I had been texting Dee on and off for the most of the day. She was taking a mini road trip with a friend out to the mountains and didn’t know when she would be back. It was a lot of driving, and by 10pm she definitely seemed tired from it all. Around midnight I wrapped up a movie I had been watching in bed, and checked in on her trip. After mentioning the movie I just finished, Dee asked me if I wanted company for a second. I was surprised since it was so late and she seemed burned out. I always enjoy Dee’s company so I told her to head on over once she dropped her friend off.

Around 1am Dee finally showed up at my door. I walked her into my room where I had the movie set up already, and we preceded to enjoy the film. We cuddled up together watching the movie, and it was honestly pretty distracting. Being close to her always turns me on so much and so quickly.

After the movie ended, I figured she’d be heading out since it was now almost 3am. But we kept talking and chilling, so I suggested moving to the bed to get more comfortable. We laid down together and cuddled right back up. After chatting about the movie and her trip some more, I just couldn’t hold back anymore. I placed my hand on the back of her head and pulled her in for a kiss.

Kissing Dee is always electric, and this time was no exception. Our lips met and immediately I wanted more. I pulled her body into mine as our tongues intertwined, tasting each other. Our kisses turned more feverish, and lips met more franticly. I wanted her, she wanted me, and we both wanted more.

I rolled on top of Dee and pulled her sitting up so I could remove her short and bra. Dee laid back down and I took a second to take in her body. Dee is shorter than me by a few inches, and has always been my ideal body type: skinny, small perky breasts, long legs. One look at her body sends me in to overdrive. I removed my shirt, and because I was now feeling impatient I slid Dee out of her pants and panties as well.

I began covering Dee’s upper body in kisses, running my lips and tongue from her lips to her neck, down her throat to her collarbone. I then moved from one breast to another, licking and sucking on her hard nipples. I gave her tits a squeeze as I kissed her down her abdomen, then trailed my lips back up her body until we were making out again.

Now it was time to give Dee what she wanted. Dee loves being eaten out, and I love eating her out. Her pussy tastes amazing and I enjoy seeing her in pleasure. So I pulled Dee to the edge of the bed so her legs were hanging off but she was able to lay down with some pillows behind her. I also used this moment to remove my pants and boxers. I kissed Dee down her body again, focusing on her inner thighs until I slowly kissed and licked my way to her pussy.

I started by intentionally teasing Dee, only licking softly and slowly up and down the entrance to her pussy. I could feel her getting wetter, so I began licking and flicking my tongue across her clit. I could she liked this since she began breathing heavier, and I looked up to see her eyes closed and head thrown back. I went back to work sucking and licking her clit, finding a pace she responded to the most. She began breathing hard and louder, occasionally moaning for me. She placed her hands on my head, grabbing my hair as I continued to eat her out. Once she began squeezing my head with her thighs, I knew she was close. I grabbed her thighs and held them tight while I eagerly tongued her clit, and I could feel Dee begin to orgasm. Her legs tightened around me, her body shook, and she gasped and held her breath as she came hard for me.

I slowed me pace and let Dee recover from her orgasm. I lightly licked her juices up and softly circled her clit with my tongue. Once I heard her breathing pick back up and felt her start moving her hips to meet my mouth, I knew she was ready for round 2. I increased the pressure with my tongue, pressing it firmly to her click and drawing circles with my tongue. She squeezed my head right with her legs, making it difficult for me to eat her but I didn’t want to stop. I grabbed her ass and pulled her pussy to my mouth and devoured her delicious pussy. She eventually came for me again, and her body locked up and tremored as she came hard.

After this second orgasm, Dee pulled me up to her. I quickly wiped my mouth and we made out tenderly for a few moments. I whispered to Dee “Are you ready for me inside you?” and she nodded her head in approval. I grabbed a condom as I crawled on top of her, slid it on, and started rubbing my hard cock against her soaked pussy. I love teasing Dee, she gers impatient and wants it right away. But I was so turned on from eating her out, I didn’t want to wait any longer. I lined my dick up and slowly entered her.

Dee’s pussy was tight, but she was so wet I slid in in one motion. We both let out a gasp, it felt so good. Our mouths and tongues met as I began to fuck her slowly, savoring the feeling of her pussy gripping me right with every movement. I leaned back so I could enjoy looking at Dee’s sexy body, grabbed her thighs, and really started to fuck her. I watched her body bounce with every thrust, which only encouraged me to fuck her harder. We could hear our wet bodies come together, the sounds of my hard dick filling her up over and over.

After a while, I wanted to switch things up. I love seeing, and grabbing, Dee’s ass so I flipped her around for doggy. Dee got on her hands and knees and backed up against me as I slid back inside her. There was no going slow now, I went right back to fucking her hard. I grabbed her hips and pulled her body into me so I could get nice and deep. Dee moaned for me every time I entered her. I slapped her ass every so often and she would moan with delight.

I laid Dee down so she was on her stomach, and got on top of her. As I slid my dick back inside her, I could feel every part of her pussy squeezing me tighter than before. I had to start out slow because it felt so good I was worried I would blow my load immediately. But I wasn’t done with her yet, so I held off until the feeling subsided. I leaned forward and cuddled up with Dee, wrapping an arm around her upper body and pulling her head back so we could make out. Our bodies were so close and sweaty and it was so intimate. I used my other hand to grab her waist, holding her down just where I wanted her. Dee buried her face in a pillow and was breathing hard as I picked up the face and really began pounding her pussy. I pulled her head to one side and kissed her neck, and surprised her by lightly but firmly biting her shoulder by her collarbone. Dee let out a gasp and I could feel her pussy clamp down on my dick. This encouraged me to continue giving her light bites all over her neck and shoulders, brushing my beard against her sin as I did. She gasped and moaned every time I did it, and I could feel her pussy gushing. It didn’t take long before I could feel her body tighten and lock up, and I knew she was cumming. I held her down and fucked her through her orgasm and slowed once I felt her body loosen.

I fucked her for a little bit longer, but I could tell she was exhausted. I was also tired and ok with not cumming, so I collapsed next to her. Getting her off three times was more than enough for me.

We cuddled and talked for a little bit, just enjoying the silence and the closeness of our bodies. We napped for a little bit, but the sun was already coming up at this point. Dee needed to return home. We both got dressed and I walked her out, then immediately got back in bed to pass out.