The warm smell of fresh coffee wafted into his office, as always accompanied by Fiona’s cheerful “Good morning, Mr. Burroughs!” It was such a routine event in the mornings that Derek didn’t even look up from his emails, lifting one hand briefly to acknowledge her arrival. What he didn’t expect was the second, slightly higher pitched voice that followed. “Good morning, sir!”

That made him look up, blinking in confusion at the two people approaching his desk. His secretary Fiona was a given, dressed today in a white blouse that was taut over her quite generous chest and emphasized the hourglass curve of her waist and hips along with the grey pencil skirt that ended just above her knees. Her long blonde hair descended down her back, perfectly made up face smiling gorgeously with bright red lips and neatly shadowed eyes. The other was a little shorter and clearly younger, perhaps no more than eighteen or nineteen, dressed the same with a body that was a slightly scaled down version of the bombshell standing proudly behind her. There was some red in her strawberry-blonde hair, curly and pulled back into a fluffy ponytail, but the face was so close that the resemblance was immediately noticed.

“Ah, yes,” he said a bit lamely as the young woman came forward, perfectly steady on her shiny black heels, and placed the steaming mug of coffee on his desk. “I thought Take Your Daughter To Work Day was next week?”

“I did put a notice on your calendar, sir,” Fiona said with a note of reproach. “This is my little girl, Beth,” she said as she stepped behind her, putting her hands maternally on Beth’s shoulders. The closeness made their resemblance even more obvious, the younger a near double of her mother with a youthful, stunning air.

“It’s wonderful to meet you, Mr. Burroughs!” the girl said cheerfully, a big smile on her pretty face. She was certainly going to be a heartbreaker, Derek thought, though he couldn’t help but do the math. After all, as far as he knew Fiona wasn’t even forty.

“It’s very nice to meet you too, Beth,” he said a little awkwardly. The older he got the less and less comfortable he was around young people. Now he’d have to deal with them all day; so much for quietly taking the day off to avoid dealing with the little brats. “Has your mother shown you around the office?”

“Yes, sir!” she chirped with the same cheerfulness, Fiona practically beaming behind her.

“Good, good.” God, he didn’t know how to talk to a teenager. He was past fifty, for Christ’s sake. “Well, I’ll be sure to give you a call if I need something,” he finished, turning his eyes back to the computer screen and picking up his coffee for that first, wonderfully bitter sip.

“Of course. If you’ll excuse us,” Fiona said, and he gave a faint nod in her direction as he tried to focus. Damn, kids everywhere, his secretary busy, and now he wouldn’t even be able to have his morning constitutional. He paid no attention to the two, trying to put them out of his mind as he sipped at the coffee once more. It was going to be a long and-

The feeling of a hand on his crotch nearly made him spit out the coffee, the sputtering, coughing fit making the hand withdraw. Derek’s head turned to the side to see Fiona kneeling beside his chair, her daughter beside her; Beth was looking at him with a touch of anxiety while Fiona just seemed amused. “Er-” his eyes snapped to the girl, her own eyes flicking between his and her mother’s hand reaching for the bulge in his slacks. “Ahem, what, er, what are you doing Fiona?”

“I’m tending to your stress levels sir, just as I do every morning,” she answered easily, smiling up at him. “No need to trouble yourself sir, I’ll take care of it.” She reached out again, quickly gripping the zipper of his slacks. Her amusement only grew when his leg kicked, jerking the chair back away from her.

“I, ahem, have no idea what you’re talking about Fiona,” he said quickly, his eyes meaningfully darting between her and the girl beside her. *Your daughter is right there, woman!* “Don’t you have filing to-?”

“Sir!” Fiona’s forceful tone was the same she used to chide him for being late to a call or forgetting to grab lunch. “We both know that you won’t be able to focus at all for the rest of the day if we don’t tend to it now.” She fixed him with a pointed glare, one that admittedly usually worked wonders.

“But your daughter-” he tried in a last, desperate attempt.

“-Is a grown woman who needs to learn how to take proper care of the men in her life,” Fiona finished for him. “Focus on your emails sir, there was a problem with the Jackson account they needed your expertise on. Beth and I will take care of everything down here.”

He tried, he really did. Slowly his chair wheeled back into place, turned slightly to give the two women room to crawl beneath the wide, high desk. “Thank you,” Fiona said sweetly. “Just ignore us entirely, sir.”

His computer binged helpfully as he woke it up, trying to turn his mind to work rather than the words he could hear being quietly spoken beneath the desk. “Now remember, this morning session is for him to focus and destress before starting his day. So the key is to be efficient and unobtrusive, so he doesn’t have to worry about anything other than his work.” His belt and zipper jingled as his cock was fished out of his fly, a spitting sound before her warm, slick fingers closed about his limp shaft. The steady rubbing along with the heat of a tongue swirling around his head soon bought him to full mast, and he had to admit the comforting familiarity was already helping him relax. The Jackson account was indeed all messed up, someone down in accounting must have swapped a few signs and now the financials looked like the property was hemorrhaging money.

The clicking of his keyboard became a steady counterrhythm to the firm, long sucks from below. Fiona’s plush lips slid smoothly over his shaft, the tip of her tongue steadily pressing around the ridge of his swollen head. With each stroke she went deeper, and soon his entire length was warm in the embrace of her velvet throat. Manicured hands rested on his knees as he felt her move, swallowing and squeezing around him to stroke his stiff prick with her expert throat. Most of the financials for the past two months would need to be completely redone; idly he wondered if that new intern in IT would be able to throw something together that could do it all automatically. He was always on about automation and coding things, maybe this was a chance to let him put his money where his mouth was.

Slurping, sticky sounds rose as the blowjob grew wetter, the sensation of her tongue moving quickly to catch every drop of spit and precum so that nothing would stain his slacks. Already he could feel himself starting to build up, the tension before the relaxation rising, his meat throbbing inside the tight tunnel. The first few emails of the day had been finished when something changed, a popping sound as Fiona pulled back and his wet cock was cooled from the lack of a hot mouth. “See?” she said, “nice and steady, nothing too fancy. Go ahead and give it a try.”

Surely he hadn’t heard that, the flow of words from his keyboard suddenly ceasing. Then the tongue was back, but it was smaller, more clumsy, moving more quickly and without the same easy precision that came from long hours of practice. “Oh fuck,” he groaned, hands clenching into fists as a tight, fresh mouth closed about the head of his shaft. “Fiona-”

“Mr. Burroughs, please don’t interrupt,” he heard her say, removing all doubt that she was not the one servicing his dick. “Don’t worry, I’ll make sure Beth does a wonderful job, won’t you sweetheart?” There was a muffled assent, soft lips moving around him as the girl mumbled her agreement.

It began again, Derek shivering in a delight that was far different from before. It was more unskilled, more hesitant, the tongue seeking and exploring rather than deliberately targeting his weakest spots. He could hear the faint, quiet gags whenever his swollen head pushed through a narrower throat. Yet the young mouth was tighter and firmer, her throat an exquisite sleeve of pleasure. Even her inexperience worked to her advantage, the shivers of her throat trying to expel the invader adding a squeezing, pulsing pleasure to increasingly steady strokes.

He tried to work, he really did, but his keystrokes became more and more erratic as the voice filtered up from below. “A little more steady, like you’re stroking him with your hand. He likes it deeper too, you can go further.”

The heat vanished, small coughs. “I’m trying Mom, he’s really big. Can you give me a hand?”

“Of course. Remember to breathe through your nose, and keep that mouth nice and wet with drool. There you go.” It returned, the teen girl’s sucking steady, determined to prove herself. Suddenly there was pressure, more, a moan escaping him; in a moment he was buried entirely in her throat, hot lips pressed to his balls, the velvet fucksleeve squirming and pulsing from her muffled, choking coughs. The pleasure pulled back, the sound of a quick and needy breath, then he was buried inside her once more.

“Oh God, oh f-”

The door opened, Andrew poking his head in. “Hey, Derek, got a second?”

“Y-yeah!” he managed, hoping the shuddering wasn’t too obvious. She hadn’t stopped, every stroke coming a little faster and harder as his cock pummeled her tonsils. “What’s up?”

“We’re gonna need some of Jackson’s old tax files for the redo, but I think they got archived already. You know where they are off hand?” He could feel drool spattering onto his legs, the girl not yet skilled enough to swallow down every drop of the slick fluids they were creating.

“They’re in file room three,” came Fiona’s voice, Derek’s whole body stiffening in brief fear. Yet Andrew just nodded as Beth’s nose buried itself in his pubes, her tongue wiggling wildly around the underside of his shaft.

“Thanks, Fi. Hey, don’t talk with your mouth full!” the younger accountant said with a laugh before stepping out, the door slamming shut.

“Fuck!” Derek cried out, unable to hold back any longer from the sheer taboo thrill. He shoved his chair back, looking down to drink in the sight; Beth with her pretty lips wrapped around the base of his prick, staring up in confusion with her mother’s hands on the back of her head to push her down hard and deep, the beaming smile on Fiona’s face. With a quick motion he smacked Fiona’s hand away from the girl, seizing her ponytail in his own grip. She let out a confused squeal as he pulled, only to groan in understanding when he slammed her head back down.

The lazy blowjob became a powerful facefuck, Beth’s hair nothing but a handle for him to use as he rapidly fucked into her slim throat. Her eyes shut tight, mouth open wide, coughing and gagging and keeping her hands firmly in her lap like a good girl should. “That’s it sweetie,” Fiona purred, watching intently as the froth of spit and cum built up more and more at the corner’s of Beth’s mouth. Thick strands of swinging drool began to slip down, swaying from her chin, the wet sounds of her service echoing through the office. Her legs squeezed together tight, eyes open to show them rolling back in her head.

At long last he came, the first thick rope of seed pouring straight down her throat before he yanked her back. Almost instinctively Beth’s mouth fell open, tongue out and drooling freely, thick spatters of spunk covering her face. More and more, Fiona’s hand quickly moving to milk out every drop squarely onto her daughter’s upturned face until she was a dripping mess. One eye seemed glued shut, the other dazed, a visible pool of seed in her mouth up until she swallowed it all down.

“What do we say?” Fiona prompted, Beth letting out a gasp as she sucked in breath.

“Th-thank you, sir,” she huffed, slowly rising to her feet as Derek released his grip. The two stood before him now, Fiona needing to nudge her daughter before she remembered the next step. “D-does sir need more relief?” she asked before turning around. She bent forward, reaching back to lift up her skirt; the black stockings ended around her thighs, no panties, just a fresh hole waiting for use.

Yet Derek had to shake his head, huffing faintly; too old for another round so soon even if the sight before his eyes made his balls ache. “Later,” he said, half promise to her and half to himself, and Beth quickly pulled her skirts back down.

“Then if y-you’ll excuse me, s-sir,” she managed, moving to leave with Fiona beaming with pride every step of the way.