Whenever I was cooking he would be there, drawing. Our special birthday dinner made him realise he never wanted to miss anything from his lovely Mother. And with Benny, who rather never left his room, that was very helpful. Even daddy seemed to find that okay. Of course, he doesn’t know I am showing heaven down there, where my horny cunt breathes lively again. Enjoying her well-deserved air. A concerned part of me argued Benny needs some time to organise his life in a good direction: mingling around with people of his own age. I’ve always known he is very smart. He will adapt to those people, I believe in him. I talk to my husband, he totally agrees and we make this big parenting mistake. Maybe if we had talked to Benny’s shrink, non of this would have happened… But we didn’t. We made the decision, and we sent him to summer camp. Even when he told us, with tears in his eyes, that he didn’t want to leave home, not ever… In our defence: this summer camp is ‘specifically’ designed for underdeveloped teenagers… His father said to him: “Maybe you won’t be so stupid after this!” A brutal fucking comment to a boy who has always had… Different desires

The summer camp tried it with Benny for two days, and then they sent him back. Benny was crying almost non-stop over there. I expected him to fly into my arms when he came home, but he did not. Instead, he flew into his room. Traumatised, like a bird in a cage, again… Benny couldn’t believe we (or rather I) had sent him away. Maybe after this, we might be sending him away for good! The kids were laughing at him at camp for (still) sucking his stupid thumb. Which he couldn’t stop doing; the world was looking awful and scary to him. In this horrific moment where pain and insecurities rose in his body. One girl said (Benny was the oldest at summer camp). Girl: “Grow up! When you’re 19, you are supposed to! Such a week boy.” Then she said. “You are still sucking your thumb, bet you still drink from mommy’s tits!” Benny just looked at her with his big eyes. Girl: “That’s probably why she sent you here! For being a childish tittie sucker, loser. For you to grow up and get out of the house, out of their lives.”

Benny couldn’t comprehend the situation she was describing, of course. This was impossible for him, he didn’t comprehend it because he couldn’t, all he knew was Love and a wanting from Mother. Then he could. Painful dark doubt rushes into a place that had only known real Love, taking a punch many of us have felt. It’s not forever and ever, being a child. Could this be? Was I trying to get rid of him? That’s the moment he had started crying in summer camp. Now my little boy was sitting in the corner of his room. He silently wished he had his old crib back. A sick thought, I know. To explain, Benny was still safe back then from the outside world. We finally removed it when he turned 8. That’s the healthy thing parents are supposed to do. But it damaged him. I won’t go back to that moment, and how he felt after, it’s horror. And this is an erotic novel I am writing, describing our sexual lives. It’s not a horror story… [Erotica is for adults only, both in the story and out. So look in the mirror and make sure you are one of those!] I gently knock on my Son’s door. “Who is it?” Mom: “It’s your Mother. May I please come in?” “Okay, mommy…” My Mother is the prettiest woman in the whole wide world. (So why the fuck would I need this stupid, stupid, summer camp?) Mommy is wearing her black dress, and it’s so sexy. I bet she wasn’t wearing that downstairs. Her big areola is visible. And her nipples are gigantic, they poke through the black dress and seem even harder than on my birthday. Mom looks very horny. I notice all of this. Even though I was sick with worry, would she really want me to leave? The most beautiful woman, just to be out looking for someone else? Someone that wasn’t her, someone that wasn’t as sexy, as beautiful as her? Someone that wasn’t my mother. A young girl from a school of fish, growing out of bounds anyway. I don’t want that, I want my mommy.

I smile down on my baby boy, and I see him looking at my boobs. I wasn’t wearing my bra, I took it off just before entering his room and threw it on my husband’s pillow. I was so scared for our Son… I thought I was doing right. Me: “Why don’t you sit with mommy on the bed and tell me what’s wrong? I won’t know it unless you tell me, Benny.” Benny told about what the girl at summer camp had said. He told me how afraid he has become because I might want him to leave, grow up. His words touched my heart in a deep spot. I had always known Benny wanted to live with me forever and ever. And why the hell not? Why can’t he? Many sons don’t leave their Mother. They stay like forever. But not like Benny, no one got balls like him. Mom: “Benny, I will never leave you, never! I love you more than you can imagine. If you don’t want to leave that’s fine too. Please rest your face on my lap, Benny?” He lay down on my legs, his big eyes were staring at me. “You promise, mommy?” I: “I promise.” I give him a tight hug pressing my boobs in his face; he deserves it. (For beating my moral path once and for all) And damn how happy he looks… Son: “I love you, mommy!” “And I love you Benny, my sweet Son.” I pad his head as he strokes my arm. Without him seeing it, I open the top part of my dress. Padding my Son’s head, I pretend to take my shoes off. “Oops, I’m not wearing shoes of course!” I ‘accidentally’ move my ‘big’ boobs all over his face. My nipple moves and stops between my lips, a pretended accident. 
I can’t believe this is happening. I’m too afraid to do anything, literally pacified. This is what I’ve been dreaming about. Within seconds my fear seems to evaporate. Mom has that effect on me. I’m starting to lick and suck on a nipple that seems to be of a size… Well, it’s a size I haven’t seen on PornHub. It’s so deliciously big! My cock bulges out of my pants. It’s been ages, last time I showed her my penis. And that was only because I was afraid something was wrong with it. Benny sucks on mommy’s big nipples with love far too deep for a normal mom-son relationship. Perverse incestuous Love is raging through him… No milk is coming out of mommy, but I don’t care. I feel so happy. Happier than I ever felt in my life! I’m sucking on her again! And mommy loves it too! She likes me being there, in that place that was just Love and tenderness once. Flora: “Hmm yes, suck on mommy’s titties. I love you, you are safe now baby.” Hearing my sweet words, Benny’s pressure on my nipples get’s even harder. And to my guilty satisfaction, he starts shooting cum all between his shirt and the big, swollen glans of his cock. Mom: “That’s looking beautiful by the way!” His sperm starts flowing to the ground, like a waterfall. He wildly starts licking my other boob with his tongue. I encourage him. “Yes Baby, you are such a good boy!” My voice doesn’t seem my own. After lots of licking, he slurps on my nipple and sucks my whole areola into his mouth. He continues sucking. It feels strangely electrifying, having my adult son sucking on me again. My giant tits feel mellow and soft, filled with new sex life. Mom: “Yes, Baby, suck me a bid harder okay?!” Son: “Okay mommy!” His smile stole my heart, but that has been the case since he came out of me. It stole it differently this time, more fully. He started coming more. I wanted to run my fingers through it, but something stopped me. His big cock looks so painfully eager to be free. If I just open his top button. I want nothing more crazily than to open his pants and look at the big thing, taste his cum. Wasn’t it a mother’s job to clean up her Son? Something was stopping me, I can’t put my finger on it, but I have learned to listen to this feeling a long time ago. Pretending not to notice his obvious discomfort, I enjoyed his hard, thorough sucking on my tit. I knew if he would do that often enough, day after day, my milk would start flowing for him again. Just like when he was a baby. And maybe that was just it, maybe I just needed to breastfeed him. Flora tries controlling her moans, but eventually, she shivers brief and intense. “You’re making mommy feel really good, my tits are very sensitive.” I explain. My Son gave my nipple a bit of ‘after’ Love, sucking my nipple in and letting it slide out. “Thank you, mommy.” “You are welcome Son, it was really nice doing this with you again! I just really want you to know I love you to the end of the world!!! And I don’t care about the form that will take.” I give him a big wink, close my dress again and walk out of his room. Daddy is almost coming home. So I quickly lift the dress over my head. I look at the big mirror in the bedroom and feel my big tits, they are so lovely. And they are living again, and so is my cunt, breathing hard down there…