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### Soon after

I can’t really remember all of the exact conversations after I returned that night but for a few weeks every other day we’d talk about it and laugh about how weird it was.

Eventually, me and the GF never talked about it again and ironically never even tried anal.

I’d only see Zoe on my GF’s Snap/Insta or hear her through the wall on the phone etc. Up until September when she moved two floors below. (Note this)

### Later / December 2021

There was an end of year party for the students and their plus-ones. I’ve been to a few of these so was familiar with everyone.

Zoe was there obviously and it was the first time I had seen her face-to-face in over a year. (She looked the same, cute face, perfect skin, nerdy glasses, looked like she had lost some weight)

We caught up and it was completely normal. No conversation about our encounter and it was really normal. I felt quite relieved actually.

A couple of hours in and everyone’s drunk. One of the couples have an argument in the smoking area (dude wasn’t happy that she was being a messy drunk) and his girl (Ellie) does the typical run into the toilets and a bunch of girls follow.

I’m hanging with the dudes. One of them (who I get on well with) showed me this little tonic made from “ginseng and pomegranate” and this shit apparently makes you rock hard. I take a shot. Feel nothing. Carry on drinking for another hour until it’s time to go.

My GF walks over and tells me she’s taking Ellie back to our place as well as Ellie’s friend who is insistent on taking care of her.

> “She’s not in a good state. We’ll take her back. She can sleep in my room with Zoe and her friend and we’ll sleep at Zoe’s for tonight”

I agree. We all walk back – we enter the room. This girl immediately starts vomiting again and attempts to take her own clothes off. I go to the communal kitchen/lounge to give them some privacy.

GF comes in with my bag and keys to Zoe’s place.

> “I’ll be 20/30 minutes tops. Let her barf up. I’ll put her to bed. These 3 will stay together and I’ll come down to the flat.”

### The bit I’ve come to update you on

I get in the elevator and head downstairs. I walk into the flat. Lay on the bed. Start watching Bobby Lee podcast. Next thing I know it’s been an hour.

I’m still wide awake so I do the typical guy thing and start looking around; reading birthday cards, opening drawers, looking at underwear. I even found a mini keychain size vibrator tucked in some briefs.

During this, I notice my dick is abnormally hard. Like it even hurt a little to flex it. At the time I just figured I was horny, and forgot about the shot I took (I think because I thought it was bullshit anyway).

I lay down and text my GF but I get no reply. I watch another episode and 20 minutes in Zoe knocks on the door.

> “Hey I’m so sorry to wake you up but I just need to grab a couple things.”

She wasn’t really asking, she walked straight past me into the bathroom.
I go back and lay on the bed.

> Me: What’s going on up there?

> Zoe: Girl talk.
*_(Shouts from the bathroom)_*

> Zoe: GF wants you to come up and hang with us? Saves you being alone…?

> Me: Ehhh… hmm…

> Zoe: I’ll tell her you’re asleep…? *_(Chuckle)_*

> Me: Yeah do that. But don’t laugh like that. Make it believable.
*_(Cheeky tone)_*

> Zoe: Ohh you think I can’t make it believable?! Have you forgotten last time I covered for you?

*_(The most flirtatious tone I have ever heard)_*

I froze. I didn’t know what to say back. I was feeling so many different things. Mainly horny but also shocked that she was brazen enough to say that after we had acted normal the entire evening.

> Zoe: … yea… That’s what I thought…

> Me: … So you’ve not told anyone else?

> Zoe: Not a soul. I wont exactly come off looking great in that situation, will I?

> Me: I get that. Me and GF haven’t spoke about it again either.

> Zoe: I’m assuming she doesn’t know…

> Me: Nope. I won’t look great in that situation either.

***Silence from the bathroom***

### 1 Minute later (Approx)

I get up and walk over to the desk to put my phone on charge. With my erection concealed under the waist band of my boxers.

At this point I have my back to bathroom. I hear the bathroom door shut behind me. And a second later, one cold hand cupping the the back of my neck and another under my t shirt, gliding around my hip to my belly button.

I turn around and she pulls me in towards her face. We started to kiss very slowly. Stopping every other second.

I slipped my hands slightly down the side of her trousers. Pulled her up towards me by pulling her panties.

Things blurred past for the next minute or so. I remember stumbling towards the door to lock it. At some point she had stepped out of her trousers and let her hair loose.

I do clearly remember her pushing me down onto the bed and standing in front of me with her floral t-shirt and turquoise underwear.

One thing that is burned in my memory, and I’m not ashamed to say I have masturbated to this moment;

She looked straight at me and without losing eye contact she gripped her underwear with a full fist. Pulled it to the side, exposing her lips. And whilst smiling said “Beg for me.”

Never in my life have I ever seen such confidence from a girl in the bedroom. It was like she had planned this moment, or she’s already done it before to some other lucky guy.

I comply, whilst laughing and ask her to come closer. She kneeled onto the bed and pulled my boxers down. She rubbed her thumb over the head of my dick, smearing the excitement-cum across it and laughed.

I thought she was going suck me off, but she said something about being quick and some other stuff. I was too busy trying to listen to external noise like the corridor or someone at the door.

I wanted her to orgasm, so I didn’t even let her climb on to me. I literally flipped her onto her back I went to town on her with the old suck and slurp. Starting with the inside of her thighs, and gentle bites. She commentated the orgasm right from the build up, and I felt her thighs starting to shake around my ears. It didn’t take very long but I guess the excitement and situation helped with her arriving quicker. I noticed she came the moment I wrapped my hand around her ankle. (Must be her kink)

As soon as she unwrapped her thighs around my head, she pulled my hair to get me to come up. And as I came up to kiss her she guided me into her. I literally said the word “Condom” with no explanation and she just shook her head left to right really slowly. I’m not sure if she thought I was asking her or if she was ordering me.

Looking back, I was quite selfish about it. I had one objective in mind and that was to cum as fast as I could. She felt different, almost like she had another hole inside of her that was tighter than the first hole – like there was resistance and then as I went deeper it pushed on the head.

She moaned into my neck keeping the noise minimal. After probably 2-3 minutes or so I felt like I was about to cum and I was preparing to pull out and started to slow down the thrusting.

Even though I said “Im gonna cum”, I misjudged it and I just started blowing off inside of her, I pulled out probably half way through the second shot. She crossed her legs and I just aimed it downwards.

She laid there for a few moments to catch her breath. Once ready she jumped up and put some pyjama shorts on and walked to the door.

> “Fuck! It’s been 20 minutes!”

She called my GF immediately.

> “Hey I can’t find my phone charger do you have a spare?”

I was thrown back by her ability to sound so normal and think of a lie so fast.

She put the phone down. Looked at me and said “Oh ok. You’re not even going to kiss me?”. I got up and kissed her at the door. My dick is still rock solid as if I hadn’t just blown a months worth of swimmers into her thighs.

15 minutes later, I decided to wash my dick, brush my teeth and tongue.

I hear my GF walk through the door whilst I was in the bathroom almost finishing up.

> I’m so sorry babe. I was trying to leave for ages” + _(drunken ramble)_

I hear zips, boot buckles and I think clothes landing on the desk chair.

I turn around, to a drunk and horny GF standing in the bathroom doorway with nothing but a bra on, staring at my pomegranate and ginseng infused dick

> “I am… so good to go!”

I still was too.

I’ve felt pretty bad and guilty, and that’s why I haven’t posted an update sooner.

But I have been bombarded with messages and chats. So I guess I caved.

P.S to the person who asked me for a pic of her in the original post. I have taken a sneaky one of her smoking out of the window the other night when she came to our room for movie night.