*this is a rough copy,, it hasn’t been edited yet *

The time was 8:58 pM, my shift was over at nine o’clock. I looked at the pile of files stacked not so neatly on the corner of my desk. “Ugh!” I exclaimed, “I’m going to have to stay another hour at least to meet today’s production requirements”. I looked around the room to see if anyone else had felt the need to be an overachiever as well. I mean, it’s always nice to know that you’re not alone. To my surprise, three rows over, I saw the glow of someone’s table lamp. “Hey,” I said in a friendly and inviting tone. The man sitting there in his cubicle looks up at me with a crooked smile on his face. “Well, hello ma’am,” he said. “What has you here so late on a Tuesday night?” I picked up one of the files off my desk and held it up with a look of disgust on my face. He smiled and laughed under his breath. “Yeah, me too,” he said. We both sat down and went back to it. Before I knew it, it was already 10 PM. I stood up to find that my newly discovered coworker was already gone. I sighed in disappointment as I gathered my keys and my belongings. I’m not even going to lie, I was kind of hoping that he would have still been around. Something about his smile was so warm and inviting. I put my coat on and headed to my car. It’s so cold tonight, I dread the 20-minute drive across town to get home to my tiny one-bedroom apartment. I unlock the door to my 2005 Chrysler 300. I feel like such a badass, especially when I have my heels on. I’ve always told all my friends it makes me feel like a “mobster’s wife”. That’s for a whole other story though. I started my car and waited for it to warm up. It was cold. Cold enough to see your breath. The windows had a thin layer of frost but nothing a little warm air couldn’t melt. I pulled out my iPhone to check my messages and missed calls for the day. Nothing new or interesting going on, mostly just my self-made family and friends checking in to make sure I’m still being a happy, productive member of society rather than the crying, depressed, broken state I was known to slip into without warning. It was just one of the many torments of BPD (borderline personality disorder).

It had been such a long day. I reached into my purse and pulled out my “makeup” bag. I keep a couple of joints and a blunt in there. You never know when you’ll need to smoke. I felt as though I deserved the blunt, I mean I did work a twelve hours shift, and stayed over an extra hour just to prep that file for the boss’s big meeting tomorrow. Tap tap tap, I heard on the window as someone knocks on the frozen passenger side window. “ Shit! I said out loud as I scrambled for my bottle of body spray in my purse. I sprayed the air frantically, not knowing who was on the other side. I rolled the window down a couple of inches when I saw the most beautiful blue eyes I had ever seen looking back at me. It was him. It was the handsome man from the office. “Can I get in? It’s a little cold out here.” I hit the unlock button, and motioned for him to come in. He opened the door, and quickly sat down, trying not to let what little heat I did have, out. “Wow, I wouldn’t have pegged you as the smoking type,” he said with that same crooked smile. Only marijuana, I said. “Well, are you going to let me hit that or not?” he said laughing. I looked over at him, blushing, it was obvious that I was amazed with this beautiful man. I looked out the windows to make sure no one was around. I don’t know about him, but I can’t afford to lose my job. “Coast is clear” he said as he passed me a black Bic lighter. I lit up my perfectly rolled blunt and passed it to him. “So, I’m smoking my weed with you, in my car, and we don’t even know each others names.” I said as he passed back to me. “Oh, I know your name Cassidy,” he said with certainty. Butterflies immediately filled my stomach when he said my name. How do you know my name? Today is the first day I’ve ever seen you, I said with a puzzled look on my face. “Oh, today is the first time we’ve ever met. I usually work in the corporate office in New York City,” he said. Corporate office? Who are you? What do you do? He smiled at me as he continued to smoke, his beautiful blue eyes now bloodshot. Well, Cassidy, my name is Shawn. And just so happens I’m the owner of the company, he said. I let out a chuckle, the owner of the company? I don’t even know who the owner of the company is, but I bet you’re not him, I said as I passed him the blunt. Well, what do you want to bet Cassidy? He said, looking at me with those eyes through the thick smoke in the car. Actually, what if I bet you that I am Shawn Marcus, owner of Dataworks Inc? If you win or can prove that I am not who I say I am, then you win. And you earn the right to be known as the woman who smokes marijuana with random weirdos you’ve only met one time, he laughed. He pulls out his wallet and lays it on the dash. Look at it, he says, pointing to his wallet. I’m not going through your wallet! I said. He opens his wallet, pulling out his company badge. There is said it, plain as day, “Owner-CEO”. I gasped and looked over at him, he was laughing at the look of confusion on my face. Why are you here, in my car, smoking weed with me at 10:20 at night? Is this your way of telling me I’m fired? He laughed even harder, taking full advantage of my nervousness. No Cassidy, I’m not firing you. I’m just intrigued by you, he said while looking me in my eyes. Intrigued how? I said. I’m intrigued with the way you handle this place, day in and day out. They have you doing triple the workload for the same pay. Why do you stay? He asked. I had to ponder the question, why was I still here? I looked over at him, I honestly don’t know, I said. Well, how does a promotion sound? And a nice raise to go along with it? I stopped to take in what he was saying. I mean, it sounds amazing. What’s the catch? No catch, he said. I’ll make a couple of calls in the morning and you’ll start your new position on Thursday. I sat there, speechless.

The night went by as we sat there and talked about everything from our personal lives to things within the company that I felt needed attention. It’s getting late, I have to be back here in just a few more hours, I said. He opens the door and steps out of the car. I see him walk over to his vehicle, open the door and grab his briefcase. He comes back to the car, only to get into the backseat this time. I look through my rearview mirror, his eyes locked with mine. “Are you going to come back here and join me?” he asked. I turned around in my seat to look at him, he motioned for me to come sit next to him. I decided to take the shortcut and slide between the driver and passenger seats. He looks at me, brushing my hair out of my face. He puts his hand on my cheek and leans in to kiss my lips. The moment his lips met mine, I felt that jolt from my stomach straight to my pussy. I straddled him, sitting on his lap facing him.
I could feel his hard cock rubbing against my pussy. As I kiss his neck, I feel him thrust himself against me. I can feel how hard and big he is. I rub my hand down his chest and stomach, I unbutton each button on his button-up shirt. His body is hot to the touch, his heart racing. He pulls his cock out, hard and already wet with pre-cum. I take his cock in my hand, feeling it and holding it. Just the anticipation of knowing he would be inside of me soon is enough to have my pussy soaked. I looked up at him, we made eye contact as slid my tongue up the shaft of his cock. I heard his breathing change as I took the head of his cock into my mouth, gently massaging it with my tongue. He moaned out, putting his hand on the back of my head, guiding me up and down on his cock. I look back into those eyes, his cock deep in my throat, he pushes my head one more final time, sliding his cock completed inside my throat. My eyes water as I try not to choke. He looks deep into my eyes and pulls me up to him, he slid my skirt and panties to the side and slid his fingers between my soaking, wet lips. He massaged my clit slowly, making my breathing shakey. He whispered in my ear “do you want me?” mmhm I said looking at him with those “fuck me” eyes. He lifted my thighs, sliding me on top of him. “Take it” he whispered. It’s yours. He put his hands on my hips, guiding me down onto his rock hard cock but only the head. I love being teased. He could tell. I begged for him to let me have it deep inside of me, he thrust himself into me deep without warning, I moaned loudly as he filled every inch of my tight pussy. He thrust hard and I rode on top of him. Slowing down to make deep circles inside of me. “I have to stop” he said, as he pulls out of me. He reaches for the briefcase he has brought from his vehicle. When he opened it, I was surprised to see there was an assortment of sex toys. There was everything from dildos, anal plugs and vibrators to gag balls and whips. Pick one, he said. I looked at all the neat devices he had stored into this seemingly small briefcase. I looked at him and asked “where do I have to sign?, I’ve seen 50 shades of Grey” I said. He giggled as he said “No signature required.” I looked at him with hungry eyes, he could tell that I was ready for him. I choose you I said, as I wrapped my hand around his cock. How about this one? He said. Just to add a little something extra for us both. He held up what the box called “The Satisfyer Pro” I took the box and opened it up. I had never seen anything like this. What is it? I asked curiously. He smiled and said, let me show you what it is. He turns it on, starting at the lowest setting, I heard a faint hum. He had me lay back and spread my legs, exposing my swollen, pink pussy. He cupped the silicone end of the toy over my clit, sending tiny arousing vibrations. He turned the power up a few more notches, I start to feel my body tense up. I’ve never felt anything like this! But holy fuck! He smiled and moved in closer to me. Do you think you can handle me too? He asked. Biting his bottom lip as he teased my pussy with the head of his cock. I want him inside of me so bad, it feels like I would cum as soon as he puts it in. I tell him that I want him. That I want him to make me cum hard. He slowly and gently pushes himself inside of me. He immediately moans as he feels my muscles tighten around his throbbing hard cock. “Fuck, baby” he moaned. He would speed up, making short, fast strokes. I turned the power up another notch, making my pussy tighten even more, “damn, baby” he said in a quiet voice. I lifted my legs back, he pushed them back even further, “hold your legs back” he commanded in a shakey, sexy voice. He held the toy with one hand and used the other to pull my hips into him. He slide deep into me, slowly. He held himself deep inside of me, I could feel him in my stomach. I turned the power up again, this setting was hard to handle. My pussy was so tight, so wet. I couldn’t handle the slow fucking right now. I don’t want this to end. I can’t cum yet. Fuck me, I said to him, still holding my legs back. He went deep inside of me, hard and fast. I begged him not to stop. I felt the warming sensation in my pussy, he was going to do it, he was going to make me squirt. He thrusted hard inside of me, with each thrust I felt warm droplets hit my thighs. He moaned loudly and gripped my ass as I squirted on his stomach and chest. “Goddamn baby, you’re so fucking sexy” he proclaimed. I slowed the speed down, so did he. Your pussy is so wet he whispered out. He looked me deep in the eyes, running his hand on every curve of my body. “Cum for me”. He watched my facial expressions as he played with different angles and depth, looking to learn my body. He wanted to please me. “Oh fuck”, I yelled, “I’m going to cum” I felt every muscle in my body tense up, I was so sensitive to his movement. “Fuck, I’m cuming”, He moaned out, as he felt the walls of pussy tighten and pulse around his cock. I felt his grip tighten around my hips as he fills my pussy full of his hot cum. I relax my legs as he stays inside of me. “This is so good, I don’t want to leave this spot” he chuckled with that beautiful smile. He slowly pulled himself out of me. We clean up as much as we can.

I leaned up to check my phone, 13 missed calls, 27 text messages and even worse, It’s 4:45 in the morning. I have to clock in at 6AM. He looks at me and laughs. It’s okay if you’re late today. I’ll let your boss know. He winks as he buttons the last button on his white shirt. You better get to going, you have to come in today and sign your paperwork for your new position. He smiled and grabbed his keys to his truck. Goodnight Cassidy, he said. Hey! What about your briefcase? I asked. “Next time.”