One of my closest friends was going to get married and wanted to get a bridal makeover. A bridal makeover here includes a comprehensive hair, face and skin routine that takes a few hours to complete. She wanted someone to accompany her for each day of her plans like shopping, bridal makeover, destination arrangements etc. So my friends and I split it amongst ourselves and I was to accompany her to the salon.

The salon was an outlet tucked in the heart of old Delhi, a place famous for bridal shopping as well. We had got a prior appointment there for my friend, so they knew we were coming for the bridal makeover. We reached the place, we were welcomed with two glasses of mango juice post which my friend was whisked inside for the whole process.

The receptionist told me that it’d take a few hours, and asked me to get something done instead of just waiting with her. I was in no mood, really, so I just thought I’ll get a nice head massage and chill with my friend after that. After about 5 mins of waiting, a guy whisked me away to a dim lit room, sat me down on a chair, asked me my choice of oil, closed the door, played some light music and let the head massage begin.

Now let me tell you, I’m a sucker for head massages because they feel very soothing. The masseuse was good with his hands, figured out my perfect pressure level in a few mins and was giving me an amazing head massage. I was sitting back, eyes closed, enjoying the pampering. Few mins in, the masseuse moves from my head to my nape and my shoulders. He doesn’t ask, but lets his fingers slide over my nape and in through my top to press my shoulders. And oh boy did it feel good!! I felt a tingling sensation run through me as his hands gripped my shoulders and pressed them, his fingers tussling with my bra straps. He got further forward, and tried to get a touch of my cleavage, which he did. I didn’t say a word because I was enjoying it. In fact, I egged him on by pulling my shirt lower and moving a bit to give him a better angle to touch me.

I knew he wasn’t going to touch my tits, he’d just whisk past my cleavage, and it felt amazing, so why not? Seeing my cue, he dropped his palms deeper, this time directly above my cleavage, and spent some time caressing the top of my tits. I was lost in the feel good moment when he took his hands off and started pressing my arms and hands. That’s when I snapped back to reality. I had goosebumps all over, and he could clearly feel it. He was caressing my fingers when he told me that the 45 min slot was done and he’d call for the steam dome over my hair. I genuinely wished it could go on for longer. I didn’t say yes or no, I just nodded. And that’s when he dropped the bomb “I can also give you a body massage”, he said, “it only costs a thousand rupees more and feels really good”.

At this point, as much as I wanted it, I didn’t want to make it obvious. “Oh no my friend must be done with her makeover, I don’t think I have time”, I said. He immediately went and found out how long it’d take for my friend to get done. I knew the answer already, we had more than enough time, I was just trying to act cool. I agreed, still pretending to look cool, but I so badly wanted to be touched all over.

He then shifted me to another room, it had a bed, with a similar setting as the previous one. No mirror here, though. He told me to get naked, and just have either my own panties on, or put on a flimsy white pair of single use panties they had, and left the room. I was sexually very active in general, but I was a bit nervous here. I preferred to stay in my own panties and lay down on the bed with my back facing up. The guy walked in, poured a few drops of oil on my bare back and started his massage.

This was the first body massage I was getting, and I was loving it. Every stroke of his hand made my skin tingle, and the way he moved his fingers got me slightly turned on, even. It was crazy to be almost naked in a room with a man, with him touching me everywhere while I just lay there letting him. It felt crazy. And my anticipation kept increasing as he kept going lower.

By the time his hands were working my inner thighs, I had spread my legs wide, so he could get to wherever he’d want to. He knew exactly what I felt, hell I was even wet. There was a towel on my ass which was hindering his progress. He tugged at it and I just said “Hmm”. He got my signal and took the towel off. The only thing on my body now was my panties which had a wet spot and my legs were spread. The masseuse now got on the bed and sat over my legs. He had his fingers reach the sides of my pussy and at this point I didn’t give a fuck. I was wet, I was hungry, I wanted action. I turned around, my breathing was heavy. The masseuse took a moment to stare at my body, especially at my tits. I was biting my lips, I couldn’t wait any longer. I sat up and smooched the fuck out of his lips while he let his fingers knead and squeeze my tits.

He pushed me back on the bed, aggressively now, took my panties off and kept it aside. He pushed one finger into my already wet pussy, stuffed my panties in my mouth, and let his other hand play with my clit. I was SHAKING on the bed, gripping it hard, moaning into my panties. I let my legs fling up and crossed them on his neck while he toyed with my pussy. I had three leg shaking orgasms, clenching my panties between my teeth, making sure I’m not heard outside.

After the third, my body jerked ahead, I kissed him for a very long time, pushed him to the wall, let his cock out, knelt and started sucking him, to finish him off. But oh my God he was in no mood for one. Just a few mins into the BJ, he held me, pinned my ass to the bed and just shoved his cock in me. I clung to him, bit him, was whispering ‘no’ into his ears, but I obviously wanted it real bad. I was just concerned because I’m generally loud and I’d definitely make a lot of noise. I couldn’t even stand properly with the way he held me, my hands flung everywhere, clawing at him, holding him, gripping him.

He kept thrusting it into me like an animal. At a point, he started grunting and I could feel he had cum, so I pushed him off. He shot on whatever part of me he could, while I was certain he came inside me as well. I kissed him again for a few more minutes, we got dressed. He left, and let me rest for a while and wash up. I was exhausted af, embarrassed and felt like an absolute slut. To this day, my friend is perplexed as to why I was so tired after the salon.