It had been awhile since we’d seen each other. Sometimes life goes that way. Work gets busy, schedules get full, time for fun is fleeting.

But today. Today all the stars aligned. I called in to work, telling them I was going to be late. I knew there wasn’t much to do for the morning. No real hardship.

Instead I drove to him.

I wasn’t nervous. We’d met up a couple times before. I was excited, ready, horny.

I walked in and we exchanged some pleasantries. Cold weather, bad roads, wasn’t sure you’d make it, etc.

Then we kissed. I took off his hat and tossed it on the floor, grabbing his head as we kissed increasingly passionately. We started pulling our clothes off. Both of us were a little, well, horny. His lightly-haired dark skin contrasted beautifully with my pale, smooth body. I pushed him back on the bed, taking his cock in my mouth. Mmm, I had missed that big, hard dick. I licked it from bottom to top and back again. Then sucked the head. “No hands” he told me, followed by “mm, just like that.” I slowly took his entire thick length down my throat, one, two, three times. I gagged and my mascara ran and he loved it.

He pulled me up and we kissed again, before he played with my tits. Ooh, they definitely needed some attention. He reached around me and slapped my ass. Large red handprints on my ivory skin.

I bit his shoulder and squealed. I rubbed my pussy on his cock. He growled and thrust inside me, and I groaned in delight. I started fucking him hard then, bouncing, grinding. Not to be outdone, he fucked me upward, lifting me off the bed.

“I want you to clean my cock,” he said, pushing me down. I licked and sucked him again, greedily, tasting myself on his thick dick.

“Mmmm. Now turn around and ride me again.” Who am I to say no to that? I straddled him again, sinking down and taking every inch into my greedy pussy. I couldn’t get enough.

“Fuck me. Yessss.” He stuck a finger inside my asshole and I nearly came on the spot. He fucked my ass and pussy for a moment before getting up and pounding me in true doggy style.

After we fucked like that for awhile, he came around the edge of the bed, sticking his cock in my face again. I sucked and licked his dick and balls hungrily before lying on my back once again.

He climbed on top of me and entered me for what would be the last time. We fucked in missionary for a moment, and I rubbed my clit while he pistoned in and out.

Finally, he placed a hand on my throat. “Fuuuuuuck,” I squeaked. His speed increased. I could tell he was getting close. “Cum inside me. Cum inside me,” I whispered hoarsely, his fingers still wrapped on my neck.
I pulled him in with my legs as he came deep within my pussy.

After a few moments, he rolled over. We lied there, sweaty and panting. We laughed at how we “needed that” and talked about meeting up again.

All day long my pussy ached. A constant, wonderful reminder of how things can sometimes work out. And also how getting fucked hard and well can really lift one’s spirits.