“Here drink this,” John said as he handed Ryan a shot. They were all in the kitchen drinking and talking. Corey and Eve had joined Ryan, Hilary, and Blake. Ryan was now on his second shot and was already feeling the effects. Everyone was already drunk.

Ryan quickly downed the shot and John clapped him on the back. John was beyond wasted but he kept drinking. The house had gotten even more packed since they returned from the woods and it was loud as fuck in the living room from the music. People were damn near fucking as they grinded against each other to the music.

Ryan had seen a girl twerk her ass against several dudes. He had to admit his cock had twitched a lot at that as her ass was huge. He wanted to feel that ass against his own cock.

Ryan had to laugh at how much his life had changed over the past few months. He literally went from beating his meat every night to porn to fucking and eating out several girls. It was all because of Maddy. She had literally brought out a more assertive and confident side to him. He was no longer shy around girls and freely spoke his mind.

He couldn’t believe that he had tentative plans to see Leslie, Blake, and even Joanne with Maddy. This was the most pussy that he was going to get in a week! It was beyond his wildest dreams and he had to admit that he was excited and a little nervous about if he could keep up with all of these girls.

“Yo, look at Corey,” John whispered in Ryan’s ear. Ryan looked over at Corey who was kissing Eve. It was a slow kiss that went on for several seconds. Ryan smiled as he watched. He was happy for his friend.

“The lucky bastard. Eve got some big tits,” John whispered. “I want to titfuck her.”

Ryan laughed hard. Everyone looked at him in surprise then returned to their conversations.

“Is there anyone you don’t want to fuck?” Ryan asked him as he continued to laugh.

John grinned. “Nah, you know me, bro. I’m a manwhore. There’s even some ugly bitches in here with fat asses that I’ve had my eyes on including those two over there.”

John pointed at a chubby girl who was chatting with another girl on the opposite side of the kitchen. The chubby girl wasn’t even ugly. She was plain-looking but not ugly at all. Ryan looked and saw that she did have a big ass that poked out from the back.

The other girl’s ass was even bigger. It was literally like a basketball was poking out the back of her jeans. Ryan’s cock twitched like crazy as he looked at that ass. The girl was also plain-looking. Ryan had no idea why John thought they were ugly.

“I thought you were into tits more than ass,” Ryan said with a smile.

John laughed. “Come on, you know you’re trippin. Corey loves boobs. I like both but asses are number one, man. I know you think the same.”

Ryan nodded with a smile. “Yeah, I do.”

“How about we head over and talk to those girls?” John asked with a grin. “I think we can probably fuck them tonight or at least get some head.”

Ryan laughed hard again. Blake gave him a curious look. She was talking to Hilary and they were both animated in their conversation. He knew that they were both drunk.

“John, you are crazy, man. We got Hilary and Blake that we are literally hanging out with now and you want to go hook up with other girls!” Ryan said as he laughed at his friend.

“Who cares?” John said with a grin. “We are not married to them. They ain’t our girlfriends and like I said they are non-monogamous.”

“I don’t know, man. I think it would be really rude to just go off and talk to other girls in front of them,” Ryan said. “No matter if they are non-monogamous or not.”

Ryan looked at the girls with the big asses again. His cock twitched again as his eyes went to those huge asses. He did want to talk with them and would love to fuck either one of them but he also wanted to bang Leslie and Blake who were both hot ass fuck.

“Ok. You’re right,” John said with a grin. “It would be rude to talk with them in front of the girls. How about this, we’ll head up the stairs and I’ll say I need to go to the bathroom but I’ll talk with both of them and get their numbers.”

Ryan laughed. His friend was as stubborn as a horse when he had an idea in his mind. There was no shaking this thought from John’s mind. He was going to talk to those girls no matter what.

“Alright man,” Ryan said.

“I’ll tell them about you,” John said. “Which one do you want?”

Ryan looked at both of them and he found himself lingering more on the one with the bigger ass. His cock kept twitching as he looked at that big ass. It was too huge to pass up even though her friend also had a nice ass.

John laughed. “I knew it. The huge ass one, right?”

Ryan grinned. “Yeah, it’s so fucking big.”

“Alright, cool. I got you,” John said. “Hey everyone, let’s head upstairs and smoke.”

Hilary, Blake, Eve, and Corey all headed upstairs with them. John opened one of the rooms and saw that it was empty. They went inside and then he pulled out two blunts and lit them up. He passed it around.

Ryan smoked it and gave it to Blake. She was standing close to him and the smell of her was amazing. Corey and Eve were very close to each other as well as they smoked.

“I gotta run to the bathroom. I’ll be right back,” John said before he left.

“You know Hilary thinks you’re cute,” Blake suddenly said to him.

Ryan looked at her in surprise. “Oh really?”

“Yeah, she wants to talk to you,” Blake said with a smile.

‘Oh. You’re ok with that?” Ryan asked her.

“Yeah, I don’t think I told you but I don’t really believe in labels and I don’t prescribe to monogamy. I think that everyone should be able to fuck whoever they want as long as it’s consensual,” Blake said.

“That’s interesting. I think that’s really cool,” Ryan said.

Blake laughed. “I know it’s hard to comprehend but that’s how I live my life. Hilary thinks the same, too. So, go over there and talk to her.”

Ryan looked at Blake and he saw that she was serious. He glanced over at Hilary who was smoking and also looking at him. It was like she was waiting for him to come over. This was turning into one hell of a night!