her juices leak out down her inner thigh. Dripping to the floor. The handle of a jump rope stabbed up her bloody asshole.

Broken. Claimed. Impregnated like a good little Christian girl should be.

I wipe my cock clean on her sock, the final touch on her wreck of a body. I could play games like this with her up to nine more times before she’s free to leave the island. But I’ve used her so thoroughly, gotten everything I wanted out of her in this single session. And you know what? It could’ve been better. She’ll be lucky if I ever choose her again.

I gather my stuff and walk out of the room, my mind already wondering who I should choose next.


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