The orcs had brought war to my people. They’d conquered five villages by the time our military was able to organize any kind of response. Dozens of battalions fell on the battlefields as we found ourselves constantly losing ground, forced to surrender bigger and more important cities. Eventually, the hoards of our orc enemies approached the mighty walls of our capitol. This was our last stand, the final beacon of our elvish empire. The clouded skies unleash a heavy rain, as though the heavens themselves were weeping for us. Our lines of archers stand four warriors deep, stretching all along our walls. Behind the walls, the last line between our people and oblivion, stand another twelve thousand heavily armed infantry. Truly a military no mortal force would ever hope to fight, yet there they are. Endless scores of ravenous brutes eager to shed blood. Our blood.

I look to my left, then to my right. My comrades, brothers and sisters in arms ready for the order. We clutch our bows, each of us with a finely crafted arrow in hand as we wait to deliver a hail of death the likes of which none of us had ever seen. Our commander urges calm, steady. She gives the order, “__Nock__!” We all hear her strong voice over the downpour, and ready our arrows on our bowstrings. “__Pull__!” she bellows, raising her arm in the air. I hear my leather armor groan as I pull my arrow back, heart racing in my chest as the deadly point rises over the approaching hoard. Water from the sky tickles my pointed ear as it runs down my face, and I double my efforts to concentrate on the task at hand. I have twenty-nine more arrows in my quiver, thirty in all. Each of us has thirty well crafted arrows, for thirty dead orcs each. There should be no problem in dropping over a hundred thousand of the ugly beasts, but a moment of doubt sets in. As thick as the clouds above, the worry of that not being enough. I clench my eyes, trying to force the troubling thoughts away, then “__LOOSE__!!”

My fingers slip from the tightly drawn bowstring, my arrow joining thousands of others flying skyward as I snag another from my quiver without even thinking about it. Something to my left draws my attention, a sudden crushing sound followed by screams. I’m unable to see the cause of the commotion, but the sensations at my feet suggest something heavy slammed against our wall. I ready another arrow and send it sailing, then grab another. The orcs are closer now, clambering over their fallen as they march nearer. Our fearless commander has taken to her own bow, firing arrow after arrow into the swarm of twisted steel and hatred, doubtlessly crafting her own legion of dead. I watch her with admiration from the corner of my eye as we all supply an endless barrage, until she vanishes with a deafening impact.

A rock – no, a boulder the size of a small house slams into our wall, mere yards from where I stood. It crushed the rows of elves on its way by, including our beloved commander. My arm stopped mid draw from my quiver as I stood completely stunned by what I just saw. The sounds around me fell away, even as the chaos grew. The orcs were at the wall, streaming in through the devastation created by their artillery. Our infantry struggled against their constant surge, our archers firing haphazardly as our once finely tuned force devolved into desperation. I was able to snap out of my delirium long enough to empty the rest of my quiver into the swarming masses, but realized our efforts were hardly making a dent. My fingers circled around the rim of my empty quiver as tears joined the waters of my rain soaked face, and I began to accept this as my final day. But daddy didn’t raise no quitter.

With renewed resolve and reckless abandon I gripped my bow. Orcs had climbed onto our wall, hacking and slashing through our effectively helpless archers. Eventually I came face to face with the enemy, but I wasn’t about to make it easy on them. I swung my sturdy bow at the first aggressor, catching him square in the jaw. He spun around and collapsed to the ground as my bow smacked into the side of the next orc’s head. He stumbled aside, crashing into the advancing orc next to him as my bow sailed into another. This one tumbled over the side of the wall, taking the fast way down to the ground ten yards below. The orcs that had stumbled together recovered in time for my bow to find them again, knocking one to the ground as the other fell off the wall as well. I felt as though I possessed the might of the gods within myself as I pressed onward, forcing the orcs back as enemy after enemy crumbled at the concussive force of my bow. That is, until I found myself surrounded by orcs atop our wall. 

The orcs around me seemed entertained more than afraid, but the ones rising back to their feet clearly wanted revenge. My bow splintered on the last hit, slapping harmlessly against the jagged platemail of an orc in front of me. He snarled as his hand lashed out, grasping me my the collar of my leather armor. I quickly reached for my dagger, drawing it as he tossed me over the edge of the wall. A surprised yelp escaped my mouth as I registered his action, arms reaching around my face defensively as the cobblestone ground rushed up to meet me. Fortunately, a few fresh corpses cushioned my fall. Unfortunately, I now found myself within a small ring of orcs, and winded. I could hardly even rise to my knees, let alone mount another epic offensive. One orc reached in and took my leather helmet in his strong hand, and ripped it from my head. My hair fell loose, slapping wetly over my shoulders in a radiant gold cascade. 

Their composure shifted noticeably as my gender suddenly dawned on them. The gathered orcs seemed less hostile, switching instead to a different kind of excitement. My big, blue eyes looked up from where I knelt, through the continuous rain at the orc before me. He tossed my helm aside, then seized me by the throat as he dragged me to my feet. I kicked and lashed out as he hauled me to the wall, slamming me into the stony structure and knocking the wind out of me all over again. Darkness had spread into the city as day gave way to night, screams and other sounds of chaos echoing deep into our once mighty capitol as I slumped, gasping for air over a puddle. My shaking hands balled into fists with fresh resolve, sudden anger igniting at the pitiful reflection beneath me. I got one foot under me, then swung upward with all I had, my futile effort rewarded with expert redirection from an orc, sending me twirling back down as another delivered a crushing blow, an armored knee thundering into my stomach, with a fist of steel catching my temple on the way down. 

Now, thoroughly defeated and curled on the ground, piercing ringing drowning all other sounds out, I was left to ponder. Was it true, what they said? Do orcs really drag elves to their butchers? Will they gut me alive, slicing and chopping the meat from my bones as I scream helplessly? Surely they don’t _actually_ __eat__ us? 

My thoughts were interrupted by a strong hand grasping a fistful of hair yanking me to my trembling knees. I still refused to go quiet, but what more could I do? Ideas on how to resist swirled clumsily in my throbbing head, none making any coherent sense as something warm, hard, and thick slapped against my cheek. My eyes focused on the object as the orc pushed my head back, and I came face to face with the bulbous, purple head of a green tinted, veiny shaft. The orc’s cock was inches from my face, it’s owner guiding my head closer with both hands on either side of my face. The bizarre turn triggered a sudden memory, _when I exchanged purities with one of my fellow recruits just last night. We were both scared of the pending battle, and found comfort in each other’s arms, then in my cot. He was nervous at first, but quickly found his rhythm with my ankles by his ears. Our stifled moans threatened to draw unwanted attention, but the encounter finished quickly when he bottomed out inside me, his warmth spreading in my belly as he gingerly pulled out. We gazed fondly into each other’s eyes as-_

The orc’s unwanted cock pushed through my parted lips, surging past my teeth as his member filled my mouth. His sudden intrusion snapped me from a pleasant memory and back to my current horror, the bitter taste making me grimace as it slid back along my compressed tongue. He removed one hand from the side of my face, and placed the other at the back of my head as he forced more of himself into my mouth, eventually pressing his bulbous head into the opening of my throat. I gagged around him, my fingers futilely scratching at his armored thighs. A wicked idea unfolded in my mind, one which would undoubtedly lead to my immediate demise, but cause more damage to this orc than anything else I could do at this moment. Besides, what exactly are my options here? I gripped the rough edges of his plated legs, then sunk my teeth into the base of his cock. The high pitched shriek erupting from him was the most beautiful melody I could have hoped to inspire, and he promptly began trying to pull me away. My jaw tightened harder than ever before as he pulled at my drenched hair, his surprised brothers rushing to help by kicking and punching me until I relented.

I fell from his waist, desperately trying to block the barrage of steel covered feet and fists raining down onto me as my own blood joined the orc’s in my mouth. Their assault ended abruptly with me barely clinging to consciousness, and I dared hope some sort of allied reinforcements had arrived. _Anything_ that could end this nightmare, but was sorely mistaken. An orc dressed in what I remembered from training as captain ornamented armor pushed into our little circle. He looked down at me with some twisted form of, could it be, reverence? Respect? Or maybe just sheer entertainment. His hands seized my rain soaked, blood stained leather brigandine, pulling me to my weakened feet before sending his own knee into my battered stomach. He tossed me to the ground and shouted something indistinguishable to me as I struggled to fill my lungs with air, the now familiar ringing returning to my ears. A pair of orcs took me by the arms and began dragging my limp body through the burning city.

My legs tried to hinder them, feet flailing along the wet cobblestone beneath us, but the effort went unnoticed by my captors. All around us were scenes of utter carnage and despair; orcs hacking, slashing, and impaling my fellow elves, retreating soldiers and citizens alike. Some had busied themselves with looting, others took the time to disrobe and rape screaming women. I witnessed one of our officers lose his head as he pleaded on his knees, his orc executioner then gleefully kicking his head down an alley. Children were butchered and burned in the streets, houses set alight, and even the church we passed was desecrated by the heathens. All this drained my resolve, and I could feel the utter hopelessness take hold.

The cobblestone beneath my drooping head gave way to the granite tile flecked in gold used to pave the royal sector, and I managed to look up as the palace came into view. The roads here were littered in fresh corpses, mostly military and royal guards, and I tried to convince myself I didn’t see the king’s counsel members dismembered outside the palace gates as we went through. I was, however, unable to avoid seeing my nation’s king and queen, skewered on either side of the elaborate doors of the palace itself. Their torn robes and elegant armor gleamed in blood, agonizing looks forever etched in their unmoving faces. A ragged sob escaped me, and my orcish escort laughed. Inside the palace looked largely untouched, not that I would know how it looked before… Orc officers and soldiers stood at attention, and I was dropped before the throne’s new occupant. I recognized him as the fearsome orc emperor, Yroh Vultog. He looked too pleased, and I wanted nothing more than to wipe the smug look off his face.

Yroh addressed the captain that had brought me in, a series of grunts and growls exchanged between the two as I laid on the carpet over marble. There was a beautiful elf woman standing by the throne, dressed in fabric so thin I could see her body’s features beneath. The translucent white material was accentuated with a gold rope waistband, and she also wore gold bands over her biceps, wrists, and I could also see a pair of matching gold bands through her dress on her thighs. Her pointed ears sported three gold locks on each, as well as two more golden piercings closer to her tips. It was her emerald eyes that finally triggered recognition, the kingdom’s chief priestess, Talia Glynyra!? She’d been reported missing _weeks_ ago, and now she turns up _with_ the orc invasion? Not shackled or struggling at all, just standing next to the _enemy emperor!_ Her eyes kept glancing at him, and she was fidgeting restlessly as he spoke. She bit her lip in a way that suggested desire as she looked at different orcs, and I could tell she desperately wanted something intimate with any of them. The thought disgusted me, and I began to wonder hells she’d been through to have such vile needs.

“Radnor tells me you have fight?” the emperor suddenly addressed me. His gravelly voice spoke my elven language almost fluently, and I could muster nothing more than a surprised whimper from the hard floor. He chuckled on the stolen throne, then gestured to the priestess.

“Then, after? I get more?” she stammered in response. He nodded with a grunt, and she descended the steps with visible difficulty. She knelt beside me, her hands beginning to emit radiant light as they touched my beaten body. I felt better instantly, as if I’d never been struck a day in my life. The taste of blood was washed from my tongue, and I felt utterly renewed! A look of confusion crossed my face as I looked at the woman before me, and she smiled with what appeared to be genuine happiness as she rose to her feet. The emperor gestured again, and several orcs followed Talia to a nearby palace wing. There was an altar over there, and the priestess quickly shed her scarce robes as she climbed up, exposing herself to the orcs as they too disrobed. I sat on the ground, watching mesmerized as the orcs groped her full chest, grasped her legs, licked her neck, and then penetrated her blessed body with their rigid meat. Her moans echoed through the chamber as they each took pleasure in her willing holes.

“Show me,” the emperor said, three armored orcs closing in around me as the moans cut out. One orc had plunged his cock into the priestess’ throat as they defiled her atop the altar. I still didn’t know what was going on, but my vigor had returned with my health. The orc nearest me toppled with a swipe to his knees, the next grasping his throat as I drew his own dagger with astonishing speed and plunged it into his neck. The orc I felled rolled into the back of my legs as I turned to the third, making me stumble into the approaching orc. I lashed out with an unarmored hand, painfully punching him in solid platemail as I fell. He caught my chest mid-fall with his knee, the other righting himself over me. I kicked from the ground, but they were more prepared now, and another two had joined in. They got to their knees around me, pinning me to the ground no matter how I struggled. The emperor clapped from his seat, grunting to the orcs around me before saying, “I am impressed. An unarmed elf nobody getting the drop on two highly trained orcs is something I wouldn’t have believed if I hadn’t seen it for myself.” 

The orcs removed themselves from me, and I lumbered to my knees. “Radnor claimed to have seen you knock orcs to their deaths with just a bow, then continue fighting after being thrown from that same wall? I had to see you in action myself before choosing. Your conversion will benefit our empire for generations!”

“Conversion?” I questioned as I got to my feet. My situation may be hopeless, but I could still be defiant. “_What_ conversion?”

Hands gripped my leather armor from behind, lifting me from the ground and tearing the straps apart before I could react. The leather tore away, allowing me to fall free. My ruined armor fell from my chest as I turned to fight, but was significantly overpowered by the absolute brute I now faced. He gripped the back of my armor in his massive hands and ripped it as well, then reached a massive hand towards my now naked upper half. I stumbled backwards trying to cover myself while also kicking out at the aggressor, then felt more hands at my leather trousers. They groped my ass before sliding to my waist, then jerked against the sturdy material. The huge orc in front of me put one beefy hand around my neck as my pants fell away, then lifted me from the ground as more unseen hands pulled my boots off. I heard the leather objects hit the floor as murmurs rippled among the onlookers.

“Yes, conversion. Like your priestess wench over there, you’ll come to beg for orc seed, even while with child.” Strong, rough hands groped my firm ass and perky breasts, fingers gliding up and down my bare flesh. I struggled to breathe under the strong grip at my throat, my hands working to loosen his grip as the emperor continued, “You’ll find orc semen has an interesting effect on elves, your word is _aphrodisiac_, I believe?”

The beast elevating me by the neck suddenly released me, and I fell hard to the floor. My clothes were nowhere to be found, and I eventually saw my fate. Four fully naked orcs stood over me, with more looking eager for their chance being them. Each naked orc sported a surprisingly large erection, far larger than the nameless elf who’d deflowered me just a day ago. 

The first orc to grasp my ankle got a facefull of foot, falling to the floor in obvious agony as two others pushed and pulled me into a more subordinate position. I ended up on my hands and knees, struggling against a pair of orcs at my shoulders as a third prepared to mount me like _some dog_. His hand squeezed the firm, yet tender flesh of my ass, then slapped my rounded cheek hard. I yelped as they laughed, then felt pressure at the soft lips draped around my slit. The orc pushed steadily harder as his thick rod split my delicate opening, sliding deeper and deeper as I groaned despite myself. He put his hands to my waist, gripping my hips as he sunk further into me. Discomfort slowly gave way to pleasure as his thickness probed onward, reaching places my earlier conquest could never have imagined. His skin mashed against mine as his hips contacted my ass, and I struggled to draw breath around the object inside me. With another forceful slap to my trembling rear he withdrew, but the relief was short-lived as he slammed himself against me again. I moaned unintentionally at the impact, my pleasure undeniable as he began fucking in long, _hard_ thrusts. My pussy gripped him so tightly it threatened to turn me inside out with each withdrawal, the air I’d taken in being forced back out with each thrust. His heavy balls swung up and slapped the aching bean atop my sex, driving my unwanted pleasure ever higher. My fingers dug into the royal carpet beneath me, toes curling as I tried to withhold the inevitable, but my straining was in vain. 

The orc surged forward, pushing my knees from the floor as he buried himself fully into my dripping pussy, the sensation of being completely stuffed finally pushing me over the edge. My orgasm consumed me, shrieks erupting from my mouth as spasms rocked my body. Liquid pleasure gushed against his manhood as he kept himself fully rooted, gyrating his hips against me. I could feel my tender tunnel contracting around his hardness, pulsations further stimulating our pleasure. Warmth spread deep inside me, and I immediately wanted _more_. I heard him grunting over me, my mind slowly realizing the creature had emptied his balls into me! My eyes rolled in ecstasy despite this knowledge, and I was left a twitching pile of flesh when he pulled finally out. A hot river of our combined juices flowed from my quivering pussy when he pulled free. He stepped away, my ass remaining elevated while my head and arms slumped to the ground. Another orc was quick to take his place, eagerly pushing his meaty rod through my glistening lips.

This one was considerably thicker, but when our flesh pressed together I realized he wasn’t quite as long. My walls struggled to accommodate his girth, and I decided then and there that was better than length. It stretched me to my limits, every nerve ending electrified in stimulation. I moaned in delighted anguish as a fresh wave of spasms shook through me, the orc roaring proudly as he pounded into me from behind. Every thrust created more unbearable pleasure, but my body _ached_ for more. When one of the orcs offered his hardened meat before my face I happily slurped it into my mouth. I didn’t even possess conscious thought of the action, my arousal and need taking control as I allowed the two of them to use me from both ends. The one behind me bottomed out, his buried cock throbbing forcefully against my gripping walls as warm fluid gushed from his tip. His potent load spread its warmth deep into my belly, the desperation for more becoming unbearable when he pulled from me, his deflating cock springing free with a wet sloshing noise. The feeling of his seed spilling from my used hold and draining over my aching clit drove me even deeper into my need, and I found myself eagerly allowing the orcs to guide me into another position. 

With my desires and urges controlling me, I reluctantly let the cock in my mouth slip away, but happily positioned myself over the glistening rod after he laid down, my toes pointing down his legs, ass facing him. Another orc helped guide me over him as he held his member steady, and I groaned as his tip squeezed into my virgin ass. My tightest hole protested against the invasion, but it had no choice but accept the rod as it pushed further and further inside. My pussy was practically humming as the orc that helped me impale myself dragged the thick, purple head of his cock up and down its lips. I reached down and grasped his shaft with one hand, then lined him up for penetration. He smiled when his head disappeared into me, a low grumble slipping from his mouth as inches followed. Another orc appeared over my shoulder, his impressive length hovering over my mouth. I suckled at his member, sucking him into my warm mouth as the other two reached their deepest limits between my legs. The orc in my pussy swung both my legs onto his shoulders, which allowed them both to dive delightfully deeper before they grinded me between them. 

The one at my face took a fistful of my hair, then guided my head onto him. His long dick hit the back of my throat, and with a little more pressure plunged further. I’d obviously never been so full of cock before, or been the vessel of such pleasure. My toes clenched and unclenched as another climax thundered closer, legs trembling, core muscles tensing in anticipation as the three brutes thrusted, grinded, and probed their way closer to bliss. I felt the one under me cum first, his pulsing shaft tickling the tender walls of my ass while his warm load gushed upward. The one at my face pulled from my throat long enough for me to gasp and moan breathlessly, then plunged back in. His member made my throat bulge as it sunk down practically to my stomach. The orc between my legs came next, grunting as his cock throbbed its potent seed into me. His hot ropes splashed against something deep inside, which triggered my most intense orgasm of the night. My throat vibrated around the probing shaft as I screamed in agonizing pleasure, the room spinning as my body shook uncontrollably between the beasts flooding me with their magical loads. I lost consciousness altogether when the third began pumping his cum down my throat, the first globs draining into my stomach overwhelming me…