Thank you for those of you who reached out with kind words or questions. Please feel free to continue to do so. Feedback and advice are always appreciated. I’m still developing the skills to convey emotion, especially jealousy and humiliation.

The afternoon flew by. Mostly it was just chatting and catching up while people got a little day drunk. We all had a dinner to make during the week and the first one was mine. I asked around if anyone wanted to hit the grocery with me but no one elected to come. I started to pull out when I saw someone waving.

I stopped and Alex hustled into the car. “Hey, I saw you were heading out alone and I felt bad.”

I smiled weakly, “Thanks Alex, I mean I get it. People are feeling toasty and going out in the cold doesn’t sound like the funnest move.”

I started driving and Alex reached out and put her hand on my leg. She had always done that when we dated and something about it was nicely, platonically intimate. I couldn’t help but look over at her, the warm light of the sun accentuated her features and she looked stunning. “I wanted to ask how you and Maria were doing.”

“Oh things are good, I guess. Why do you ask?” I responded.

She paused and I saw her thinking of how to phrase things. “I dunno, I’ve just seen how she’s been fawning over Nick today, you keep giving them the stink eye when you think no ones watching you, and when we drove up, the three of you were naked in the window. Also, have you seen the guy.”

I laughed a little ruefully, “You’ve been watching me?”

She slapped my knee, “Don’t be smart.” Realizing what she said she continued, “And if you ask if I’d rather you be dumb, I swear to god I’ll grab the wheel and send us right off this mountain.”

I laughed and we both shared a smile. Like I said, she’s the one that got away. “To tell the truth, last night didn’t go quite as planned. Things got a bit spicy and then we had a threesome… twice.”

She sat quietly then asked softly, “Didn’t go how you envisioned?”

I answered simply, “Yeah.” I sighed and tried to think of what to say.

“You should tell her.”

“I mean it’ll just be a fight. I agreed, it was consensual, and she loved it.”

“Yeah, you can still withdraw consent. Also, you tried it, it’s not a complete go ahead for anything.” She slapped my knee again, “Affirmative Consent!”

She said it with such force I was almost convinced. “I know. Also, stop slapping my driving knee, I don’t want to die.” She just raspberried in response and I chuckled.

We chatted the rest of the way, she had broken up with her boyfriend, it sucked, she had a new job, etc. We decided to split up and grab the groceries quickly. As I walked around and gathered produce I got a text.

Elas: Hey so I dunno what’s going on with the three of you but Maria and Nick just ditched us all to go upstairs.

A second one came through while I was looking at the first.

Elsa: I’m not sure what they are doing but Maria keeps laughing and shrieking.

Elsa: Are you Ok?

I just didn’t respond, staring at my phone.

Another came through.

Maria: Did you like my wakeup this morning? Maybe again tomorrow?

Arthur: I mean it was hot. What’s going on over there?

She sent an image of her in not our bathroom with the caption “About to shower”

Then a second with Nick visible in the mirror taking a picture of her naked, captioned: We’re having so much fun, Get back soon. She was perched next to the sink, her round breasts were on clear display and her nipples were hard and aroused. Her legs were spread wide and her hand stabilized her on either side of her already wet pussy. My dick jumped a little

I stood for a second then rushed to get the rest of the produce and collect Alex. She could tell something was wrong and I hurried to get us going. I felt my phone buzz once or twice more as I hurriedly scanned the food and alcohol.

“Dude what’s the rush?”

I handed her my phone and told her to look at the texts. She scrolled, “Dude what the fuck.” The phone buzzed in her hand and she was silent for a second. “You might want to stop for this one. I took the phone and saw a video from Maria. The thumbnail was clearly her kneeling at Nick’s lap and holding his massive tool. I closed it and paid for groceries. While Alex loaded things up I checked the snaps. The first was Maria bent over with her legs straight, displaying her pussy and looking back coquettishly at the camera.

The second was of Nick holding her from behind. I could see the tip of his penis pointing out from between her thighs and his massive paws groping her full breasts. Maria’s thighs were clasped tightly and one arm was up around his neck as she looked up towards him. He was aiming the camera. My stomach felt cramped at the sight despite how arousing it was.

I finally got to the video. Alex was almost done and the car was warming quickly. I hit play and immediately heard Maria’s voice as she stroked it next to her face.

“I love this big, sexy, hard, alpha cock. I love gagging on it and feeling it so deep inside me.”

Nick responded, “Do you think about the real thing when you play with your blue dildo?

“Every time,” she answered and then licked his cock from base to stem and wrapped her lips around the head as Nick let out a contented sigh.

“Tell me this is the best cock, better than your pathetic boyfriend’s.”

Maria looked straight into the camera. “This is the best cock I’ve ever had. I think about it all the time, running my lips over it, feeling it push my ass apart, and releasing its hot sticky load deep inside me. I think about it every time my small dick boyfriend shoves his inside me.”

The video ended after that, just before Alex climbed back in. She must have seen my face but stayed silent as I started driving. “Can I see?”

I just handed her the phone and started driving in silence as she watched the video. I was gripping the steering wheel hard and trying to calm myself. I heard buzzing from my phone again and Alex said, “Oh Fuck!”

“What did they send?” I asked and reached towards my phone but she pulled it away.

“Pull over first.”

“Why, just let me see.” I said reaching over.

She slapped my hand, “Just pull over.”

I sighed and did what she asked and she handed me the phone. There were three separate messages.

Elsa: Um, you might want to get back here.

Maria: Hey, we’re gonna have some fun, come up if you get back in time.

The third was a video from a number I didn’t recognize until I started it. It was clearly from Nick. I started with him rubbing his dig between her dark buttcheeks and her exasperated voice came through, “Fuck me already before Arthur gets back.” The video panned up to the mirror as he penetrated her.

The now familiar sounds of her being dominated by his giant dick came through the car speakers as the video showed her big tits bouncing and an expression of ecstasy on her face. It panned down and I could see the broad swathe of cock flesh moving in and out from between her thick, dark asscheeks. She gasped and he grunted as their pace increased until the video ended abruptly. The video ended and we sat silently, Alex unsure what to say and I was sitting with a mix of rage, despair, and pain. She squeezed my knee with her hand that hadn’t waivered.

Another video came through from Nick. “Don’t watch it,” Alex whispered but I started it. Maria was face down on the bed and Nick was pounding her from behind.

“Who’s pussy is this?”

“It’s your pussy papi,” Maria screamed back.

“Who fucks you better than anyone else?”

“You papi.”

He continued to pound her for a minute until he said something and she hopped off his dick and wrapped her lips around his slick rod and sucked it deep. I heard Nick grunt hard and Maria kept the tip inside her mouth. The video ended and I sat quietly.

Alex started, “I’m sorry, I know how hard it is to be cheated on.”

I looked up, my chest clenching, “I wasn’t cheated on. They wouldn’t be sending these things if they were cheating. It’s just a miscommunication. Yeah.”

I knew it was crazy at the time but I didn’t know my own emotions at the time. Alex stroked my knee silently. Had I looked over I would have seen the pain in her eyes for me. I continued the drive home in silence. I don’t think Alex saw but I was also hard as a rock and pitching a tent in my pants.

We got back to the cabin and unloaded the car. As I walked through the kitchen I saw Courtney and Alison leering a little and Nick was looking quite satisfied. The room became a little quiet as we entered, exacerbating the mix of shame and apprehension I felt. Elsa had a sad expression and I saw her make eye contact with Alex behind me. Maria walked right up to me as I placed the groceries down and without a word she kissed me deep.

Her lips were soft and she wrapped her arms around my head and neck as she penetrated my mouth with her tongue. She tasted a little salty and a little tangy and I knew exactly what it was. As she pulled away I felt my already hard cock strain at my pants while chatter resumed.

She looked at me and smiled broadly, “What’s for dinner?”