*I was watching old episodes of ‘Whose Line is It Anyway’ with my husband and it sparked a fast,fun story along the lines of one of the games they play on the show, ‘Questions Only’. I hope you like it. :)*


Yujin walked into her brother’s room where he lay on his bed, playing a game on his phone. “Hey…mom and dad are gone for the evening, mom hasn’t gone shopping yet, the fridge is empty and I have university finals to study for. Are you going out? Can you go shopping for dinner?”
he shook his head. “Hadn’t planned on it. What did have in mind?”
“Don’t care. Anything’s good. I don’t feel like cooking, though.”
He nodded. “Me, neither. Pizza OK? We haven’t done that in awhile.”
“Sounds all right to me. As long as I’m not making it, or picking it up. And who’s buying tonight?” she asked.
“Not me,” he said. “Didn’t I buy last time?”
“Yeah, but didn’t mom and dad leave you the money for it that time?”
“*Maaayyyy*be….but didn’t they leave us without cash this time?”
“Probably. You think I don’t know that?”
He cocked an eyebrow at her. “Are we playing Questions Only again for pizza?”
“Sounds like it,” she agreed. “Do you want to?”
“Don’t I always?” he asked with a grin.
“Do you ever win?” she asked him, with a matching grin.
“Do you think you can trip me up? How far will you go *this* time?”
“Loser pays?”
“Is that even a question?” He gave her a wounded look.
“And no tickling, right? That’s cheating?”
He nodded. “And the five second rule still applies?” If one of them couldn’t ask a question within five seconds, that person lost the game.
“Doesn’t it always?” she asked. “Shall we begin?”
“Didn’t we already?” he asked.
“Shouldn’t I check first? What kind of pizza do you want?”
He considered for a moment. “Pepperoni and mushroom?”
She rolled her eyes. “Are you always that boring?”
“What kind do *you* want?” he asked, a little stung.
Now it was her turn to consider. “Ham and pineapple?” she suggested.
“Didn’t we do that last time?”
“Well? Wasn’t it good?”
“You sure that’s what you want?”
She nodded. “You going to pick up?”
He got up from his bed, and picked up his wallet from where it lay. “Can we get delivery?”
“Are you paying?”
He gave her an evil grin, and put his wallet back on his desk. “What do *you* think?”
She gave back one of her own. She was hungry, and had a lot of work ahead of her tonight. *How far* would *I go?* she asked herself, then nodded to herself. She knew how to trip him up, and quickly. He’d never recover. “What do you think of *these*?” she asked, pulling her shirt up to expose her breasts. Mentally, she congratulated herself on a quick victory and a favorite pizza.
Quick as a snake he moved to cup one breast. “You think something like that’s going to make me stumble? Cheating, don’t you think?” he asked her.
Time to escalate. As quick, she moved and grabbed him below the waist through his sweatpants. “It was worth a try, wasn’t it? How about this? Is this enough to make you give up?”
He laughed. “What do *you* think?” Reaching up, he took her other breast in his other hand. “How about now? *You* ready to quit and buy?”
She stepped back, and he let go of her breasts. She took a breath then, with an innocent smile and without warning, leaned over and yanked his sweatpants down to his knees, and laughed in turn at his shocked expression. “You ready to go now?” she leered.
Instead of folding, he leaned over and pulled *her* sweatpants down in turn, and her underwear along with them. “How does *that* feel?” he asked her, a scowl on his face.
Angry with him for doing unto her what she did to *him*, she brought one foot up and stepped on his pants, raking his clothes down to his ankles. “How’s that?”
He returned the gesture. “You tell me?”
Defiantly, she pulled off her shirt and stepped out of her sweatpants. “Is this better?” she demanded.
He looked at her body with an expression she’d never seen before. She saw him get slightly hard, and turned her head away in embarrassment. “Enjoying the view?” she asked him tightly.
He gave her a lopsided grin. “You think I’m going to lose the game over…over *this*?” he asked, gesturing at her.
That made her mad all over again. Reaching over once again, she took him in her hand and gave him a twist, her mouth a thin line of satisfaction over his questioning grunt of surprise, softening in confusion as he grew hard in her palm. “I went too far, didn’t I?” she asked him, quietly, letting him go.
Rather than pull up his pants and end the game, he stepped in close, putting his hands around her, on the small of her back. “Do you think the sight of my sister – naked – is shocking enough to make me lose?” he asked quietly.
She didn’t turn and leave. Instead, she stepped back and fetched up against the side of his desk. “Oh, so that’s how it is?” she asked. “My naked body is *dull* to you?”
He gave her a push so she fell to sit on the edge of his desk. He gave her an evil grin and stepped between her thighs, the tip of him pointed at her entrance. “You think I’ve never seen a naked woman before? Now…ready to buy?” he asked.
She crossed her arms and looked up at him. “Have I *ever* lost this game yet?”
He edged in just a little closer. “What’s that worth to you?” He edged up closer still, penis threatening. “Ready to lose the game *now*?”
“Oh, so that’s how it is?” In response, she spread her legs wide and inched a little forward, until she could feel the very tip of him up against her slit, almost imperceptibly running along it as he breathed, the head moistening as it did. “You willing to put your money where your mouth is?”
“Shall I count to five?”
“Do you have the guts?”
“You willing to take that chance?”
“Do you think *I* think you will?”
He moved forward slightly, so the head of his penis was right up against her entrance. She could *feel* it, there at the threshold. “Pepperoni and mushroom, remember?” he said, as the tip slightly entered and withdrew. “When you call and place the order?”
She raised her hips slightly, moving the head away from that oh-so-dangerous gate, wetting the tip of his penis as she did so. The trigger was primed; one movement was all it would take. Who would blink first? “You forgot the order already? Ham and pineapple, wasn’t it?”
“Last chance?”
“Shall I get your phone?”
“You think I’m not serious?”
“Seriously, should I get your phone?” Deliberately, she reached down and spread her lips, moving her hips in one long grind along his head. “You wouldn’t dare, you think I don’t know that?”
As she ground down, as soon as he felt the tip of his penis at her entrance – with one smooth movement – he pushed forward, *up* and *into* her, and she gave a soft “*Ooohhhhhhh?*” of surprise as she felt him enter halfway. Involuntarily she squeezed her muscles there, and he felt her grip him tightly as he held himself within her. “Why would you think I was joking?” he asked her, a little smugly, a little unsure.
She closed her eyes, feeling the heat of him, the size of him. Inside of her. “Maybe because I’m your *sister*?” she asked.
“So I win the game?”
“Did I *say* that?” she asked, and gave another soft exhalation as he pulled out fractionally, then slid the rest of the way in, so that he was fully within her. She leaned back slightly, and snuck a peek between her legs, felt a slow burn in her belly at the sight of her lips gripping the sides of his member, at the beads of moisture on them, in his hair. Felt her stomach do a slow roll at the realization that this was it, this was *real*. Game notwithstanding, this was her *brother* in of her. *Inside* of her. Felt the heat flame anew.
“Should I leave?” he asked, at the expression on her face.
“Don’t you think you should?” she asked quietly, making no move to push him away. She felt his hips twitch in response. He slowly pulled out, then just as slowly slid back into her, looking down as he did, watching himself disappear within her, until his hair met her smooth skin. As his waist bumped hers for the second time, she leaned back and met his eyes, expressionless.
“Have you always shaved there?” he asked her, beginning to rock between her legs.
“Does it matter?” she asked, sitting motionless on his desk as he moved within her.
“Would you believe me if I said I liked it?”
“Oh, do you?” she said, and felt a quick rush at his words. This wasn’t her first time, but the knowledge of what she was doing – and with *who* – set something loose in her mind. “What else do you like?” she asked, and clenched down there again. “Do you like it when I do that?”
He nodded. “Can you do that again?”
She closed her eyes, and did, squeezing him – *all right, be honest with myself, squeezing my* brother *, my own* brother – again and again as he moved within her, relishing the mixture of emotions she experienced in the feeling of him inside of her, full. “Do I feel good to you?” she asked.
He nodded. “Do I feel good to *you*?” he asked in turn, and brought one thumb down to stroke at her clitoris while he moved. “Does this?”
At his touch, she gave a little gasp and bit her lip, enjoyed the sensation for a few seconds. Then she pushed his hand away and pulled him close down to her, wrapping her legs around his to pull him as close in as she could. He was hard and full and the angle he was at with her on his desk ground against her in *just* the right spot.
“Do you know how soft you feel?” he asked her. “How warm?” At those words, she held him tight and began to make urgent noises in the back of her throat. Hearing them, he began to move faster.
“Can you slow back down?” she asked when he did. “Can’t you tell I was almost there?”
He did, and a minute later she buried a questioning cry against his shoulder as she came, stronger she’d ever experienced before, all the stronger as it was her brother, her own *brother*, part of her, inside and out. She rode the wave and another a minute later, then held him close to her as he continued to move between her legs, her skin damp from her own moisture where it met the desk. As her breathing slowed she let him continue on for another minute, then began to get uncomfortable; she was too sensitive down there and needed a rest. “Can you finish quickly?” she asked him.
“Can I come?” he panted, moving uncomfortably faster still.
“You mean, come in me? *Inside* of me?” she asked him, alarmed.
“Is that all right with you?” he asked.
“Are you mad?” she asked, more alarmed still. Ho moved faster still, his breath heavier with every second. “You think I want to get pregnant?”
“Where can I come, then?” he asked her, moving urgently, hard. “Tell me, and hurry?”
She thought quickly. “Can you come in my mouth?” she told him, and at that he pulled out – and such a delicious, aching emptiness as he did – and she slid off the desk onto her knees, taking him in her mouth as the first of it came, the taste of him mixed with the taste of herself as she worked her jaw to catch it all. When he withdrew from her mouth, she spit it into her hand, shook it into his garbage can, wiped her hand clean on his sweatpants. Got to her feet, looked him straight in the eye. “After that, I think you get the pizza,” she told him.
He nodded. “Ham and pineapple?”
“With pepperoni as well,” she said, and flashed him a smile. “I have a sudden craving for it.”