I walked into the lecture hall, feeling like my heart was in my stomach. I had the toy shoved into my pussy and resting on my clit. Every step I took, I could feeling the grinding against my pussy. By the time I reached my class, I felt as though I was already about to cum. I made my way down towards a seat in the front. I knew that Mr. James would want a front row seat at my squeamish attempt at hiding my orgasms. As the rest of the students arrived, I thought about the fact that they were about to sit though an hour of lecture, while I sat through an hour of orgasmic bliss.

Mr. James walked in, wearing black pants and a dark blue button down shirt that matched perfectly. He gave me a quick mischievous glance, knowing damn well that this was going to be an interesting class. He began his lecture, and I actually forgot about the vibrator for a moment. As I was taking notes, I was startled by a delicious buzzing sensation. My cheeks began to flush, and I looked up at Mr. James as he continued to stand at the front of the classroom giving his lecture. He casually tucked his left hand into his front pocket, and the vibrations began to grow stronger. He had the clicker in his pocket so that he could control the remote throughout the class without being obvious. The increased pulsation was more than I could handle. I felt a fluttering rise of pleasure grow in my core. I tightly squeezed my legs together, trying to contain all emotion on my face as my body exploded into one of the most erotic orgasms of my life. My sensitive clit immediately desired to be released from the vibrating pressure, but the toy continued to buzz at the same level of intensity. As I was struggling to keep my body from twitching, Mr. James locked eyes with me for a moment. He knew that his dirty little slut had just cum hard in her chair. He reached into his pocket once again, and I felt the vibration turn down to a low yet bearable level. This level continued for about 10 minutes. This was enough time for my body to recover from its first orgasm, and began to build to its next. The feeling of the low vibrations in my pussy and on my clit made me want to grind against the seat. I wanted to ride Mr. James’ thick cock while straddling him in his chair. I could feel the wetness from my slit beginning drip onto the hard plastic chair. The tingling build up of another orgasm started to grow within me, and I wanted nothing more than to ride the wave of pleasure. As I was moments away from another climax, the buzzing stopped.

I felt frustrated and disappointed at the same time. The last 15 minutes of class I sat there with the toy off. Every second felt like eternity as I waited for Mr. James to turn to the vibrator back on. He gave his final announcements about homework assignments and dismissed the class. I didn’t move from my seat, pretending to be be preoccupied with something on my laptop as the students exited the lecture hall. Once the last person was gone, he turned his gaze towards me. He stood up from his desk and slowly walked towards me.
“Would you like to cum again baby girl?” He said in a sultry tone.
“Yes please, I need it.”
My answer was not sufficient enough.
“What exactly do you need?”, his voice demanded.
“I need you to turn the toy back on so that I can cum all over this chair”
His eyes darkened and he smiled mischievously. He reached into his pocket, and turned the vibrator on to what I assumed to be the highest setting. An intense shockwave rolled throughout my body. I knew I was still in a public setting, but the risk only made it hotter. He stood towering over me, watching me as I built to climax. My eyes started to roll to the back of my head, and I let out a soft moan. The intense pulsations sent waves of pleasure throughout every inch of my body, and my legs began to shake as I exploded into another mind-numbing orgasm. Mr. James leaned over and gave me a deep kiss, and my body continued to twitch as I unraveled. He grabbed the little remote from his pocket and turned the vibrator off. My pussy felt numb, and my body felt limp. I slowly stood up out of the chair, using his broad shoulder as something to balance on. His hand reached underneath my skirt, and he pushed my soaking wet panties to the side. He pulled the toy out of me gently, and turned around to walk back toward his desk. Before putting the toy in his bag, he looked back at me. He put the vibrator up to his lips and licked the juices I had left.
“You taste amazing baby girl. I can’t wait to taste more of you later tonight”.
“Tonight?” I asked.
“Yeah, I was hoping you could come over to my place tonight. After watching you cum like that, I need somewhere private so that I can do everything I want to do to you.”
My excitement vanished as soon as I remembered my already set-in-stone plans for that evening.
“I want that more than anything, but it’s my best friends birthday tonight and we’re going out to some bars. I would cancel but I haven’t told anyone about us, and I don’t know what I would tell her”, I replied disappointedly.
“That’s okay baby girl, you go have fun. We’ll have fun another night”. I was glad he was understanding. He gave me a soft kiss on the lips, and I turned around to walk out of the lecture hall. As I walked back to my car, I could feel my wetness rubbing between my thighs.

As I got ready with my best friend Callie and a few other girls, I grew more and more excited about a night out. My mind had been focused on Mr. James for the last week, and I was looking forward to a break. After doing my hair and makeup, I grabbed my favorite tight black mini dress. It was very flattering on my curves and ass, but it was pretty short which sometimes was a problem. I chose black heels to match with the dress, and took a few shots of vodka to pregame.
Callie brought us to a popular club that usually had both college students and adults in their 20’s-30’s. They must have had a good DJ that night because the place was pretty crowded. We squeezed our way to the bar, avoiding eye contact from the many creeps staring me up and down. We began ordering drinks and shots, and pretty soon most of us were tipsy. We danced for awhile, and I felt carefree in the moment. We ran into a group of guys that Callie knew, and they offered to buy us all drinks. We stood around a table, all talking and drinking together. The guy next to me was named Michael. He was tall, decently attractive, and had defined muscles. The music was extremely loud, so he kept having to lean down close to me to speak or hear. He casually placed his hand on my lower back, and for some reason I felt nervous. Right then, all I could think about was Mr. James. I didn’t want to be at that club anymore, I wanted to be in his bed. I excused myself from the group, and searched for the bathroom. I walked down the hall that was filled with muffled yet still very loud music, scrambling for my phone in my purse. I stopped for a moment, and felt a hand on my lower back and hip. I froze, wondering if Michael had followed me.

“We’re you thinking about me when that guy was touching you?”, I immediately recognized the voice. I spun around and locked eyes with Mr. James.
“What are you doing here?”, I asked shockingly.
“I actually came here with a few of my buddies. One of them is recently divorced so he wanted us to come out with him. I’m assuming his game is too rusty to hit on hot girls by himself”, he chuckled. The hallway was very dark, but I could feel the sexual tension rising between us.
“You look unbelievably good in that dress. Every time you walk by and sway your hips, every guy in this place turns around and looks at you. I noticed you as soon as you walked in. Then I saw that creepy guy put his hand on you.” His words turned me on. The thought of him feeling a little possessive over me made me wet. His dominating presence made me want to fuck him right there. I threw my arms around his neck and pulled him in for a passionate kiss. He quickly took charge and pushed me back up against the wall. He balanced himself by putting one hand on the wall by my head, and the other grabbed me by the hip and pulled me tightly against his body. The heat was burning between my legs, and I knew that I needed inside of me. This wasn’t the patient and seducing side of Mr. James I had seen before. This was his primal need to fuck me. His hand dropped below my dress, and he roughly plunged 2 fingers deep inside my pussy. I moaned into his mouth, and I could feel his bulging cock pressing against my stomach. His fingers vigorously pumped in and out of me, pressing onto my g-spot with each thrust. All of a sudden, his fingers quickly pulled out, and his tongue left my mouth. In my dazed state, I noticed people walking down the hall. Mr. James leaned down toward my ear.
“Do you want to come home with me, where I can finish you off?” He said in his deep voice. “Yes please. Let me just to tell my friend I’m leaving”.
I walked through the crowd, searching for Callie. I found her on the dance floor, sipping a drink and enjoying the music.
“Hey the alcohol didn’t agree with my stomach, I’m gonna go home! I hope you had a good birthday, I love you!”
She drunkenly hugged me, “bye, love you! Be safe!”.
I walked towards the exit, and found Mr. James waiting right outside. He flashed me his dreamy smile, and reached out for my hand. We walked towards his car, and he opened the door for me. I slid into the seat, and sat for a moment, feeling nervous and extremely excited for what was about to happen. He climbed into his seat, and started the ignition. He placed his hand on my upper thigh, and his strong grip made me even wetter. I couldn’t wait for all that we was going to finally do to me.