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Last time we left off with our characters on there way to the car for a date.

His small hand felt so warm and kind, I couldn’t help but imagine it gently gripping my cock as he strokes me to climax, causing a slight bulge in my pants as we walk. But I quickly shake the thought from my mind.

I open the door for him and hold his hand until he sits down. “Oh such a gentleman.” Sam says playfully before I close the door and enter my own.

Sam smiles wide as we drive off. Boosting my confidence. I find myself in a moment of silence with him, until he quickly turns on the radio.

Sam dances and sings along to the song like nobodies watching and I can’t help but admire him, an ultimate confidence that makes me happy. Reaffirming my decisions and giving me a sense of certainty.

We soon arrive at the arcade, Sam’s eyes light up as we get out of the car but they soon go dark. I ask “Whats wrong?” “I’ve never actually gone out in public in these clothes.” He replies.

My instinct kicks in once again “Don’t be nervous, I’m here with you.” He quickly turn to me and embraces me in a tight hug. “Thank you.” Sam says softly into my chest.

<After a couple hours of fun>

We stumble out the door laughing, Sam clinging to my arm as if he’s drunk until we get in the car. A few more seconds of laughing as we drive off.

“Thank you Gabriel, you make me feel beautiful.” Sam says with a laugh.

The sky is noticeably darker than when we left. “Do you have anything going on tomorrow?”

Sam answers with a question. “Do you have anything going on tonight?”

My heart starts to race. [Thoughts] “Is he asking me to stay the night?”

“You can stay at my house tonight. We can order in and watch a movie if your up for it.” I smile as I reply “I’m in.”

We soon arrive back at Sam’s apartment. Back in the house I sit on the couch and Sam sits next to me, leaning on my shoulder. I click on the TV, feeling sam clinging to my arm.

I’m distracted by the TV when I feel Sam’s small, soft hand land on my inner thigh. My heart start to race as his hand rubs up and down on my thigh. He looks as if he’s casually watching a movie, like he doesn’t notice what he’s doing to me. Blood quickly rushes to my cock and I don’t bother to hide it. Gulping and shaking with anticipation.

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In the future you can expect a lot of romantic content from me until I improve at my more… erotic writing skill.

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