I watched her slender, silhouetted outline as she stood in the darkened room. The city lights peered through the window like little, horny voyeurs, watching her, unable to look away. Perhaps she was in a playful mood tonight? I could only hope. She lit a couple of candles on the table in the corner. She held the match between her finger and thumb, watching the flame work its way down the wood of the matchstick, as if in a trance. She felt the increasing heat of the flame as it closed in on her flesh. She parted her lips and blew. The flame flickered and vanished, and smoke twisted up into a small, winding pillar into the darkness. She closed her eyes and inhaled the sulfur, smoky smell. She turned her head toward the bed as she let out her breath with a moan. This was the beginning…

She knew I liked to watch. This was her gift to me: Her show, her stage, her epic-erotica.

She walked across the room toward the bed. Slowly, her hands reached up and released the single button on her suit coat. Her shoulders rolled as she let it fall off and slip to the floor. She unbuttoned the top 2 buttons of her white, sheer blouse. The peeping lights shone through the material, revealing the curve of her large breasts, held firmly in place. The next 2 buttons revealed her stunning cleavage. The soft light cascaded over her shoulders, funneling down between her breasts, highlighting the compressed flesh within her bra. She set the last 3 buttons free, and her blouse quickly followed the suit coat. Her boobs were held firmly in a thin, nearly see-through bra. It was too dark to see her nipples, but there were hints as her body moved. Closing her eyes, she ran her fingers lightly across her belly, feeling the sensation, the tickle of her own touch. Her hands were symmetrically synchronized, turning perfectly matching concentric circles on her sleek stomach. Her nails crossed her belly button and rode the center line of her abdomen up to her tits. Her head swayed from side to side as she focused on the sensations her skin felt. Her fingertips crossed the thin fabric and wire of her bra and her hands, knuckle to knuckle, traced the center of her cleavage, up and around the top of her breasts and back down to her stomach. She grabbed her hips and squeezed, feeling the pinch of her nails in her skin.

He reached over and touched his finger tips to the side of her knee. He ran his hand up the outside of her thigh, feeling the firmness of her thigh through the coarse polyester skirt. His hand traveled down the front of her thigh to the inside of her knee, then worked its way back up the inside of her thigh, under her skirt. He could see her head tilt up as she enjoyed the feel of his wandering hand. He continued up higher, slowly, feeling the warmth of her body heat as he got closer to her core. She took one step sideways as if to offer free passage to his nomadic hands. Her hands ran up her hips to her ribs and cupped her tits. She let a small moan escape as she squeezed them, pressing them to herself. His hand traveled further until, at last, he felt the warm, moist crease where her leg and pelvis met. There were no panties, just the flesh of her outer labia, sensitive and engorging. She seemed to expect him to touch her, to press his fingers against her swelling lips. Instead, he reach between her legs and ran his hand up the back of her round ass, stopping to squeeze. She looked down at him with that smirky smile that says, “so, you want to tease, eh?”

She reaches up to her bra and unsnaps it from the front, pulling the cups away to reveal the two most amazing tits he had ever seen in my life. They were full, sweeping down from her clavicles and cresting like two perfect, undulating waves in the ocean. He withdrew his hand from her ass and reached to touch one of her tits, but she stepped back, just out of his grasp. She reached around and he heard the sweet sound of the zipper on her skirt slowly winding down the course from the middle of her back to the top of her perfect ass. She grabbed the sides of her skirt and slowly, worked it off, moving her hips back and forth, until it passed the sweep of her thighs and fell freely to the floor. She stood there for a moment, letting him drink in the perfection that was her body. She turned to the side, and he could see her large plump nipples jutting out from the center of her breasts. He craved the feel of her nipples between his lips, to roll them around with his tongue an feel their hardness. He wanted to flick them, to tease…

Her breasts hung down from her chest like melonous, perky fruit. The street light outside the window was temporarily eclipsed by her pendulous tits, a bright penumbra surrounding the dark outline of the succulent curves. Her long, plump nipples were projecting at right angles from her perfectly shaped tits. He reached up to cup one, but again, she pulled away with a misfit smile.

He could feel his dick begin to swell and rise under the solitary sheet that was covering him. She noticed, and with one sweeping motion, ripped the sheet from the bed. He laid there, naked, half-cocked, and surprised. She wasted no time. She quickly jumped on the bed and laid between his legs with her head at crotch level. She grabbed his half limp dick and buried the entire thing in her mouth. She loved the feel of a soft dick, how it rolled around so easily in her mouth. She toyed with it with her tongue, her piercing occasionally flicking him, offering a sort of hard smack in the middle of her soft, rollicking tongue. What she loved more than the feel of his softness, was the sensation as his dick would begin to grow. What was easily bendable now became firm. She went from filling her mouth with his cock to following the length of it with her lips. She would follow it up one side, plunge it deep into her throat and withdraw, then drag her lips down the other side, taking a little nip here and there with her teeth. She took his balls in her hand, massaging them up and down, sucking one into her mouth and twirling it with her tongue. She popped his testicle out of her mouth and sucked and pulled on his sack. Her tongue flicked and tickled the area between his balls and leg. He tensed up from the tickling, as she returned to his dick. She steadied it in her hands and brought her lips to the tip. She opened her mouth just enough to receive it and slide her mouth down just over the head. She tightens her lips and sucking, she slowly pulled her mouth off, her lips matching the contours of the head. She kept the suction strong as she went up and down on the tip of his dick, making it swell with sensitivity. She kept watching him with every pull of her lips, her eyes opening and closing as if giving head was just as good for her as it is for him.

She pulled her face away from his cock and gripped the bottom of the shaft, raising herself to allow her tits to hang around his dick like a Newton’s Cradle. The soft flesh of her breasts against his tender head felt smooth. She let her tits fall to his abdomen and slowly dragged her nipples along his belly and chest as she moved her body in line with is. She straddled him and pressed her tits into his face. He loved the sensation of her soft boobs pressed against his cheeks, his nose buried in her cleavage. Her scent was euphoric and tantalizing. His dick was throbbing as she rubbed his face with your puffy pillows. She rested her hips over his and slowly started to lightly pass her pussy across his aching shaft. Forward and back, her pussy throbbing with desire as a drop of her sweet nectar ran down her pussy lip and dripped onto his cock. Her pussy lips spread apart as she ground harder and harder against his dick, conforming to the shape of his staff. She wanted him inside her. Now. Deep.

She shifted her weight to one side and lifted her leg up, reaching down to grasp his cock and point it up toward her swollen hole. She lowered herself slowly onto his shaft, a small moan escaping her lips as she felt the tip of his dick touch her labia. She rubbed his dick along the line of her pleasure fault-line, her legs quaking as she fought the desire to drive his dick straight into her. She couldn’t take it anymore. She lowered her hips and felt his bulging head spread her lips and press the walls of her hole apart. She could feel her lips and hole close around his head and the full size of his tip entered her vagina. She raised herself and allowed the tip of his cock to spread her apart again. In and out, she loved the feeling of his head entering her, the sensation of being opened and filled.

She lowered herself again, taking his head into her, lowering herself more as his cock slid easily along the channel of her fleshy hole. She raised and lowered her hips, driving his shaft deeper and deeper until she felt him press against the end of her love channel. She placed her hands on his belly, close together, pressing her tits together between her arms, forcing them out from her chest, round and full, her nipples stretching out, begging to be pulled on. She moved her hips forward and backward, grinding her clit into his pelvis. She could feel the pressure of his cock at full staff against the deepest parts of her. She slid forward and back faster and faster, feeling the erotic pressure build as she bit her lip and stared deeply into his eyes. The fire was lit as she drove herself toward the light. She pressed her legs against his sides as her body ascended and crested the hill of passion. He mind raced and blanked out for a moment as she felt the unbearable pressure of the approaching orgasm. He grabbed her hips as they raced and pounded. She could feel her whole body close in around his swollen cock. She pressed herself down, driving him in deeper, if that were even possible now. Her hips shuddered as she reached the edge and she drove her nails into his stomach. Her body seized as the waves of pleasure released like a broken dam. He pressed deeper into her as he felt the warm moisture of her gushing, swollen pussy pulsate around him, sending fluids cascading down his shaft.

She breathed out and her tensed body relaxed. Her shoulders and head dropped, her hair hanging down around her breasts and she collapsed onto him, rolling off and lying next to him. They both were breathing heavy as they recovered. He ran his hands through her hair and caressed her face. She smiled and stared off in a sort of daze. She ran her nails across his chest, playing with his chest hair. Her hands worked their way along his belly toward his rock hard shaft. She ran her fingers along the length of it as it bounced in response. She looked at him and said,”We haven’t taken care of you, have we?”

She looked at him with an incriminating glare and smiled. She sat up and leaned over his cock, taking it into her hand and dropping her mouth onto it, licking the tip around and around. She began to suck and drive her mouth up and down the length of it faster and faster. His cock was sensitive and he tensed up from the increased sensitivity. She did not relent. He felt his body begin to reach the point of no return. His cock hardened as it poised to fire. He could feel the first shot coming. “I’m going to cum!” She did not stop, but drove her mouth faster up and down his dick. The pump of semen released as his cock recoiled. She felt his dick contract and spray his warm, milky cum into her mouth. She stopped moving her head, keeping her lips wrapped around his dick, letting his cum fill her mouth. When his cock stopped spasming, she slowly withdrew her lips, tracing the contour of his dick so as not to lose a single drop of his gift. She sat up and opened her mouth to show him his juice on her tongue. He smiled in a daze, and said, “Swallow it.” She smiled, closed her mouth and then it was gone.

She dropped to her hands and knees, passing her breasts along his body one last time. The light from the streets cascaded across their bodies, their sweat glistening in the dark. She collapsed again next to him, her naked body wrapped around his, and they slipped away into sleep.