A few people have messaged us asking about the first time we played with another couple, so I figured I’ll write it out and share it here. Maybe if my wife has time later she can share her side of the story.

We’d been friends with Naomi and Tim for years, since our early 20s. I’d always been a bit attracted to her. She’s very different from my wife, physically. She’s tall, hourglass figure, light skin, dark hair. My wife is on the shorter side, petite, with olive skin. All four of us got along really well. In the past few years the sex with my wife has gotten even spicier. After years of marriage, we knew how to turn each other on and were always keen to explore our boundaries.

I don’t remember how it happened exactly, but the idea of showing off to others entered our bedroom conversations. We always got super turned on by teasing each other about showing more skin, or even turning specific people on. It didn’t take long for us to realize we both got extra turned on when thinking about turning on Naomi and Tim. This evolved into roleplaying that we were fucking them sometimes. Something about having that as a dirty little secret always turned us on, and the orgasms when we’d do that were incredible.

As it were, we were always flirty with them anyways, but perhaps picked it up a notch a bit. The usual “that’s what she said” jokes become a bit more risque and common, and teasing conversations about what goes on in the bedroom happened every now and then. I felt like they might be trying to send the same messages, but couldn’t be sure and didn’t want to jeopardize our friendship.

A couple years ago they invited us to join them for a long weekend at a lake house they rented a few hours away. It sounded like a great time so my wife and I immediately agreed. We headed up separately because we finished work at different times, and we got there a few hours after them. We were pretty exhausted and were happy to just hang out in the living room, order pizza, and hang with our friends.

Naomi and Tim were similarly minded and wanted to just relax and hang out with friends. At one point Tim suggested we all jump into the hot tub, to which we very readily agreed.

We went to our rooms to change into bathing suits. My wife began to tease me, “I bet you’re excited to see Naomi in a bikini, huh?”

“Just as much as you’re excited to show off these perky tits to Tim,” I replied, while giving her boobs a quick grab. She didn’t respond but gave my dick a flirty swat, noticing that I wasn’t totally soft.

By the time we got out, Naomi and Tim were already in the tub. It wasn’t a particularly big one, enough for four, but barely. Naomi was next to Tim, who had his arm around her. I sat across from them and my wife sat basically in front of me, with my legs spread on either side of her. We got back to chatting like usual. Life, work, etc. My eyes couldn’t help but catch Naomi’s beautiful breasts everytime she adjusted herself in the water a bit. I caught Tim taking a look at my wife a few times too.

My wife eventually asked me to rub her neck and shoulders, which she always loves. I ran my hands over her shoulder blades, pushing and squeezing to help her relax after the long car ride. She couldn’t help a small moan escape her mouth. Immediately she remembered we weren’t alone and she began giggling and apologizing to our friends. Everyone burst out laughing. “Get a room, sheesh,” chided Tim. “You’re making me jealous over here!” Naomi chimed in.

“Hey, there’s enough massaging to go around,” I told her. Naomi looked nervously at my wife for a second. I think at this moment we all had the same kind of thoughts going through our minds.

“I’m not selfish. You can have a turn,” my wife said. She moved away from me as Naomi nervously took her place in front of me. My wife went and sat next to Tim. She looked at me as if to give me permission wordlessly.

We continued talking as before, but now my hands were on Naomi’s sleek back and shoulders. Although it was just her back and shoulders, the eroticism of the situation wasn’t lost on me and my dick definitely was reacting. She seemed to be enjoying the massage too, rotating her neck, moving her shoulders around, asking me to touch certain spots. Eventually I worked my way down to her mid back and her sides. I’d work my way out from her spine, going along the fabric of her bikini right up to her boobs and stopping there and going back.

She leaned her head back, barely above a whisper saying, “You can go under my bikini if it helps.”

She didn’t need to give me permission twice. I slipped my hands under the thin fabric, giving me a bit more freedom in putting pressure on her skin. I decided to be just a tiny bit more daring too, going a bit further along her sides, barely touching her breasts. It had gotten a bit quieter. Naomi and I were barely talking and when I looked over to my wife, Tim had his arm around her and they were speaking quietly to each other. After a few minutes Naomi said a bit louder, “Would it help if I took my top off? I don’t really care, it’s just you guys.”

I couldn’t contain myself and said yes almost before she was done talking. She reached behind herself, undid the tie holding her bikini together, and let fall off her full breasts. She picked it up and placed it on the edge of the rub. I knew now that there was no turning back and made no effort to conceal what I wanted. I got back to massaging her, but now my hands fully going around to grab her perky tits. She didn’t protest as my fingers trailed over her nipples and squeezed her large, natural breasts.

She readjusted how she was sitting, pushing her booty straight back into my hard dick. She could very clearly feel it and tell how turned on I was. With her time I grabbed her breasts, she gyrated a bit onto my cock. I peeked over and saw my wife’s top was suddenly also off. Tim didn’t have his hands on her tits yet, but I knew it was only a matter of time.

Naomi eventually pulled away from me and turned around. She spread her legs, straddling me, and sat down neatly in my lap. For the first time I got an unobstructed view of her tits. They were even more amazing than I had imagined. I put my hands on them as I kissed her and she pushed her covered pussy onto my hardness. Definitely no turning back now. We stayed like this for a few minutes. Me alternating between kissing her lips and sucking on her beautiful nipples. She eventually reached down, under my swim shorts and grabbed my hard dick.

“I’ve been dreaming of grabbing this thing for a long time,” she whispered in my ear.

All I could do was moan in return.

“Your wife won’t mind if I play with it, would she?” she asked.

I looked at my wife. She was in Tim’s lap, facing us. I couldn’t see under the water, but it was very clear he was inside of her and she was bouncing up and down on his dick.

“It’s all yours baby,” I responded.

She stood up out of the water, wearing only her bikini bottoms. I reached up and undid the ties on both sides, letting them fall off her, exposing her beautiful smooth pussy. I knew she wanted to fuck but I couldn’t help myself and I grabbed her ass, pulling her to me. I gave her a long, deep lick up and down her pussy lips, making her moan loudly, getting the attention of our spouses before they went back to fucking.

I got out of the tub myself, pulled my shorts off, and sat at the edge of the hot tub. She grabbed my dick, straddling me and rubbing my head up and down her pussy.

“I’ve been wanting your pussy pretty much since I met you,” I told her.

“Now you get it. Fuck me hard. Stretch my tight pussy out,” she whispered.

She held my cock and slowly lowered herself down on me. I was bigger than she was used to, so it took her a moment to adjust. But when she did, she began bouncing up and down on me vigorously. I knew I wouldn’t last long and I told her so. That only made her bounce faster on me. It was our first time together, but I later found out that unlike my wife, she cums very easily from vaginal penetration. My head rubbing inside her pussy was making her go crazy, and the closer I got to cumming, the closer she did too.

After a few moments I couldn’t hold it off any longer and I moaned “I’m cumming!” as I held her hips down on me. She was cumming too, her legs shaking and her torso spasming as we both orgasmed together. Her arms were wrapped around my neck as we caught our breath and come down from that high. I looked over at our spouses and they had already finished before we did. No one needed to say anything. It was clear the dynamic of our friendship had just changed and it was something all four of us had been looking forward to for a while.