I was smart enough but I didn’t care much about high school, so my parents decided to send me to a “life coach” my final year. Her office was in her home. She was professional but very hot—a tall, mid-30s vixen with long dark hair and a very tight hits-the-gym-every-day body.

I never had any problems getting girls, and I could tell immediately she was attracted to me even though she tried her best to hide it. She wore a satin shirt with the top two buttons undone—when she noticed me staring at her exposed collarbone she blushed. She gamely tried to guide through the standard initial questions but halfway though our first session I decided I wasn’t into it and I though what the hell and leaned in and kissed her. She froze at first and then responded. Pretty soon she was slipping my tongue in my mouth, and ten minutes later I was kneeling over her ass on her expansive bedsheets and pounding her from behind.

No rubber. I didn’t care, and I guess neither did she. (I found out afterwards she was on b/c.) My first time sliding in raw.

From that point on every session was 60-solid minutes of fucking. She started wearing lingerie, or nothing at all, beneath her professional clothes. She showed me all kinds of positions, gave me my first deepthroating—she sucked cock unbelievably well—and my first anal experience. She let me cum on her face, her tits, her abs, the small of her back. Sometimes she’d give me handjobs so intense that I’d get dizzy when my jizz finally started spurting.

In the end, I was motivated to raise my grades just enough for my parents to keep paying for our sessions, and for me to keep busting my nut inside her. Thanks, mom and dad 🙂