It had been a week since Emily’s [adventure]( at the library. She was thinking about it non-stop. She had searched obsessively online to see if Brian had posted her video. She had spent a considerable amount of time on every porn site that allows you to upload your own content trying to find the video of herself masturbating. She was surprised to see how many videos of women in libraries there were. Brian wasn’t wrong it seemed that cam girls really enjoyed streaming from libraries. Some of those girls were so brave.

One of the girls got completely naked in an aisle of books. People walked behind her while she masturbated for her viewers. Emily got turned on watching this and had a quick rub of her own. Breathing heavily after orgasming she realized that either Brian was either a man of his word or he had posted it somewhere she wasn’t aware of.

She had replayed the scene in her head so many times, Brian walking up and talking to her just as she started to orgasm and then orgasming again as she watch him cum in his pants. She thought that she might be ready to play out in public again. This time though she was going to be in charge.

She called the library, “Is Brian the security guard available?”

“One moment, please.”

“Hello, Brian here.”

“Hello Brian, did you delete my video?”

Brian stammered, “Uhm, yes…”

“But not right away?”

“No, I watched it a couple of times and then deleted it.”

“I am glad to hear that you are a man of your word.”

“It was hard for me to delete it.” Brian admitted, “I’ve never seen anything so hot before.”

“I am glad that you were able to enjoy it. I was thinking that I might stop by again.”

Brian choked out, “Today?”

“Would that work? Will you be there all day?”

“Yes, I am here until 6:00 today.”

“Okay, keep an eye on the cameras and you’ll be able to tell when to summon me to your office.”

Brian, hard as a rock, said, “I look forward to seeing you again.”

“I bet you do.”

Emily hung up the phone and noticed that she had gotten wet thinking about masturbating in public and on camera. She slid her hand into her lounging pants and easily slid her fingers into her moist slit. A quick shudder told her that it wouldn’t take long for her to cum. She stood up and dropped her pants to the ground, she wasn’t wearing any panties, sat back down and started fingering her engorged clitoris. She was already very close to cumming she slid her hand lower and inserted two fingers into her very wet pussy. She thrusted in and out a few times and pulled her hand out. She looked at her hand and spread her fingers, strings of crystal clear grool stretched from one finger to the other. She quickly stuck her fingers in her mouth and liked herself clean.

Realizing that she wanted to wait to cum Emily leaned back in the chair and tried to relax. What was she going to wear today? She thought that it would be fun to wear the exact outfit that she was wearing the last time she was at the library. She had done laundry earlier in the week and everything was clean and hanging up in her closet.

Emily bent over picking up her lounging pants and went to her bedroom to get dressed. She noticed that her hair was still damp from the shower she had earlier. She decided not to bother blow drying her hair and put it up in a ponytail. She decided that she would take more chances today and not wear a bra or panties. She quickly got dressed in her purple sweater and her brown pleated skirt. It came to mid-thigh so she would have to be careful going out without panties but think about caused a shudder of excitement to run through her body.

She grabbed her backpack and noticed that the 6-inch dildo was still laying in the bottom of the bag. She thought she might be brave enough to use it today but just in case she grabbed her trusty remote control egg off of the charger and put that in the bag as well. Just a bottle of water and a hand towel and she was ready to go. Waves of excitement coursed through her body as she thought of what she was about to do.

She got in her car and drove to the library as carefully as possible. As she drove her skirt kept riding up her thighs, every time she looked down she saw more and more thigh. She spread her legs as she stopped at a stop light. She looked down and she could see her freshly shaved pussy glistening in the sunlight. She looked up at the red light and then looked to her right and noticed the guy in the big truck staring at her pussy! She quickly pulled her skirt down and looked back at the guy. He was smiling and gave a thumbs up. As her face turned bright red she noticed that the light had turned green.

A few blocks later she had lost sight of the truck and parked at the library. She walked through the door and found the book she had been looking at the last time she was here and headed upstairs to the mezzanine. She was relieved to see that no one was up on the mezzanine level and that her chair was open. She was hoping that Brian was watching on his monitors.

Putting her backpack down, she bent at the waist knowing that if Brian was watching he might get a bit of a sneak peek. She sat down in the big comfy chair and tried to find the camera that had caught her before. She looked straight ahead and a bit to the right and noticed a small globe on the ceiling with a red light and what appeared to be a lens. She then wondered if there was only one camera that was pointed in this direction. Looking around there was a second camera off to the left but she doubted that she would be in the frame. She would have to ask Brian about that later. A second possible camera angle just added to the excitement.

She focused her attention on what she thought was the correct camera and noticed that the camera lens seemed to change size and she guessed that Brian was zooming in on her. She smiled and put her hand on her breast over her sweater. She noticed how hard her nipple was, it was almost painful it was so hard. She continued to look at the camera and lifted her skirt to show Brian that she wasn’t wearing panties today. While holding her skirt up with one hand she moved her other hand to her very wet pussy. It would be a miracle if she got out of here without some grool stains on her skirt.

Emily slowly parted her lips with her fingers and started playing with her clit. She felt a shudder move through her. Is there a term for beyond excited? She played with her clit for a bit and then grabbed her backpack. She grabbed her dildo, looking out over the library she looked to see if anyone was watching her. She couldn’t see anyone so she brought her dildo to her mouth and gave it a seductive lick before putting it in her mouth. She pulled it from her mouth, lifted up her skirt and slowly slid the dildo into her pussy. She was so turned on and engorged that the dildo slid right in up to the balls.

Slowly sliding the dildo back out but not so far that it falls out she quickly drives it back in up to the balls. She moves the dildo with increasing speed and she can feel that her orgasm is starting to crest. She looks out over the library and still can’t see anyone looking up at the mezzanine and starts feeling bolder. She lifts her sweater up so that her breasts are exposed and continues to pump the dildo into her pussy. Just then she hears a noise on the stairs and sees a head start to emerge. Panicking she pulls down her sweater and closes her legs.

Looking over to the new commers she realizes that there are a couple of guys coming up to sit at one of the tables to study. A bead of sweat rolls down her back sending a shiver through her body. Almost getting caught really excites her. She watches as the two guys sit down at a table side by side with their backs to her. She isn’t sure if she is disappointed that the guys can’t see her or relieved. She waits as the guys get settled and get their study materials spread out in front of them. It doesn’t take them long to get into their studying and Emily feels like she might be able to continue but won’t be lifting her sweater anymore.

She slowly opens her legs, her skirt is hiding her sopping wet pussy, she grabs hold of the dildo with her hand on top of her skirt. Holding onto the dildo through her skirt means that it has reduced how far it can travel but she is able to move it an inch or two. She looks back up to the camera, shrugs and smiles. She knew that coming to a public place meant that there would be people around, it was too much to hope for uninterrupted fun like last time.

Knowing that she was masturbating while two guys had their backs to her really got her excited and she could feel her orgasm rising again. She was moving the dildo as fast as her skirt would let her feeling her orgasm start to crest she felt the shudder of the first wave of orgasm. She bit her lip so that she wouldn’t cry out and slowed down her dildo movements. She looked up at the camera and gave a slit nod. Hoping that Brian would realize that it was time to come and get her.

She grabbed her backpack and put it on the floor between her legs. She opened it up and positioned the hand towel to accept the very wet dildo. She looked around and no one was paying attention to her so she carefully removed the dildo and placed it in the towel in her backpack. As she zipped up the backpack she noticed that Brian was walking to her, she could make out the bulge in his pants. She was happy to see that he had enjoyed the show.

“Ma’am, could you come with me please?”

The two guys turned around curious as to why someone would have to go with security but quickly turned back to their studying. As Emily stood up she felt her wetness escape her and start to run down her leg. She wondered if the guys would smell her musk as she walked by. Emily followed Brian down the stairs to his security office.

Brian started off, “I almost ran out here when I saw those two guys heading up the stairs but you noticed and covered up just in time.”

Emily pointed to the bulge Brian’s pants, “It seems you enjoyed the show.”

“Not as much as you did, I haven’t had an orgasm yet.”

“What did you do about your pants last time?” Emily asked.

Pointing to the lockers Emily had missed the first time, Brian said, “I have changes of clothes in there.”

“That worked out well for you but I have to admit I got excited about you walking out of here with pants full of cum.”

“I was surprised and excited to hear from you today.”

Emily admitted, “I have been replaying it my mind all week and had to come back for more. So you really deleted the footage from the other day?”

“I did, I said I watched it a couple of time but it was probably more like a dozen times and I deleted it yesterday. I am glad that I did because I am not sure you would have come back if I didn’t.”

“Can we watch today’s footage?”

“Absolutely, it is even better than last week’s!”

Brian got up out of his chair and went to his locker. Emily watched him grab something out of there, as he got back to his chair she realized that it was the hand towel that she gave him last week. It looked a bit stiff.

“I hope you don’t mind, I don’t think I can watch you again and not cum but I don’t want to cum in my pants. I’ve been using the towel you gave me to cum into.”

Smiling Emily said, “Of course not.”

Brian started the footage of today’s adventure and Emily watched herself walk into the frame. She remembered about the second camera.

“Does the second camera capture me as well?”

Brian responded, “The frame cuts off at the table where the guys are studying.”

Emily watches herself set the bag down and is disappointed that her skirt didn’t rid high enough to show off anything when she bent over. She watched herself look at the camera and then look for the second camera. The camera started to zoom in on her position.

Brian said, “I’ve never zoomed in before, I wasn’t sure how well it would work. Turns out it worked really well.

Emily now took up most of the frame, she watched with excitement as she grabbed her breast. She heard the telltale sound of a zipper being undone. As Brian pulled out his hard cock, it looked to be roughly the same size as her dildo maybe a bit shorter but slightly thicker. Emily looked back to the monitor to see herself lift her skirt and show off her pussy.

“When you lifted your skirt up and I saw that you didn’t have any panties on I just about came in my pants again.”

Brian leaned back in his chair slowly stroking his penis, Emily saw the tip getting wet with pre-cum. She loves licking pre-cum up but didn’t say anything. Instead, she leaned back in her chair and started playing with her clit. Brian noticed her shifting in her chair and looked over to see her playing with her clit. The monitor was good but this was better. Her turned his chair to face her continuing to stroke his cock as Emily played with her clit. Emily could tell that this orgasm was going to be intense, her vaginal orgasms were good but her clitoral orgasm hit her so much harder.

Brian leaned forward in his chair and held the towel out in front of him as he shot rope after rope of thick white cum into the hand towel. Emily shifted in her chair and moved her skirt out from under her so that she was sitting with her bare ass on the chair. She slid forward a bit as her orgasm hit. Emily doesn’t always gush when she cums but this one hit harder due to her added excitement. As she came she saw her cum shoot out of her and land on the carpet between them.

“Oh my god! I’ve made such a mess!”

“Don’t worry about it. I just spilled my water!” exclaimed Brian.

Emily felt a couple more shudders run through her, she couldn’t remember the last time she had cum that hard. She reached into her backpack to grab the towel to clean herself off.

Brian asked, “Can I clean you off?”

“Be my guest.”

Brian got off his chair and turned her chair so that he wouldn’t have to kneel in the wet spot on the floor. Before he used her hand towel as a cum cloth, he had sniffed the towel but being between her legs was so much better. He kissed her left knee and started licking the moisture on her inner thigh. As he got closer to her pussy he was amazed at the heat coming off of her. Her pussy was right in front of him. To him it looked like a perfect miniature bum. He carefully licked her left outer lip and Emily shuddered. He gave it a second lick and moved over to the other thigh. He took his time cleaning up her cum off her inner thigh, teasing her with his tongue. He moved back to her pussy and cleaned off the outside of her beautiful lips. He slowly spread open her pussy and was rewarded with an even stronger smell of her amazing pussy. He lost all abandon then and dove it. He stuck his tongue deep into her vagina and tried to extract as much moisture as possible. He moved up and cleaned around her clit careful not to touch it yet.

He pulled back and got his first good look as her pussy. She had smaller inner lips that framed her opening beautifully. Brian noticed that some of her cum had dripped down to her ass. He had her slid forward in the chair and licked her ass from below. Emily shuddered. She thought that she might be close to cumming again. Brian worked his way back to her clit licking along the way. Her put his mouth over her clit and started to slowly work his tongue over her clit. Every time he did Emily jumped a little bit. He could tell that her breathing was getting more intense so he kept up the steady rhythm with is tongue. She started to buck a bit and he sped up some with is tongue, this pushed Emily over the edge and she came again but didn’t squirt this time. Brian gave a couple more licks to make sure that she was all cleaned up.

As Brian stood up Emily noticed that he had gotten hard again. She was glad that his eating her pussy had that result.

“Sit back down in your chair.” Cooed Emily.

Brian got back into his chair and Emily got on her knees in front of him.

“Since you made me cum, I feel like returning the favour.”

Brian looked down to see a bead of pre-cum on his dick. Emily quickly moved in and licked it off.

“Mmm, you taste delicious!”

Hearing that Brian almost nutted but was able to hold off. Emily took him into her mouth and started moving up and down while having a hand on each of his thighs. She had barely moved up and down twice and he already knew that this would be the best blow job he had ever had up to this point. Brian groaned and this caused Emily to moan. Hearing her moaning while having his dick in her mouth was too much and he started to cum. He felt the first shot of his seed leave him and Emily moan in gratitude. She kept moving up and down as he shot more of his cum into her mouth. Emily could tell that Brian’s orgasm was ending and looked up at him. He was smiling looking at her. Emily carefully pulled Brian’s dick out of her mouth, leaned back and showed him that her mouth was fully of cum. She closed her mouth, smiled and swallowed the whole mouthful of cum at once.

“Holy Shit! That was the best blowjob I have ever had!”

“I enjoyed it too.”

With the smell of sex heavy in the air, Emily stood up and walked over to her backpack. She kept her legs together and bent at the waist knowing that Brian would get a good view of her pussy and asshole. She turned around and saw Brian smiling.

She said, “And what are you going to do with the footage this time?”

“I will delete it, in a day or two, if that’s okay.”

“Why don’t you take a copy of it home with you as long as you promise to never share it with anyone.”

“Really? You would trust me with this?”

Emily smiled innocently, “I don’t really have a choice but the trust you, right?”

Leaving Brian in a stunned state, Emily put her backpack over one shoulder and walked out of the security room. She got into her car and made sure that her skirt was under her in case she had any moisture leak out on the ride home. It dawned on her on the way home that Brian didn’t know her name and didn’t have a way of contacting him. She liked knowing that the decision to see him again was totally in her control.

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