My mouth is open: I’m panting a little in anticipation and desire and I begin to fidget as I feel my pussy get wet. As your jeans drop to the floor with a muffled thump I’m leaning towards you, perky breasts on full display, my nipples firm and begging to be touched.

‘Worship it.’ You tell me.

I need no further request, I’m already eagerly reaching for you, my eyes greedy and full of lust. Gently taking hold of you in both hands I kiss the sensitive head of your cock and feel you tremble a little as I start to stimulate you. I start long, slow licks from the base of your shaft to the tip using wide, flat strokes, feeling you get harder as you watch my head bobbing beneath you. I interchange my licks, tracing patterns along your thick shaft and round your swollen balls, heavy with your cum. I press hard as I slide my tongue up a bulging vein and smile to myself as you flinch in pleasure above me. Changing tactics, I tease and tickle the tip of your cock, tracing circles, flickering quickly around your tight foreskin, never keeping the same motion for too long. You’re starting to gasp a little as the sensations fill your every thought: wanting it to go on forever, but wanting to climax so fucking badly….

I flick my tongue over the tip again, looking up at you playfully as I slowly, deliberately, slide your entire length inside my mouth with my warm hands on your hips to stabilise myself, managing to downplay my small twitch as I push you past my gag reflex and into my hot, tight throat. Grasping your cock firmly with one hand at the base, I sheath my teeth behind my lips as I start to move, changing pace and pressure as I respond to what makes you moan and buck your hips into me.

I savour the taste and the smell of you; your sweat, the faint saltiness of your arousal washing over my tastebuds and I hum quietly in appreciation, sending exquisite vibrations down your cock. You’re hard, so hard, but velvety soft at the same time as my tongue twirls and dances, playing with your most sensitive areas as my lips squeeze and pulse around your impressive length. You’re gasping and breathing heavily and it drives me on, wanting to take more, to pleasure you, to serve.

A heady mix of saliva and precum pools at my lips, dripping out down my chin. It lubricates your solid cock as I take you down my throat again and again, each time slipping down a little further, a little easier… You’re stroking my hair now, applying gentle pressure each time I lean forward to take you again, my lips bumping against the fist that twists and clenches you. I start to increase my speed properly now, knowing you’re getting close. You wrench my hand off your cock in a sudden burst of dominance, forcing my head into your pelvis and thrusting your hips hard and fast. I’m stunned by the sudden turn of events but I love it, feeling you possess my throat, my mouth as you grind into me. The only noises I can make are garbled moans as you fuck me, struggling for air, the wet slapping sounds of your cock sliding in and out mixing with my attempts to gag on the brutal and relentless intrusion. You’re letting out guttural groans as you feel yourself reaching the point of no return, slamming your cock into me and holding it there as you explode, your cum spurting down my throat and out of my gaping lips, dribbling down onto my exposed breasts. Your cock pulses and twitches in my mouth, releasing load after load as I begin to writhe against your strong grip, giving panicked moans and whimpers as I run out of air. You wait until the last possible moment before releasing me, and I collapse on my knees, eyes wide and breathing heavily, spluttering as strings of cum and spit cover my chin and chest…

“What a mouth”. You said.