Welcome to the second part of my first story, thank you to the people who liked my last post. Well be picking up right where we left off, my best friend had just asked me to be his boyfriend and I said yes…

“Of course.” Those words spilled out of my mouth before I had the chance to think…

“Thank you.” His words came with a flood of tears. He had never felt this way about anyone before. Not to mention the physical attraction Sam has to his best friend. He was tall and strong and his smell was intoxicating. Sam felt safe in his arms as he always did, even when they were kids Gabriel was a safe space for Sam.

I ran my fingers through his soft blonde hair. It was long and a little messy, almost a pixie cut. His eyes were beautiful and blue. He was short and naturally cute. Before now I hadn’t noticed these features, I didn’t recognize him as this.

Sam sniffs and backs up with a smile. His big blue eyes shining with confidence. “You like my outfit?”

I feed of his confidence. “Yeah you look cute. I guess this means were dating now huh?”

“Yeah!” He does a spin to show off his outfit. “You better take me on a date then boyfriend!”

“I better do that then. Are you free for tonight?” As kids we loved the arcade downtown, it was always me and him, neither of us were popular in school so we spent a lot of time together, maybe this was a natural route for our relationship to go. It feels right.

“Take me to the arcade, I haven’t been in years.” Sam smiles and looks into my eyes.

Sam admires his friends kind green eyes and feels he made the right choice.

I reach my hand out to him and his small soft hand lands on mine, it feels amazing just to hold it as I lead him to my car.

If you liked part 2 tell me in the comments, I welcome your criticisms and suggestions. I’m new to this and I thank you for the support.