Last summer I was at a bachelorette party with the girls and we were out at a bar. Near the end of the night, my one friend, Lauren, and I hit it off quite well with a guy and his roommate. Things were getting progressively more flirty and touchy when we got invited to go back to their Airbnb. They called an Uber and we hopped in for the short ride.

Before we get to the fun part, a description of everyone involved: Ben was quite tall – 6’2” – with blue eyes, short brown hair and a very chiseled jaw. He kept himself in pretty good shape. Will, his roommate, was a little shorter (around 5’10”) but was in amazing shape and was unbelievably good looking. He had deep brown eyes and longer brown hair. Lauren is a short blonde with curves like you wouldn’t believe – a bountiful round ass and big fake breasts. There’s pictures of myself you can see on my profile

Once we got back to the guy’s place we sat down on the couch in the living room, Ben opened a bottle of wine and poured everyone a glass that barely got touched. With all the tension built up from the bar it didn’t take long for Will to reach over, grab Lauren’s face and start kissing her. They kissed slowly at first as their hands started to explore each other’s bodies.

Ben grabbed me and started to kiss up my neck before making his way to my lips and we began to kiss quite aggressively. I pulled his shirt over his head and was feeling up his bulge over his jeans while we kissed when there was a groan from behind us on the couch. I turned around to see Lauren’s shirt pulled down exposing her supple breasts, and Will sucking on her large pink nipples. Lauren had unbuttoned Will’s pants, pulled his cock out and was stroking it. I had never seen such a beautiful uncircumcised cock before – it was at least 9” and incredibly thick. Lauren bent down and licked around the top of Will’s cock before taking what she could in her mouth. As she bobbed her head up and down she fondled Will’s balls with her free hand causing him to moan. At the same time, Will slid his hand inside Lauren’s pants and began to rub her clit. They carried on for awhile like this as Ben and I continued to make out. Shortly after, Will suggested they move to a bedroom and led Lauren by the hand there, leaving a trail of clothes on the floor as they stripped completely naked.

Ben and I got back to making out before he pulled my sundress over my head, leaving me only in my lacy black thong. He was caressing my body and his hands were getting closer and closer to my soaking wet pussy. Finally, after too much teasing he pulled my thong to the side and buried his face in my pussy. He put one finger and then two inside me and furiously finger fucked me while he went to town on my clit. It didn’t take long before I was screaming and cumming all over his face.

Ben stood up, undid his pants, took them off and let his cock spring out. It was a decent size – probably 6” long and moderately thick – but nothing on his roommate. I got down on my knees in front of him, grabbed his cock with one hand and put the tip of his cock in my mouth, swirled my tongue around the tip and slowly stroked him to tease him like he did to me but it wasn’t long before he pushed me back against the couch and started ramming his cock in and out of my mouth. At the same time we could hear screaming and the smacking of Will fucking Lauren from behind coming from his room.

Ben told me he wanted to fuck me and lifted me up on the couch. He put on a condom, took up position between my legs and I lifted my legs into his shoulders. There was little resistance as he entered my pussy. I was dripping wet as he started with shallow strokes and built up to a good pace. It was feeling good at this point but then Ben grabbed my neck and started to choke me. Holy fuck, that sent me over the edge and I came harder than I ever have.

Ben sat on the couch and I climbed on his cock and began bouncing up and down while facing him. The whole time he was caressing my tits and telling me how sexy I was. In the meantime, Lauren and Will had finished and returned to sit beside us on the couch in their underwear. Lauren watched for a minute and then began to caress my breasts as I rode Ben before beginning to gently massage my clit. I was in absolute heaven and it didn’t take long for me to cum another time. I looked over and Will had taken his again-erect cock out and was slowly stroking it to the sights. A few minutes later Ben grunted that he was about to cum so I hopped off and he stood up. I knelt down in front of him, grabbed his cock and jerked it until he sprayed ropes of cum all over my face and neck.

I got him to take a picture of me covered in cum for my husband, but upon seeing that Will was still stroking himself I moved between his legs and took him in my mouth with he goal of finishing him quickly. I stroked up and down his cock with the tip in my mouth while I played with his balls with my free hand. Not two minutes later Will grabbed the back of my head and forced his massive cock as far into my throat as it would go as he unloaded his cum. I pulled back, licked the remnants of cum off the tip of his cock, cleaned up and called an Uber for Lauren and I.