This will be part 5 in this series. Thank you for the support, this is becoming a fun hobby for me. If you know of more subreddits I should be posting on let me know. From this point on there will be feet included, no sucking or licking but they will be included. Possible pee in the future as well, let me know if you want a kink to be in the story at some point, I’m happy to make you cum 😁

Sam’s eyes stared into mine. My cum had just filled his mouth and he refused to waist a drop. Sam says “Thank you. I enjoyed that.”

“Umm… anytime.” I laugh. “Really? You liked it?!” Sam says excited. He feels proud and feminine. He earned his boyfriends cum.

“Do you wanna take a shower with me?” Sam’s eyes light up when I ask. “Only if I can wash you… I want to serve you.” I blush at Sam’s request.

“What do you mean serve me?” Sam stares down at the floor.
“Like a traditional housewife, I want to wash you, cook for you, clean for you, and my body belongs to you…” Sam say’s looking down and shifting around.

I’m surprised but I want him to feel happy. “Sure, why not.”

“Can you also… call me your girlfriend…” His face goes bright red. “I’m not trans but I like being called a girl.” Sam says looking at the ground.

“Of course baby.” As soon as the words come out he jumps onto my lap and hugs me tight. My bare cock pressed against his, only seperated by his panties.

I lay down flat with him still on my waist, putting us into a cowgirl position. His small hands press into my chest. He lays down into me and holds me tight. We both drift off to sleep.

The next morning I wake up to feel a warm fuzzy feeling pressing against my morning wood. I look up and rub my eyes. Seeing sam laying on the other side of the couch, typing away at his phone while his small soft feet, wrapped in soft thigh high socks work my cock.

He noticed I woke and he lifts his skirt to reveal his bulge. The soft white panties wrapping it tight and comfortably. “Good morning daddy.” Sam’s smile is bright and confident, his use of the word daddy sends me over the edge. Cum spurts up and covers his feet, leaving a look of satisfaction on his face.

I’m not as confident in this part as I was In the previous editions. Please let me know what you think, the good and the bad, I want to improve as a writer.