When I got off work I went to Tessa’s place. Tessa opened the door in a tight little blouse and a short skirt and let me in. She gave a quick kiss and told me she had a last minute zoom meeting which she had to attend. Tessa told me just to take a seat and maybe watch some tv or play on my phone. Tessa went to the kitchen table, opened her laptop, plugged in her headphones and joined the meeting. 

When I got to the couch I made myself comfortable, I grabbed my phone and opened Reddit. Because I didn’t get the immediate action I was expecting when I arrived at Tessa’s, I decided to read some erotic stories to get me even more worked up. I read some nice stories, and I ended up more and more aroused. In the back of my mind a naughty thought started to appear. It wasn’t possible to fuck Tessa just yet, but it didn’t mean I couldn’t tease her. 

I walked over to the kitchen table and stood on the other side of the table, I locked my eyes on Tessa’s. She looked at me, took out one of her earphones and asked me what I was doing. I smirked and said: “teasing you, I just hope your mic is turned off”. Then I got on my knees and crawled under the table. I grabbed her foot and started giving her a massage. After making sure I took care of every spot on her foot, I started massaging her other foot. When I was done massaging her feet, my hands started rubbing her calf. All the while this little girl didn’t say anything. I was switching between a tight grip and a loose stroke, so I gave her a second calf the same treatment.  

I finished rubbing her calves and my hands moved to her thighs, my hands kept massaging her. Finally I got a reaction out of Tessa, a small “hmm that’s nice” escaped from her mouth. With both of my hands I was grabbing her thighs, my fingers kept getting closer to her pussy. When my massaging hand moved so close to her pussy I could feel the fabric of her thong with my pinky finger, I knew it was time to go to her other leg. I started with her knee again, slowly making my back in the direction of her pussy. Small sighs started escaping from Tessa. 

Again my pinky finger touched the fabric of her thong. Only this time I noticed it wasn’t as dry as it used to be. A little wet spot started to appear, my massage had gotten her in the right mood. Tessa was exactly where I wanted her to be, getting hornier and hornier in my hands. My hands left her leg, and I gave a kiss on her thigh just above her knee. Then a second kiss just an inch above the first one, I continued until my head was well under her skirt and near her thong. I moved my head to her other leg, again I started with a kiss above her knee. Again I kept making my way up her leg with kisses. When I arrived at the thong this time I gave a big kiss on the wet spot. Tessa growled a bit. 

I saw this as my opportunity and moved my hands back under her skirt, then I tried to remove her thong. Tessa knew where I was going, but I think she realized she was still in a meeting and she kept slapping my head hoping I would stop. Her slaps felt like she was protesting, but didn’t really want to. Then Tessa said “just wait a couple of minutes until I’m finished”. I told her “I can’t wait a couple of minutes, I want to taste your pussy now”. When I finished that sentence her resistance stopped and I had no problem removing her thong anymore. With her thong out of the way, I could smell her sweet little cunt. I could see a glistering between her opened lips, my massage really had gotten her wet. 

With tongue I started just above her knee again, and with one big wet stroke my tongue went to her pussy. I stopped at her lip and circled around it for a minute, just to tease her even more. I sucked her labia between my lips, and started sucking on it with some pressure. I could hear Tessa gasp above me. My tongue started playing with her other lip, I could feel her juices. I gave a kiss on her opened pussy, a string of grool came with my lips when my head went back a bit. 

My tongue now started moving just above her clit. Tessa’s gasping got louder and turned into panting and sighing. Her right hand was laying on top of my head now. While I was still teasing her, I could feel her hand pressure against my head. She was trying to push me into her sweet cunt. I didn’t give her what she wanted just yet, I decided to tease her a second longer. When her hand loosened her grip on my head, I buried my tongue inside her pussy. The tip of my tongue moved to her clit and kept playing with it. Tessa was moaning pretty loud, and she moved her legs wider so I had more room. 

While I kept licking on and around her clit, her juices were flowing all over my chin. I put one of my fingers inside her, and started pressuring her G-spot. Her moaning turned into squealing. With short licks the tip of my tongue kept moving over her clit. It wasn’t long before I could feel her orgasm coming. WIth her hand she pushed my head hard against her pussy. I gobbled up all her grool as she started cumming and the juices kept coming. 

When I got back up, she gave me a passionate kiss. She said “I will have to thank you later. I think it’s time for me to focus on the meeting again. I’m glad I turned the camera off, otherwise I think I would have to answer some questions”