I back to the gym again and on the first day I realized that I had to wear only dark shorts on an exercise bike. Everything was fine for the first 5 minutes.

Cute guy with a girl in front of me did a butt workout and I stared at his elastic buttocks, imagined how they would go to the shower together after the gym and did not notice that I began to increase the bike speed and get horny. I heard in my mind the sound of me slapping his juicy ass.

The seat rubbed against my crotch and I realized that I was going to cum soon, but when I cum, everything between my legs becomes wet. And I was wearing only tight shorts of green color. The seat of the bike rested heavily on my crotch and I rubbed against it and felt how everything was getting slippery and wet. There was no way back and I came very hard.

No sound. I just squeezed the handles of the bike and the seat with my hips. It was very cool. And of course, a big wet spot was growing on my shorts. I was shaking all over from orgasm. I quickly covered my shorts with a towel and looked around. It seemed that everyone would be staring at me.

Music was playing, everyone was doing their own thing, and only behind me some guy was staring at my ass. But he couldn’t see the spot.

I wrapped myself in a towel, wiped the wet seat and quickly went to the shower. But I can swear that when I passed by the receptionist, she looked at me strangely, at the exercise bike from which I just got off, then at the towel and smiled. Apparently, she knows what can sometimes happen to a girl on an exercise bike.

I plan to buy a bike soon and start driving around the city on weekends, I will always wear only black shorts and take a change of clothes with me.

Also, I thinking to join group cycling. I think everyone there is so happy.

[my wet shorts](https://i.imgur.com/Oa0fRls.jpg)