Please see previous Blackmailing My Mother’s Best Friend posts for background info. I had told Paula our deal had been completed. But that changed when I found out she was still cheating on her husband. This time my girlfriend Nicole saw Paula walking into a hotel with the same man. (Nicole had been at the same hotel for a work related event) I came with up an idea for more blackmail. I told with 2 of my friends, Jim and Rick about Paula. Both men were about 30 years old. Jim was slender and Rick had a more muscular body type. They were both interested in having sex with Paula.

Jim, Rick, and I went to Paula’s house. Paula was wearing a yellow dress. Jim and Rick were wearing a T-shirt and jeans. Paula was wondering why I was there with 2 men that she didn’t know. I told Paula that Nicole saw her cheating again. I told Paula she would need to have sex with Jim and Rick. In order for me to continue keeping her affair a secret from her husband and other people. Paula protested and said “I thought this was over with.” I said “It would have been if you had learned your lesson.” Paula knew I had leverage and agreed to go along with it.

We went in Paula’s bedroom. Jim and Rick unzipped their pants. Paula began giving both men a hand job at the same time. I was just watching this time. She jerked both men as their penises grew. They both became completely hard around the same time. Jim’s penis was about 5 or 5.5 inches long. Rick’s was a little bit bigger, about 6 or 6.5 inches long. She put Jim’s penis in her mouth and blew him while holding Rick’s penis. It was a sloppy and wet blow job. Paula was slurping and slobbering on Jim’s penis until drool came from her mouth.

Then she put Rick’s penis in her mouth and held Jim’s penis in her hand. She gave Rick the same sloppy and wet blow job. Paula continued taking turns sucking 1 penis while stroking the other for the next few minutes. Jim, Rick, and Paula removed their clothes. Jim and Rick each felt and sucked one of Paula’s breasts. Both Jim and Rick wanted sexual intercourse. I told Paula I wanted to see a double penetration. Paula said “I never had DP before.” I said “Today will be your first time or I will tell people about your affair.” Once again Paula realized I had the leverage in this situation.

Rick and Jim put condoms on. Rick laid on the bed. Paula got on top of Rick and lowered herself until Rick’s penis was inside her vagina. Jim got behind Paula and slowly put his penis inside her anus. Paula’s anus was tight. It took them a few minutes to develop a rhythm and become comfortable with double penetration. Jim penetrated Paula’s anus at a moderate pace. Rick thrusted his hips/waist up and down so he could also penetrate Paula’s vagina at a moderate pace.

Paula was moaning and enjoying this despite the initial hesitation. She said “I love having 2 cocks inside me.” Jim and Rick were grunting as well. The double penetration lasted for about 5 minutes. Then Paula wanted a different position. Jim put on a different condom and entered Paula’s vagina from behind. Jim began pounding Paula as she yelled “Yes. Keep fucking me just like that!” Rick removed his condom and put his penis back in Paula’s mouth.

Paula blew Rick as Jim continued pounding Paula’s wet vagina. Jim reached his climax a few minutes later and ejaculated in Paula’s vagina. Rick wanted anal sex before he ejaculated. Rick put on another condom and entered Paula’s anus from behind. Rick initially penetrated Paula’s anus at a slow pace. Paula said “Fuck my ass a little bit harder and faster!” Rick increased his pace until he also reached his climax about a minute later. He ejaculated in her anus.

Rick, Jim, and Paula all got dressed. Paula asked me if this was now really over. I said “It depends. This might be finished if you finally stop cheating on your husband.”