Thank you for the support on the first 3 parts. I planned on making this part a few hours from now but I don’t think I’m gonna sleep anyway. Let me know in the comments if this shorter multi part format is okay. It helps me stay creative and produce more quality content.

We left off with Sam and Gabriel on the couch. Sam’s hand on Gabriel’s thigh.

The bulge in my pants grows as he rubs my thigh. Sam smiles and lays his head down on my hard cock. Shifting around to rest his head on my lower stomach, his mouth right beside the bulge as I watch the TV. I run my fingers through his hair when he gives my cock a light kiss, making my heart jump.

His hand raises from my thigh to rest on my cock. Sam rubs it gently, even though it was still over the pants I felt like I was going to explode.

He lifts himself up to kneel in front of me. I lean back and shift my hips forward. Sam looks deep into my eyes as he tugs of my pants, taking my underwear with it. Letting my 8 inch cock flop out onto my stomach, leaving a small wet spot from precum on my shirt.

Sam’s heart races as he watches the massive dick flop out. He had never seen something so big, it made him nervous but excited. The size difference between him and Gabriel made him feel feminine and submissive.

He moves his face close to my cock before burying himself into my ballsack, my cock layed across his face. His eyes connected to mine.

The smell intoxicated Sam, his eyes almost rolled back in his head as he licked from base all the way up to taste the precum on the tip.

My cock twitches, the feeling of Sam’s wet tongue trace the length of my shaft. His lips suddenly wrap around the tip, sending a wave of pleasure through my body.

He swirls the tip around his mouth, tracing every part of the tip with his tongue. He plunges my cock into his mouth, taking as much as he can without using his throat.

I start to breath deeply, no girl I’ve ever had has ever come close to this. Sam’s head starting to move up and down. His tongue still working as he moves his head.

Sam suddenly positions my cock pointing further downwards, allowing him to take it deeper, using his throat. Continuing to bob his head, thrust my cock in and out of his throat.

I feel myself close to release and I blurt out “I’m gonna cum!” His eyes flicker to mine before he speed up, taking it deeper into his throat, pushing me over the edge.

Sam feels the roaps of cum fill his throat and mouth, he almost chokes on it as he pulls off and swallows. Smiling as he wipes his mouth.

First part with a sex scene, I hope you enjoyed it. Comment your criticisms, I want to improve at my sex scenes and I’d like to hear your opinion on how. Part 5 will be out in a few hours.