I have mostly lived a pretty tame life sexually, but years ago when I was just 20 I did something pretty slutty. I still think about it from time to time when I get myself off.

For visuals: I’m short and petite, fit but a little thicker through the hips/ass/thighs, with c-cup breasts and long blonde hair.

I was in my hometown for the summer between years away at college. I’d had a crush on the owner of a local record store since high school, and I went frequently to see him and try to flirt. I knew he was quite a bit older than me but I found him so sexy with his super deep voice and tattoo-sleeved arms. He was always really nice to me and talked to me a lot but I couldn’t tell if he was into me or just friendly and giving good customer service. I’ll call him R. I was hanging out near closing time one day in a denim skirt and black cropped tank top hoping to catch his eye, and he asked me to stay after closing because there was something he wanted to talk to me about. I said of course. My heart was pounding so hard.

Once everyone else had gone, he got close and told me there was something he’d been meaning to ask me. I was blushing so hard and could barely breathe I was so excited. He asked me if I had any interest in his employee, a guy around my age that apparently had a thing for me and was too shy to talk to me. I was crushed by disappointment. This other guy was nice, but I only had eyes for R.

You’re my breaking my heart, I told him. He was confused so I just blurted that it was him that I was interested in, and I had been for ages. He was surprised, then suspicious about my age. People always thought I was still in high school. He literally had me show him my ID to prove I was 20. He said you know I’m a lot older than you, right? He was 34. I let him know I didn’t mind at all and that in fact it was a huge turn on and I’d been wanting a summer fling with an older man that knew what he was doing. I had only ever been with my high school boyfriend, and we had split up before college. I was constantly horny and unsatisfied.

He seemed uncertain and guilty still, but he was also eyeing me up. All the way up, head to toe and I could see he was attracted to me and was not going to be able to pass up an offer like that. He kind of tentatively pulled me close and said well… should we get started right away? And kissed me. I couldn’t believe it was happening. He was gentle at first but we quickly got more passionate and pretty soon my whole body was hot and I was dripping wet, and I could feel his hard-on pressed up against me.

I asked him about taking me to his place and he told me he couldn’t wait and that he needed me right then and there. He pulled me to the back room where he had a little office set up. After a little more making out I dropped to my knees and undid his belt and fly and pulled his pants down. I love the sight of an erection bulging through boxer shorts and I rubbed my hands and mouth all over it before pulling them down. He had a very good-looking, perfectly sized cock. I licked it base to tip before putting the head in my mouth and starting to suck. I worked more and more of him into my hot, wet mouth until he was in my throat, gagging me. He interrupted me once to pull my shirt off over my head so he could play with my tits. I love having my nipples stimulated and it was making me moan on his cock.

I thought I would finish him in my mouth that way but he pulled me up and turned me around so I was bent over his desk. He pushed my skirt up and my black lace thong aside and rubbed my clit and fingered me while I reached back and played with his cock, keeping it rock hard for me. I wanted to be fucked more than I ever had been and I moaned and begged him to. He pushed his cock into me slowly, getting me used to his size. He settled into a nice rhythm, pounding me well. He played with my clit with one hand and my nipples with the other and I came hard, feeling my pussy tighten around his cock, moaning his name. He started to fuck me harder and faster and told me he was going to cum in me. I begged him to fill me with cum and he did, pulling my hair and pushing his fingers in my mouth.

I could barely stand up or walk afterward I had been fucked so hard. I didn’t know where to clean up so I just put my panties back in place and pulled my skirt down, holding R’s cum in me. We somehow couldn’t find my top anywhere so he offered me one of the t-shirts he had for sale in the front of the store. I walked shakily to the front of the store topless with R and there was his employee, who had stopped by unexpectedly to work on stock and, judging from his expression, had heard everything and now saw my tits out, me disheveled and walking like I had just been well-fucked. I ran back to the office mortified while R got my shirt.

R and I had frequent, incredible sex all summer. When I went back to school, we both eventually met other people and fell out of touch.

Recently, many years since this happened, my husband and I went to a totally different record store in my town. I was shocked to hear a familiar, deep voice greet me. It was R, who clearly recognized me as well. He is married now, too. We did not acknowledge knowing each other, but when I left my husband said jeeze, that guy really likes you. His eyes were all over you. I avoid his place though, because he’s still sexy as fuck to me…