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*Pronounced ‘soul’ games. First-person, creepy, non-chronological, episodic stories inspired by the anime “Euphoria”, the book “Battle Royal”, the show “Squid Games”, etc.*


I’m just trying to help with these disclaimers! I don’t want to spring things on anyone. Back out now if any of this doesn’t sound like your kind of thing!

The POINT of my writing is to combine VIOLENCE, HORROR, and EXTREME TABOO themes, trying to creep myself out as I write. This whole story is told through the eyes of a VILLAIN. If you do not enjoy very dark themes, this is not for you!

This is a work of fiction. I do not condone any of the things I write about. All characters are 18+. Any resemblance to persons living or dead is purely coincidental.


These stories will include stuff like this. And much more.


-Creepy/gross Sniffing/tasting (armpits, feet, sweat, bodily fluids, everything)



It was a normal day. I was sitting at the back of my Biology class. The teacher had a boring video playing on the TV at the front. Something about sea turtles crawling their way onto the beach. I was ignoring it, playing a little arcade-style game on my phone under my desk, daydreaming about the girl sitting in front of me. Anything to get me through this dumb class.

I remember suddenly hearing a hissing noise coming from the AC vents. The last thing I remember was some of my classmates starting to panic, screams, a few people passing out from the gas. Then nothing. Black…

I wake up in a comfy bed. A beautiful bedroom. A bathroom off to the side. Maybe a hotel room? Luxurious, but simple. I try the main door, try to leave the room. It’s locked. I can’t escape! I look out the window. Beach. Ocean. And a building next to this one. A school? I have no idea where I am. The window won’t open either. I rub my eyes, still trying to wake up. The fuck is happening?

I notice something around my neck. A metal collar of some sort, tight but not uncomfortable. I tug at it, but it doesn’t budge.

I look at the TV. It’s on. It takes a minute for me to realize what I’m looking at. It’s live footage. A gymnasium. In a school. No… in MY school. St. Isidore of Seville, a private Catholic school outside Chicago. Students and teachers huddle around the gym. People I know! Some sitting on the floor, some pacing back and forth, all looking terrified. All of them female, no males. Actually, it’s only teachers and senior girls, and only certain ones. I look closely. Only the attractive ones? A chill runs through me.

I notice a remote by the TV. Basic controls like volume. I try changing the channel. It switches to another camera in the gym! Switch again, another. Then several others. I can view the girls from virtually any angle. I keep switching and it goes to the locker rooms connected to the gym. More angles in there too. Then the cafeteria, then a classroom, then a hallway. Every angle imaginable, every room, even outside.

But the school looks different. Everything’s newer, cleaner. Some doors missing, some walls changed. Everything is barred and secured. Bunk beds and some TV monitors fill the edges of the gym. I glance at the school building out the window again. It’s a replica. The whole building. A complete copy of my entire school! What the fuck?

A little 8-bit jingle suddenly comes over the PA system throughout the school for a few seconds, like an arcade game. I hear it easily through my TV. Then a pleasant female voice starts speaking, maybe automated. It gives the girls instructions in a sweet, innocent tone.

“Welcome to the School of Lust. Please stay calm. You have been selected for a series of sex games. If you obey and follow all instructions, you will finish the game and be released.” Whispers of confusion and cries of panic from the girls throughout the gym.

“Disobedience will result in immediate action. Pain or death, depending on the severity. Please note the collar you wear around your necks.” I notice each girl has the same thing I have, metal chokers tight around their throats.

“These devices can emit powerful shocks, tranquilizers, and even lethal explosions. Tampering with a device will result in death.”

The Announcer continues for several minutes. The teachers and students are given a routine, when to eat, sleep, and bathe. And reminded again to always follow instructions and never disobey or attempt escape.

“Everything you need is supplied to you in these three connected rooms: the gymnasium, the cafeteria, and the locker rooms. You must maintain your hygiene and typical appearances at all times. We’ve even supplied you each with clothing and products that will help replicate your exact home environments and belongings.”

“To ensure your cooperation, ten of each of your loved ones have been abducted.” The TV screens start displaying grids of faces, images of each girls’ friends and family, cycling through them like a slide show.

“If you are disobedient, one of your loved ones at random will be tortured and killed. Continued disobedience will result in your own death.” Screams from girls around the gymnasium force the voice to wait. It’s not automated. The voice is actually waiting. As the noise dies down, she continues.

“However, each game you complete will release one of your loved ones. After all ten are released, you yourself may go home. At this point, you will also receive $5,000,000 for your troubles.

“When a game announcement begins, you must all line up in the gymnasium. Failure to do so will result in punishment. One or more females will then be chosen for the game. One male from your school will be chosen as well, coming to join you from a separate location. If you are chosen, you must go to the specified classroom, where you will be given specific game instructions. Chosen females must be blindfolded before entering the room. The chosen male will be gagged, unable to speak. Removing your blindfold at any point while inside the room will result in forfeiting the entire game for your loved ones and yourself. During the game, you and the chosen male must work together to complete all tasks announced, or risk forfeit.

“These general instructions will be repeated every morning. Please relax and await further instructions.”

A few minutes later, the same little 8-bit intro jingle followed by the pleasant female voice is projected through the speaker of my TV. Talking to me directly now!

“Welcome. You are the male participant chosen for our series of sex games. If you obey and follow all instructions, you will finish the game and be released.” The Announcer gives similar instructions to me as she did the girls, although my situation sounds much more pleasant than theirs. If I disobey, my collar triggers. Everything I need is supplied in this building, my own little luxury hotel. I can roam around it freely.

“You may leave the game whenever you want. Simply press the power button to turn off your TV. You will be returned home safely.

“If you’d like to start a game, simply choose ‘Begin Game’ from the menu on your TV. We will immediately make an announcement for all females to line up in the gymnasium. You may then select a female participant of your choice.”

I hit menu to follow along, and suddenly I see a full list of every teacher and student abducted for the games. Each of their faces, with descriptions and bios. A ‘Begin Game’ button at the top of the menu. I stare at the faces. My teachers, girls in my class. Girls I’ve always thought about, had crushes on, could never have. I feel myself stir beneath my pants. Is this really happening? No, this is sick! I should leave.

“Once a female is selected, you will proceed to a designated room in the school. The female will be blindfolded and will not know your identity. A set of instructions will be given, and any relevant materials will be supplied in the room. It is entirely up to you how you complete the tasks.

“You must also bring the remote you currently hold. Females are under the impression that you are being forced in these tasks, just as they are. But unbeknownst to them, the games are interactive, allowing you to secretly make choices from the remote. Females are also unaware that you are the only chosen male. Your identity will be kept completely secret, even after leaving the island. Females are under the impression that you are gagged during games, as they are blindfolded. This is merely an excuse for you to remain silent and obscure your identity if you wish.

“If a game is completed successfully, you will earn $10,000 and will return to this bedroom. You can see your current winnings in the menu on your TV. You may leave at any time, taking your earnings with you.”

Paid to play sexual games with girls I’ve always dreamed about? I feel myself stiffen a bit more. No, stop, this is wrong.

“Please take as long as you’d like, relax, and enjoy your stay.”

I get up and explore. The front door is unlocked now. I walk out and find myself in a sort of hotel hallway. A small eating room is at the end of the hall with glass cases filled with a huge selection of fresh food. The other end of the hall has a small private pool and some gym equipment. No one else is here. But I notice cameras everywhere. I’m being watched.

I return to the bedroom and sit in silence for a few full hours, just watching the girls in the gym on the screen. Deciding what to do.

A few girls eventually attempt escape, resulting in them getting tranquilized by their collars. I watch unable to look away as a girl pisses herself in pain. Big red “X” marks are later displayed on the faces of a few of their loved ones on the TVs.

One girl still attempts escape that evening. The result is brutal. I look away. I can’t watch. She had been in my Biology class. The lights go out throughout the school, pitch black. Several minutes later, she’s gone, everything cleaned up.

No one dares disobey after that.

I sit on the bed the entire first day. Terrified. Sick to my stomach. Yet I can’t help but enjoy flipping through the channels. Watching. I finally fall asleep late at night, tossing and turning, waking up several times to stare at that screen.

The next morning, I lie awake in bed. Wait, how many days have I been here? Is this the second day? It feels like I’ve done this before. Feels like I’ve woken up in this bed many times. I push the thought away and return to the task at hand. What do I choose?

If I leave, I get nothing, and who knows what happens to all the girls. I might be the only way to save them. Help them complete ten games each so they can be released. But I know that’s not the real reason I want to play the game.

I get up, go for a swim, grab some food, shower, brush my teeth. My mind racing the entire time.

I return to the TV, grab the remote, and press “Begin Game”…


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