Not home.

It wasn’t until the doorbell rang a second time that it actually registered with Mia. She had been playing Dark Souls for two hours now, slowly creeping her way through No-Man’s Wharf. She found a safe corner of the level and put the controller down, praying that nothing would sneak up and kill her.

Mia rushed to the door and threw it open, finding Dale, her son’s friend, standing on the other side.

“Dale, how are you?” She asked, looking back to the television to make sure she was still alive.

“Good, is Grant home?” Dale asked.

“No, he was held back at work, he won’t be too long.” Mia said, turning back to him.

Mia’s stomach fluttered with excitement when she saw Dale staring directly at her chest, in her distracted state, she had forgotten what she was wearing. Whenever it was this humid, she would walk around the house in a sheer white top and her panties. There was no point overheating when it was just her home most of the time. [](

Her nipples reacted to Dale’s gaze and started to stiffen against the transparent fabric of her shirt. It had been so long since anyone had looked at her that way, definitely not since her divorce. She had mere seconds to decide what to do, but in that moment, she wanted nothing more than for Dale to continue looking at her. [](

“You can come in and wait for him, if you’d like?” She offered, standing aside.

Dale stood like a deer in the headlights, not knowing what to do. He looked so innocent, which made Mia’s pussy start to burn.

“Come on.” She said, grabbing his hand and pulling him over the threshold. “You can watch me play Dark Souls.”

“You play Dark Souls?” Dale asked, stumbling into the lounge room.

“Probably better than you.” Mia joked, taking her place back on the couch.

Dale sat at the opposite end of the lounge suite as she picked up the control, but within seconds, she could feel his eyes on her. She tucked her legs underneath herself, leaning her elbow on the arm of the couch, giving Dale a perfect view of her ass, covered in her deep red panties.

She glanced over and saw the bulge in his pants, straining the fabric. She never would have thought that he would have a big cock, but the tent that he was raising said otherwise.

“Let’s make this fun.” Mia said, walking her character through the game.

“Fun?” Dale said, nervously.

“There’s part up ahead that I can’t get past.” Mia said, deliberately running her hand over her panties. “If I make it through, you have to get naked.”

“What!?” Dale exclaimed.

“You heard me, if I get through without dying, you get naked.” Mia repeated, grinning at him. “Think of it as motivation.”

“I don’t know about this…” Dale said.

“Oh, and if I die, I’ll take one item of clothing off.” Mia said, looking back to the television and moving her character.

Dale sat in pure silence, not sure if she was joking or making fun of him. He wanted to protest and get out of there, but on the off chance that she was being serious, he stayed.

Mia had only walked for about thirty seconds when a wolf attacked her from behind, staggering her character backwards into the path of an enemy who promptly cut her down.


Mia looked over at Dale, who was staring back at her, his face a deep shade of red as he blushed.

“Well, a deal’s a deal.” Mia said, standing up.

She wasted no time lifting her top over her head, making sure to stick her ass out a little bit and give Dale the best view possible. She’d always loved showing off her body, but this was something different. She needed him to see her, to witness her nakedness, to lust over her body. [](

She turned around and exposed her bare chest to dale, leaning over a little to let them fall away from her slightly.

“Well?” She asked, biting her lip. [](

“I…ah…” Dale stammered, not knowing what to say or do.

“That’s the response I’m looking for.” She said, laughing.

“Sorry, um, you look amazing.” Dale managed to blurt out.”

“Why thank you.” Mia said, sliding her thumbs into the elastic of her panties and lowering them. “Oh no, I died again.”

“What?” Dale asked, his hands shaking.

“You must have missed it, I definitely died again.” She said, sliding her panties down her thighs. [](

Mia could see Dale’s chest rising and falling, almost panting as he looked at her shaven pussy.

“Oh my god…” He whispered, wide eyed.

“Oh, and look at that, I made it past that mob.” Mia said, standing with her legs open. “You know what that means?”

Dale didn’t hesitate this time, he leapt from the couch and peeled his shirt off, unbuckling his belt and letting his pants fall to the floor. He made eye contact with her and smiled as he lowered his boxers, revealing his hard, thick cock to her.

“Mmm, sit down.” Mia growled, pushing him back onto the couch.

She climbed on top of him and grabbed his face, kissing him deeply as she lowered her wet pussy down onto his cock. She could feel it stretching her wider than she had ever been stretched before, his pubic hair tickling at her clitoris. [](

For a brief moment, she thought that this was a bad idea, to be fucking her son’s best friend; but when he took her nipple into his mouth and sucked firmly, all her guilt disappeared.

She lifted her hips and slid his cock in and out of her, letting him slam his hips against her as she rode him. His big balls slapped against her asshole with every stroke as Dale’s shaft impaled her.

“Oh fuck!” She moaned, her hand sliding down to her clitoris, rubbing herself furiously. “Don’t stop!”

Dale took control and grabbed her ass, spreading her cheeks slightly as he picked up the pace. Mia relaxed and leaned into him, letting him use her soaking wet pussy as much as he liked, anything for him to keep going.

“I’m…” Dale panted. “I’m going to…”

Before Mia could even react, she felt Dale’s seed shooting inside her. His thrusting became erratic, his body shaking as his cock fired again and again.

“Ahh, fuck!” He screamed, almost in pain, as he thrusted one last time.

Mia sat on top of him, feeling his cock throb and cum start to slip out the side of her pussy. She smiled down at him, gently kissing his forehead, when movement outside caught his eye.

“Shit!” She yelled, leaping off him, cum gushing out of her pussy. “Grant’s home!”

She scrambled quickly and picked up her clothes, stepping into her panties as fast as possible, then grabbing a hoodie from the coat rack and zipping it up.

“Quicky, run upstairs and get dressed.” She said.

Dale grabbed all of his clothes and ran upstairs, just as the front door opened.

“Hello?” Grant called out.

“Hi, darling.” Mia said, acting completely normal, like there wasn’t a gallon of cum dripping into her panties.

“I saw Dale’s car, did you let him in?” Grant asked.

Mia tried to stop herself from grinning, but the corners of her mouth curled up as she replied, he pussy still throbbing.

“Oh yes, he came in.”