I’ve been working here for a few months, and I’m really enjoying it. The job is great and it’s a fun group socially too. As an added bonus the office is full of eye candy, male & female alike.

A couple of the guys in particular have captured my interest, Aiden and Dorian. They’re friends and both are tons of fun to be around.
I’m 5’10” and while I won’t discount someone strictly based on their height, there’s part of me that relishes when a guy is taller than me. They both fit that bill. Aiden is white, around 6’2” broad shoulders, and fit. Dorian is 6’4” and has the most beautiful deep caramel skin. Dorian is a bit broader than Aiden and his muscles are a bit more pronounced. I’d like to think that either one could pick me up and fuck me against a wall with no trouble. Thinking about that probably occupies more of my mental space than it should. But they’re both just so hot. Too often I find myself daydreaming at my desk about them which leaves my panties wet.

I can’t seem to help myself and flirt with them any chance I get. It’s so much fun! A small touch on the arm, a tap in the leg when I laugh. Leaning forward a bit more than strictly necessary giving them a better view of my ass or tits, depending on where they are in the room.

Today I’m wearing a cute short-sleeved sundress. But it’s definitely still winter, so I throw on a thin pair of leggings. The outfit has the added bonus of keeping me just cool enough that you can see my pebbled nipples through the fabric.

I feel like the combo is earning me the extra attention I’m hoping for, which is fun and exciting. Sandy confirms it at our coffee break.
She’s a sexy, curvy blonde. Tall, like me, a little thinner. She has what appear to be a nice handful for her breasts and a mouth watering ass to waist ratio. She’s got a bubbly personality and a bit of a dirty mouth. She’s super smart too, which makes for a wicked combination. We hit it off right away when I joined the team.

“Did you see the way Aiden was checking you out earlier?” Sandy stage whispers to me.
“Really?” I reply.
She just gives me a knowing look.

Sandy continues to look at me with a little smirk, taking in the hard nips and my barley work appropriate neckline.

Her attention is pulled up and over my left shoulder as someone else enters the break room.
“Well, speak of the devil” Sandy purred, “We were just talking about you Aiden, what do you think of Sophie’s dress?”
I slowly spin my chair around to face him with a grin, tilting my head to the side and touching my collarbone.

He’s closer than I realized and his crotch is practically in my face. From his vantage point above me, he can see down the front of my dress and gets a peak of the thin lace bra beneath.
I can’t help but notice a bulge forming in his pants, it’s all I can do to keep my hands to myself.
I feel my nipples tighten even more as a rush of heat moves through my body, settling between my thighs.

He wears his close fitting clothes well, broad shoulders, flat stomach, powerful looking legs. My panties get wet as I tear my eyes off his package to give him a head to toe perusal.

This seems to have an effect on him, as his grey pants tighten around his dick so much that I can actually see a very defined outline of his generous sized cock.

I can tell that he’s trying to get his composure back. I wonder if he’s grateful that Sandy and I are the only ones in the room who are seeing his growing bulge. Our bodies are blocking everyone else’s view of him from the crotch down. I’d love to know what dirty thoughts are going through his head.

“It’s a great dress.” Aiden admitted with a smile.


Fifteen minutes later everyone is filling into the board room for a meeting. The huge table has chairs down both sides and one at the head. No one sits at the foot of the table as that end of the room has the massive TV for presentations to be cast to.

Sandy & I sit beside each other leaving one empty spot before the end of the table. Aiden’s hot friend Dorian is sitting across from me and gives me a sexy smile.
It looks like Dorian is about to say something, as he slowly scans my body with his eyes. But, at that moment Aiden sits down in the empty seat beside me with a whispered “Hey sexy.”
He’s looking down my dress again and I love it. I’m throughly enjoying having both sets of their eyes all over me.

I can feel my pussy lips starting to swell with excitement as I give Aiden a grin back and reach my hand to his knee.

I’m listening to the meeting with half an ear while I look towards the front of the room. My hand has slowly been making its way up Aiden’s leg, while our boss has been speaking, my fingers are getting ever closer to his bulge. Finally I can feel his cock beneath my hand. I rub it through his thin dress pants, I can feel the ridge of his cock head and the thick veins. I’m getting so turned on and it amps up when his hand finds my knee and makes its way towards my core. When he gets to the juncture of my thighs I ease my legs open for him.

I look at him then. I see his nostrils flare slightly and an almost imperceptible widening of his eyes.
My pussy is hot and wet for him and he can feel it through my leggings.

He leans over and whispers “Meet me in the bathroom in 2 minutes.”
He excuses himself with a mention of a call he has to take and leaves the room.

Sandy was casting glances our way, covertly watching our antics. Ever the good friend, she pressed herself up against the table with her arms resting on the top to keep anyone else from noticing.

Correctly guessing what he’d said to me. She leaned into my other ear and said,
“What are you waiting for, if you don’t follow him, I will.” With a naughty grin, she gives me a nudge to get moving.


I stop outside the bathroom door and knock softly“It’s me, Sophie.” I quietly say.
The door opens and Aiden quickly pulls me into the room. As he crushes my body to his he reaches behind us to lock the door. He plunders my mouth with his tongue. My hands slide into his hair while I kiss him back with abandon. My fingers are dying to grip his fine ass, so they migrate down. I push his body into me more firmly so that his clothed cock presses into my pussy.

I want him to see the wet mess I’ve become between my legs. I pull away and turn around, bending over so that my ass cheeks show under the hem of my dress. I look over my shoulder as I lift my dress the tiniest bit. My leggings are transparent and I’m not wearing panties. My drenched pussy lips are on full display for him. He lets out a groan and unzips his pants.
“I’ve been dreaming of stuffing my cock into your wet pussy since you started working here” he tells me. “It’s even prettier than I’d imagined.” He says.

He pulls his cock out of his boxers, and now I’m torn, I want him to slide his member between my swollen pussy lips but I also want his dick in my mouth. He’s thick and cut with an amazing head.
“Mmm, you look delicious.” I say
I straighten up and walk towards him. I palm his thick cock and start stroking it as I slowly lower to my knees. I take the head in my mouth and circle my tongue around the tip. Then I alternate between slow licks down his shaft and sucking on the head. I slowly start bobbing taking him deeper into my mouth with each downward motion. As I suck I can taste his precum in my throat.
I’m loving sucking on his rock hard penis. I cup his balls while I take him in a little more. I’m fighting my gag reflex but am still able to keep going.

“I need you to stop Soph, we don’t have much time, and I want to dip my cock in your pussy. ” he says in a strangled whisper.
I give him one last strong suck before standing up. He quickly turns me around, so my ass is to him, flips up my dress and pulls down my leggings. It’s so quick, it feels like one smooth motion. In a second he’s pushing his hard cock between my wet folds and driving into my dripping pussy.
“Oohh, that feels so good, I love how your stretching my hole.” I tell him quietly, and I really do. There’s something about that initial stretch when a cock pushes into my cunt that is just so satisfying. Each thrust of his hips feels amazing. He’s balls deep in my hole after 3 strokes.
We’re trying to keep the noise to a minimum, but I’m sure anyone walking by the door can hear the distinctive sound of flesh slapping together. I’m so wet that I can feel my pussy juice coating my thighs. I’m sure it’s dripping onto his balls.
The thought of getting caught crosses my mind. When I voice my concern, he shushes me and picks up the pace. He’s really pounding into my hole now. I feel like I’m getting close to cumming. I tell him that I want his hands on my tits and I quickly pull them out of my dress. He’s starting at them in the mirror while he pinches my hard nipples. I can feel an orgasm building. He continues to tease one nipple while moving his other hand to my ass. His fingers are moving towards my asshole. He starts rubbing my taint while pounding his thick dick into my pussy. Suddenly my body starts to quiver and the walls of my pussy are clenching his cock in an amazing orgasm.
“I’m close.” He says
“Mmm don’t stop.” Is all I say
“Where do you want me to finish?” He asks.
“Inside me.” I tell him.
“Oh yeah?” He asks
“Mmm, yes, I want you to cum in my cunt. Fill my hole”
I’m watching his reflection as I say it and I can tell he’s pleased by my answer. He grabs my ass cheeks and spreads me apart giving me an extra stretch. I can feel another orgasm building with each thrust into my dripping hole. I reach between my legs with one hand to massage my clit, it’s slick with my cum. I want to feel where our bodies are joined, so my fingers slip a little lower and I touch his cock as it rams into my pussy.

Suddenly we’re both cumming hard. He gives a few more hard thrusts emptying his load into my cunt just like I craved. My legs are shaking from the intensity of my two orgasms. We stay locked together for a moment, him resting against my ass and back, while we both catch our breath and regain some equilibrium.
As he slowly pulls out, I feel our combined juices leak out of my hole. It’s sliding down my thighs and dripping onto my leggings. I reach behind myself and insert two fingers into my drenched pussy. I bring them out, put them to my mouth and suck them clean.
“We taste good together.” I tell him and wink.
“Mmm, that’s so fucking hot” he says as his cock stirs.

After I pull up my leggings and straighten my dress, I walk towards him. I reach one hand up into his hair while I palm his cock and kiss him. He grabs ahold of my ass with one hand & dives the other into my dress to grope my tit.
“We should get back.” I say
“I suppose so.” Aiden agrees

We just look at each other and grin.

I can’t wait until our next encounter.