My alarm chimes, the 5 am wakeup call. It’s an early morning (for me), but the rare Pokémon rumored to be in this part of the region won’t wait around forever. I wriggle free from my sleeping bag and adjust my pajamas. They’d twisted around in the night again, not exactly uncommon for someone who tosses and turns in her sleep. My pack is nearby, and I grab it on my way out of the spacious tent.

The pajamas I am wearing do a good job concealing my early 20s, athletic figure. Don’t know about you, but my parents made absolutely sure to drive home the “everything in the wilds wants to breed you” speech when I said I wanted to be a Pokémon hunter/trainer, even going so far as to suggest I carry a Ditto with me at all times. You know, so when something “leaps from the brush to mate with me I can use it as a distraction.” I looked at them like they were legitimately crazy when they suggested it, but agreed just to shut them up. Imagine my surprise when their advice would actually save me from an especially frisky Machamp a few years ago, and then a pair of Mr. Mimes a handful of months later. I shudder at the memory, that was one sandwich I wanted no part of.

Ever since the first incident, the Ditto transforming itself into a near exact replica of me before being viciously taken by humanoid Pokémon, I began to wonder. Why? Why would Pokémon want to waste their time (and seed) on a human? We’re not compatible, are we? Turns out, some Pokémon actually are viable candidates for breeding with humans, yippee. Another shudder as I near the small creek near my campsite. I’ve spent many nights imagining what kind of hybrid offspring would come from a Pokémon/human coupling, some crazed mutation screeching horrible noises in a desolate cabin. 

I strip my cotton pajama top, placing it atop my pack as my thoughts continue. To be honest, I’ve spent many more nights imagining the creation of said hybrid. Or, at least, the act. Those Mr. Mimes were creepy, sure. I want no part of their weirdness. But the Machamp. My bottoms fall to my ankles, and I step into the cool water. The four armed humanoid Pokémon forcing itself on/in my duplicate is a memory I revisit often. My/Ditto’s thighs were fully encircled by Machamp’s powerful hands, his other two hands holding my/Ditto’s shoulders as he guided his prey up and down his massive shaft. I doubted I could even take something so large into my body. Looking down my petite frame, I try again to picture just how much space it would take up.

My 5’7″ body is tightly packed with muscle, not much flab apart from my small, b-cup breasts and firm butt. I can visualize my tummy distorting and bulging under the size and force of Machamp’s massive cock, but something like that would surely cause intense pain, as well as massive damage. It’s not like I’m just some walking body cavity, there’s intestines, stomach, kidneys, liver, uterus, lungs, heart, and other random organs people don’t even bother to think about most days. Ditto only survived because it’s… whatever a Ditto is made of. A new set of shivers shake through me as I sink neck deep into the slow flow of the clean water.

My shoulder length, dark red hair floats along the top of the stream as I lower even further, the water up to my blushing cheeks as I reflect on the other Pokémon my studies showed were “compatible with humans.” Among them were; Alakazam, Hypno, Machamp, Mr. Mime, Jynx, Hitmonlee, Hitmonchan, Electabuzz, Magmar (um, ouch?), Sawk, Bisharp, Gardevoir, Mienshshao, Grimmsnarl – basically any “humanoid” Pokémon. I’m really not sure how they learned which ones are and aren’t compatible, but that must have been some kinky research.

I walk to shore and get to my pack, grab some soap and other cleaning supplies. The cold morning air feels oddly refreshing on my wet skin, so I take my time getting back into the water. All the dwelling thoughts of breeding were making me feel hot, my arousal mixing with the natural creek water as it freely flowed down my inner thighs.

A wild Pokémon splashed from the water behind me as I was lingering at my pack, and sent me tumbling to the sandy shore. Items spilled out, many rolling into the stream and being carried away by the current. Fortunately, a Poké Ball was within reach, and I tossed it into action. My trustee Flareon appeared in a flash, ready to defend me from the wild Pokémon. I recognized the wild one as a Floatzel, and knew we’d be in trouble if I couldn’t locate any other Poké Balls to handle the wild water type. 

“Tackle,” I instructed my Flareon, the only offensive attack that would do much good. She launched forward and attacked the wild Pokémon, who simply shrugged it off. One watergun attack was all it took to brush my Flareon aside, this Floatzel knew how to fight. No other Poké Balls were in my mostly empty pack, not even the first one I’d ever gotten with my precious Ditto. And something told me this Floatzel wasn’t after any money award for winning a match. I recalled Flareon and tried to run, but was knocked to the ground by a pair of tails sweeping my legs out from under me.

The ground rushed up to meet me hard, knocking the wind from my lungs. I rolled over and looked up at the Pokémon, stunned to see a large red cock unsheathing between its legs. It extended out around eight inches, before ending in a rounded knot between his legs. The Pokémon rushed around to my legs, which quickly closed, crossed, and folded down. It looked at me as if disappointed, then took my waist in his hands and turned me over. He pulled my ass up, exposing me to him, and buried his nose between my rounded cheeks. His rough tongue extended and lapped against the outer reaches of my labia again and again, sometimes even reaching up and flicking across my clit. I gritted my teeth and tried to think of some way out of this, but the stimulation was making concentration admittedly difficult. 

Evidently satisfied with the tonguing, he pulled his face away. With both hands on my hips, he thrusted haphazardly at me, the pointed head of his cock glancing down my slick sex, between my clenched thighs, and sliding up under my belly. He pulled back, and tried again, this time with his cock sliding up between the cheeks of my ass. I used this opportunity to raise my feet (both still locked behind myself) and quickly release in an attempt to kick him away, but the attempt occurred just as he had lined up for another thrust. My feet shot out along either side of him, only serving to open myself for easier penetration. His pointed cockhead surged forward and into me quickly, impaling me on the full length (and girth) of his long, thick, warm cock.

The sensation was unbelievable. Shock at being mounted by a Pokémon, combined with the almost too full feeling of such a huge cock, along with the heat from his member, and the steady throb as he held me against him. He didn’t pound into me, or start humping right away, it was like he was just savoring the moment. Which was a mercy, because I don’t think I could have handled getting fucked right away by something that felt as though it was nestled between my lungs. My breaths were coming in shallow spurts, and I was marveling at the feeling of my muscles straining to accommodate his size.

That’s when it happened. He pushed harder, in. Didn’t pull back to start pounding away, didn’t just start humping, didn’t simply cum in me, he pushed as though there was more to put inside. As though I had more room for anything else inside. Pressure built outside my pussy as something made my labia stretch around it. The knot, I remembered, it must still be outside. It felt like I had a solid foot of thick Pokémeat inside me, and now it wants me to take some huge ball, too?! I screamed through my teeth, clenched so hard I thought they might break. He pushed ever firmer, and my pussy strained until it was at its breaking point. I groaned when the knot sunk forward suddenly, the widest portion enveloped by my struggling lips as his whole member was swallowed by my shuddering sex, his tip firmly pressed against my cervix.

Satisfied after successfully knotting me, the Floatzel laid on my back. I could feel hot spurts of his cum splash into my womb, the dull pulses of his shaft practically embedding his cockhead more fully into my spasming cervix. Isn’t that supposed to hurt? I wondered, thinking of all the horror stories I’d heard of girls who had accidentally bumped the sensitive ring outside their uterus. Even the lightest tap left most in tears, and now I had some massive Pokémon dong crushing into mine, pumping my womb full and I’m basically on the verge of orgasm. Not even seeing sparks or stars, but I do hear some… music? It’s a familiar tune, too.

I wake up with a gasp, my alarm going off, phone displaying “7:03 AM” over a series of text notifications. It was all a dream? I’m still in my tent, still wrapped in my sleeping bag, wearing my pajamas, but very much affected by my wet dream. My skin is damp under the thick embrace of my sleeping bag, and I shift uncomfortably trying to free myself from the tangled mess. I’m looking forward to a bath even more than my dream-self, hoping the refreshing waters will help wash away some of the inappropriate arousal dripping down my legs. That was all so real, too real, I think, reflecting back on just how clearly I was able to see my dream. I could remember the texture of the Floatzel’s veiny cock, the way it felt as it forced its way into me, how my body strained against it. The warmth… My knees trembled as I gathered my things and made my way to the nearby creek, making sure to have my Magneton (and Ditto) on standby. Not really interested in taking any chances.

The stream was just as I remembered it from the night before, and from my dream. I set my pack on the same rock, then thought again and adjusted it to lean up against the rock instead. The ball holding Magneton I put next to my pack, Ditto’s ball was stashed under my clean clothes. I took the cleaning agents and walked to the stream, then looked side to side. No signs of anyone or any wild Pokémon, so I stripped out of my pajamas, and hurriedly washed myself in the creek. My bath went off without any incident, allowing me to clean, dry, and dress in peace. I was almost disappointed, to be honest. If nothing else, my Magneton could have used a little warm up. All used materials got bagged and stowed in my pack, the two Poké Balls join the other four on my belt, and we return to camp for breakfast. 

Back at camp, I get all the necessary materials ready for breakfast. Food, water, and pots, mostly. I release Flareon and instruct her to reignite our campfire, then we start cooking breakfast. Our other five friends release once the food is about ready; Ditto, Magneton, Pidgeot, Pupitar, and Slowbro all join us for the morning meal. They talk amongst themselves in their usual Pokémon language, and I listen to them happily jabber. 

Lately I’ve been having dreams of starting my own Pokémon daycare, caring for other trainers’ Pokémon, raising them, and maybe even breeding some myself -the last thought creeps in suddenly, and I can’t help but blush. I try to push the indecent images away, but keep circling back to the manifested sensation of the Floatzel rutting inside me, his warm semen flooding my womb as his sperm searches desperately for my egg. I moan softly into my breakfast, but fortunately none of my Pokémon take notice. My arousal is unbearably high, and I need to satisfy my desires. They all look to be done, so I straighten my face as best I can and say in what’s hopefully a chipper tone, “Are we ready to continue our adventure?”

None of them offer any refusal, they never do. I’ve never had a Pokémon go against an order, or refuse a command, which is something I take great pride in. Also, possibly something that makes my body burn so hot at the fantasy of being taken forcibly by one… I recall each Pokémon into their respective ball, then hurry back into my tent. It’ll take all day to hike into Falcoton, the last stop on my way to the rare Pokémon allegedly residing in Silent Forest. Last chance to supply and rest in civilization as I trek through to the mountainous region in search of something rare, and with any luck, new.

The voyage to town was uneventful, with just a few encounters to slow me down. My Pokémon took turns beating the wild creatures in our way, and made quick work of the four trainers wandering the path. I enjoyed the hike, always appreciative of the cardio, but arrived to town tired and in desperate need of a hot shower. My destination was visible from the last hill, my friend’s fighting Pokémon gym standing tall over the nearby buildings. I would rest there for the night, then resupply in the morning. My shoes carried me quickly into town, dreams of the hot shower dancing in my mind.

When I arrived at the gym I was greeted by Juro, one of the new trainers Tanya had messaged me about earlier. He was eager for a fight, and just wouldn’t take no for an answer. I showed him the error of his ways by handily defeating each of his fighting type Pokémon with just my Slowbro. He walked me to Tanya’s suite, his head down the whole way. My friend opened her door after Juro knocked, annoyance etched across her face until she saw me standing behind him. She squealed excitedly and ushered me inside, closing her door on Juro before he could say anything. 

“I’m so glad you’re here!” she proclaimed, unable to conceal her happiness as she embraced me in a tight hug.

“Me, too!” I agreed, truly happy to be alone with my friend. “Don’t suppose I could take a quick shower before we get into anything?”

She dismissed the idea with a quick wave, “Why don’t you just take a soothing bath instead?”

I smiled gratefully and let her lead me to the bathroom, my eyes widening at the sight of her massive tub. She showed me all the soaps, shampoos, conditioners, and lotions, then went to grab a towel. I placed my pack on the marbled sink, leaned over the elevated edge of the tub to twist the knobs and tune the flowing water to an appropriate temperature. Tanya returned after I’d secured the plug, a pair of towels draped over her arm.

“Thanks,” I said with an air of exhaustion, retrieving the baby blue towel. She set the other on the shelf lining the tub’s edge, and turned to leave. Only, she didn’t. She closed the door with us both in the bathroom, the sound water flooding into the bathtub beginning to fade and echo in my ears as she turned back to me. Our eyes locked and my breath caught in my chest as she pulled her tank top up over her head, then tossed it aside. Her tan skin was radiant as she stood topless before me. I couldn’t help drinking her in, my eyes slowly wandering across her toned midriff, lingering on the small, darkened nipples on her bare breasts. My mind spun with thoughts of taking just one of her hardened nipples in my mouth as my hands groped the cantaloupe sized mounds on her chest, longing to see just how far our encounter would go… Goosebumps spread down my arms when she took a step forward. Our texting had taken a raunchy turn lately, twisting down the path of sexts and almost nightly self stimulation as we spoke over the phone to each other. Seeing her here, now, ready to cross another line. It woke a hunger I didn’t even know I had. 

“Shall we?” she asked, her voice snapping me from my thoughts long enough for me to watch her form fitting shorts slide down her deliciously thick, muscled thighs. I nodded, fumbling out of my own clothes before following her to the steaming tub. Tanya sent one leg over the tub’s edge, and I caught a glimpse of the glistening lips between her legs. Shivers trembled down my spine as anticipation erupted within my chest, and I happily accepted the hand she offered to help me in.

The warmth of the water had begun to fill the room, steam fogging any smooth, reflective surface. I sighed as my foot sunk into the water, pleased even more than expected with a warm bath. Tanya’s hand remained on mine, her fingers wrapping around. I squeezed her hand back, and we met each other’s eyes. Her hazel eyes seemed to be searching for something. Permission? Approval? An invitation, perhaps? Doubt grips my fluttering heart. When the corner of her full, lower lip found itself clasped between her pearly teeth, uncertainty creeping into her features, I took the leap. One hand cupped her breast, the other found a handful of ass. I pulled her to me, our naked bodies pressing together as our lips finally met. Our kiss deepened rapidly, tongues eagerly dancing as our mouths opened invitingly. We slowly sank to our knees, kissing and exploring one another as warm water rose up over our hips.

Her hand found its way between my legs, slender fingers scratching at my submerged lips. I moaned into her mouth, pinching her nipple as my other hand sought out her pussy as well. A pair of fingers slid through my narrow opening before I found her sex, but my clumsy hand stumbled between the trunks of her legs through my growing delirium. Tanya expertly teased and probed my body to orgasm, her lips leaving mine, moving instead to the tender flesh of my neck. She fondled a breast while nibbling and suckling my neck, her fingers working feverishly around and within my throbbing organ. My breath became labored as the climax arrived, short bursts of moans echoing into the bathroom as waves of pleasure crashed through my convulsing body. I pinched her nipple harder than intended as I lost myself in ecstasy, forcing her to wrench my hand from her glorious bust.

She guided me to the edge of the tub, helping me sit on the lip with my back against the wall. The air chilled my wet skin, a simple temperature change teasing my burning nerves as I struggled to sit upright. Tanya’s hands closed on my knees, her fingers digging into my quivering flesh as she spread my legs apart. I watched my friend droop down further into the water, her long, dark hair floating around her on the surface. Her skin shimmered beautifully as her face closed in on my presented pussy, the warm breath from her eager mouth already flowing across my slick lips. I inhaled sharply when her mouth latched onto my sensitive flower, her tongue instantly grinding and sliding around my sex. Moans and soft shrieks escaped from my lips as Tanya devoured my pleasure, sucking and slurping me into another powerful orgasm. My legs spasmed around her as she began to use a hand, fingers slipping back inside me, curling within to drive my climax higher. 

I tried to support myself against the wall, but my hands were too wet, the tiled walls too slick. Tanya seemed to anticipate what came next, and she abandoned her juicy snack in an attempt to catch me. Her efforts were in vain, however, and I ended up falling into her, sending us both beneath the sloshing waves of the tub. She managed to pull my head above the water, caressing me as the orgasm slowly subsided. We laughed as only lovers could, and she began washing me as I lay content in her arms.

We went to one of her favorite spots for dinner. A little hole in the wall type of place, more known for their drinks than their food. A few drinks in, the conversation swirls from Pokémon, to dating, to love, and eventually to sex. She asks how my sex life has been lately, and I remind her that I’ve been out in the wilds for the past seven months. Her eyes remain on me expectantly, gazing at me over her cup as she takes a long, slow drink.

“Don’t you have a few solid choices in that pack of yours?” she asked.

“Well, yeah. I’ve got a handful of good toys, you even bought one of them for m-” I started, but she interrupted before I could get much further. Apparently that’s not what she was trying to say.

“No, not toys,” she scoffed. “Pokémon. They’re good for more than just battling, you know.”

I sat there stunned. Had my friend just suggested what I think she did? Was she admitting to doing it herself?? I took an uneasy sip of my drink, the alcohol doing nothing to calm my nerves as Tanya continued, seemingly having given up waiting for me to reply in some way.

“Oh, don’t be such a prude. I know you’ve at least thought about it. And let me tell you,” she added, tapping my chest with the hand clutching her drink, splashing a little onto me, “it is amazing. There’s really no better way to unwind after a solid battle.”

“But, it just seems,” I hesitated. The right word refused to come, I didn’t want to sound like I was judging my friend, but I couldn’t think of any other way to describe it, “…wrong.”

She giggled, “We all feel that way at first, but lemme tell you. If it’s-”

“We?” I interrupted. “Who’s we? Who all is banging their Pokémon?”

“Basically everyone. I wasn’t the first, thought it was weird myself, but I’m so glad I gave it a go. Sometimes, you just gotta go for it.”

I was still confused and unsure, but she’d never led me wrong before. We continued drinking and talking, giggling and drinking, and eventually ended up in bed together. There was too much alcohol in our systems to do much of anything, but I had never felt closer to anyone than I did to her as we drifted off to a drunken slumber together. 

The next morning I woke up as the small counterpart of an aggressive spoon. Tanya’s arms had wrapped themselves around me, her hands buried under my shirt and pants. Her face was nestled in my hair, and she was somewhere between humming and snoring happily as her hands groped my breast and pubic mound. Her fingers pressed against my noticeably slick (and parted) labia in a manner that had to have been intentional, and I moaned softly when she rolled my erect nipple between two fingers.

She moaned in response, “Finally awake, are we?” The arm extending down my body and draped over my waist moved slightly, allowing the hand between my legs to position more firmly at the gap of my thighs. I pushed my ass back into her as a pair of fingers slid into me, turning to face her as she explored my body. Her hand left my breast, arm wriggling out from under me as she took her place on top, her lips locking firmly onto mine as the hand between my legs worked tirelessly. I felt her thumb crash into my clit, another finger finding its way into my well lubricated folds as her tongue swirled against mine. Our moans echoed together, mine a desperate plea for climax, hers a promise to get me there. 

When her lips left mine, a burning tingle forming in their wake, she helped liberate me from my shirt. Her lips left a zigzaging trail of kisses down my chest, around both firm breasts, my hardened nipples maddeningly teased with licks and nibbles. She continued to lick and kiss her way down my stomach, nibbling at the soft flesh around my navel before arriving at the manicured tuft of hair atop my pubic region. My pants had found themselves discarded during her erotic journey, leaving me bare before my lover. She knelt between my spread legs, admiring my parted pussy, using her fingers to lightly spread me further. 

“Such a pretty pussy,” she said in a hushed whisper, before leaning in and kissing above the hooded clit. She used her thumb to expose my stiff, sensitive bean, then used her tongue on it, licking as her mouth descended. Her lips closed around the upper portion of my sex, suckling and licking expertly as her fingers slipped back inside. I was plunged into a realm of never before known bliss, back arching, legs locking behind her head, hands grasping for anything to anchor me to the physical world while tongues and fingers twirled, swirled, and scratched me into a new one. I heard screams, and knew on some level they belonged to me, but couldn’t make sense of anything as Tanya devoured my convulsing pussy and every drop of liquid pleasure that came pouring out. 

“Ok, look.” Tanya started when we’d both dressed. I was sliding my foot into an adventure boot, preparing to go back into the unforgiving wilderness. “I recently came into possession of a special Machoke. I want you to have him, may come in handy.” She presented a Poké Ball, presumably with the mentioned Pokémon inside. 

“Don’t they evolve when traded?” I asked. 

She nodded, “Yeah, I know. I’m basically giving you a Machamp. I’ve already got a few of them, but this one is special. Something tells me he’ll help you on your journey.”

I reached out a hesitant hand, “Special how?”

“This Machoke has a bit of a mutation,” my friend explained. “You’re familiar with shiny Pokémon?” She continued after I’d nodded, “Now you have one.”

My eyes widened at being given such a special Pokémon. I held the ball in my hands, excitement building at the mere idea of the creature inside.

“Send him out when you need him, I’m sure he’ll make you very happy.”

I kissed Tanya again, my heart desperately wanting another intimate encounter with her. Unfortunately, my mind won out, and I left her gym after a quick, parting lunch. I promised to return again soon, relishing the idea of passing through far more regularly.