I usually don’t like posting if its not true.. so I had to wait for some action to post again haha
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Little back story: My co worker (23F) and I (28F) have talked about messing around but never really happened bcs shes shy and also bcs i never really made a move..

Fast forward.. we are working on a project for work and I have to go upstairs to get some paper. She asks if i need help so i say yes. Im thinking.. this is my chance!! (Nobody goes upstairs, unless its to get materials)

While going up im literally telling myself “this is your chance!! Dont be a chicken! Just do it!!!” So we go and she helps me get the paper. When we are about to walk back down i pulled her hand back and just go for her ass then I reach all the way and feel her pussy a little. She freaks out kinda and is like “omg!! You scared me!” While just laughing. Well she keeps walking and im like “eh at least i tried!” As we are walking to our area shes whispers “omg you made me all wet and horny!” I laugh and tell her good!! and keep working on our project.

Another co worker mentions that we are gonna need more paper. So im like okay ill go. Thinking shes freaked out at this point I don’t expect her to come with me again, but surprisingly she says she will help me.

We walk back upstairs and shes telling me how i really scared her but i did make her wet. Im just laughing with her. We open the door, turn on the light and i shut the door. She bends over to cut the big sheet of paper and when shes rolling it while still bending over, i get behind her and just rub my middle finger from her pussy, out to her ass crack. She gets the chills and just says “omg stoppp! “ while giggling. Now i know shes horny and wet. So im thinking, what else do i have to lose? Nothing. Shes still down in a bending position and i just start rubbing her pussy from the back. She fights me a little and tells me to stop but shes moaning and saying “fuuuuck!” Im not sure what got into me but all i wanted to do at this point was touch her bare pussy!

She’s wearing a dress but has shorts under so i slide my hand through one of her legs and feel her sweet wet pussy over her panties. She moans a little louder and tells me to stop because someone can come up. I tell her how i cant stop and i just want to see her pussy, she stands up and pulls me to the other side of the room where theres a little wall.

If someone was to walk in, they wouldnt see anything bc we would be behind it. I get on my knees and I start pulling her shorts down.. i rub her pussy and she says “nooo not over my panties!” Im thinking “Say no more!😅” i pulled her panties down and she looks down at me then just rolls her eyes back. I touch her sweet bare pussy for the first time. It was sooo wet! I immediately lick all over her pussy and clit, just wanting to taste her. She keeps moaning and asking for more. I start sucking on her clit and i can feel her shaking all over. I slowly rub her clit and work my finger in her tight pussy. She looks at me and says “yesss!!! Fuck me and make me cum!!” While sucking her clit, i put another finger in. I start going a little faster and she begs me to put 2 more fingers in. Im finger fucking her and shes just looking down at me telling me “yes! yes yes! Fuck, give me more!” I fuck her harder and her whole body starts shaking. I feel her cum on my fingers and i just dive my face in her pussy, licking her clean. I look up at her with a big smile then mention how we’ve been gone for a while so we should get back. Breathing heavily she agrees and starts pulling her panties and shorts up.

Once she’s ready we get the paper and go back down. We go straight to the bathroom and i wash my hands and mouth. She goes to a stall to clean up. We both get back to our work and she looks at me and whispers “i can still feel my cum all over my pussy” i wink at her and tell her we should do that more often. She agrees and we get back to work like nothing happened.