This is a true account of my first time with another man. I have not fabricated any part of this story and apologize if it isn’t “spicy enough”.

During college, I began to question my sexuality. As I got more interested in porn, I began finding more and more taboo and kinky porn and ended up finding myself attracted to man-on-man or pegging. I began experimenting with items (plunger handle, hairbrush handle, etc.) as anal toys. I found myself always wanting more than what I had. This led me to really be bi-curious, as I still was very attracted to women.

Enter Drew – Drew was a dorm-mate that I met and began a friendship with as he lived 3 doors down the hall in the dorm I was living in. We found out we had a lot in common (not sexually) and would hang out more and more. As things progressed through the semester, Drew got an opportunity to move to a different dorm with bigger rooms. He did and so I helped him move and discovered that his new roommate would only be there for another week or two before moving off campus.

As luck would have it, Drew was now without a roommate and this would be the case for the remainder of the year (not just the semester). Once he was on his own, Drew made the best of it and had re-arranged to room so that the 2 beds were pushed together to make 1 large bed. With him being without a roommate, this meant that we spent more time hanging out at his dorm instead of mine.

Well, one night, we were watching movies and time got away from us. Since I lived on the other side of campus, he told me to just stay in his room. I agreed, but asked about the sleeping arrangements since he only had one bed. I told him I was fine sharing, but didn’t know how he felt. He said he was okay with it but that he slept naked. I told him it was fine by me, we would just used separate blankets and it would be fine.

I had never looked at another guy, and especially not Drew, in any sort of sexual way. However, knowing he was going to be in the same bed as me and naked, I found myself attracted to his body. He took off his shirt and shorts, leaving only his tight briefs on. I noticed for the first time how ripped he was. How his toned body flowed with itself. His stomach making that sexy “v” right at his belt-line.

I got into bed quickly, trying not to stare at him. He turned off the light, and I could hear him getting naked before climbing into the bed, but could not see anything. I was almost fully clothed – wearing a pair of his gym shorts, my boxers, and a t-shirt. As he got settled into the bed, I could tell he was on his side, facing me. I felt my body begin to heat up. The excitement of his naked body laying next to me got my body temperature rising. I sat up and took off my shirt to try and cool down.

When I laid back down, Drew was a bit closer than before. I could feel the heat of his body and realized we were under the same covers. I shifted a bit, and my body rubbed against his. He didn’t say anything or move away. I reached down and “accidently” rubbed his thigh and felt his cock with the back of my hand. He let out a soft moan. Was he really wanting me to do this? I slid my hand over to his body and back to his thigh – only this time, I was ready for what I found.

He was hard. The palm of my hand found his shaft and my fingers slowly wrapped around his shaft. He was bigger than I ever expected. He moaned again. This time, he moved. But he moved towards me and rolled to his back. I began slowly stroking him. Feeling him grow even more as I stroked him. He moaned softly as I stroked from the base to the tip. Soft, slow strokes. Feeling the heat of his cock on my hand. I looked at his face. His mouth making a big smile. His hands behind his head as if to say “Do whatever you want.”

I must have had my mouth open, or been licking my lips or something because the next thing that happened was unexpected and not at all what I ever expected to do with another man – he moved his hand to the back of my head.

I knew immediately what he was asking for, and it was all I needed to feel. I sat up and pulled the covers back. His cock still in my hand and sticking straight up in the air. My eyes finally adjusted; I could now see him in the dark. His cock sticking straight up, completely shaven. Pre-cum was just beginning to make it’s way onto the tip of his cock. My lips found the head of his cock and spread open.

I slowly slid the tip of his cock between my lips and into my mouth. His moans got louder as I tasted my first taste of pre-cum. I had never even tasted my own before. I began sliding his cock in and out of my mouth – stroking him with one hand at the same rhythm of my mouth. His hand was still on the back of my head.

I moved more between his legs as I sucked him as deep as I could go, which was almost 3/4 of the way down his hard shaft. I was sucking dick for the first time. Feeling a cock in my throat, a pair of smooth balls in my hand. He was in complete control of me as his hand helped guide my head up and down on him.

Drew said “I am going to cum soon. Stop if you don’t want it in your mouth.” These words sent a tingling sensation down my spine. Do I stop and stroke him until he cums on himself, or do I take my first load and taste it all. I didn’t think fast enough. I felt him tense up and then I felt the throbbing of his cock in my mouth as he began shooting a load in my throat. I never stopped sucking him and let him cum completely in my mouth before swallowing it.

I had just gone from bi-curious, to swallowing my first load of cum from sucking a dick. I was no longer curious. I wanted more.

Drew let go of my head and I laid my head on his thigh. His cock still at my lips, but not in my mouth. I finally moved and got back to laying down next to him. His hand reached over and felt between my legs, but over the shorts and found my rock hard cock. He told me to slide them off and I did without hesitation. He stroked me until I came.

After cleaning myself up, he pulled me to him and spooned me as we fell asleep. I could feel his body against me. His soft cock pressing right at the bottom of my ass.

Needless to say, the next morning was very eventful when I woke up and felt his morning wood pressing against me. Another first would happen along with many more over the following months.