A final tap on the keyboard, and the program was running. Automatically Dave glanced over at the small speaker sitting on the desk beside him. It didn’t seem to be doing anything, the only noise sounding like the very faint hissing from a speaker with no input turned up too high. He cranked up the volume to its max, but it still was no more than a soft whisper. At least that part seemed to be working like it was supposed to, but that didn’t mean anything by itself.

Rising up he poked my head out of his room, looking out into the living room of the small apartment. There was Cassie, his roommate’s girlfriend. Ever since they got together she’d spent more and more time hanging out here, not giving Dave the time of day and eating all their food. Even now she was just lazing on the couch, laying on her back with her phone held up over her head, long blonde hair spilling over the sides. The pose showed off her firm tits in the tight t-shirt she wore, legs for miles shown off by her tiny shorts.

“Hey, Cass,” Dave called out, earning a disgusted sigh in response.

“What?” she said flatly, not even looking away from her phone.

“Just saying hi,” he said slowly, watching her carefully. No signs of distress, no indication that she was bothered or upset. Or at least no more than usual. “How are you feeling?”

“Fine,” she grunted, still not looking at him. Something on the screen made her smirk, a smile that could be gorgeous when she wanted but was far more likely to be cruel in his limited experience.

“Good, good…Is your head hurting at all?”

Finally she lowered the phone, green eyes staring with enough venom that he nearly retreated back into his room. “The fuck do you want?!” she demanded. “Do I have to get Clarence to kick your ass again?”

No, no she did not. Hell, Dave was still aching from the last time she’d told her football playing boyfriend that the skinny, five foot nothing nerd he lived with had walked in on her in the shower. It wasn’t even true, but that hadn’t stopped the beefy motherfucker from beating the shit out of Dave while Cassie alternated between cruel laughter and false sobs. “No, no,” he said quickly. “Just, uh…I was gonna head to the store, did you need anything?”

The desperate lie seemed to work, Cass’ eyes narrowing before she slumped back onto the couch and returned to her phone. “Diet Coke. And get another phone charger, this one’s a piece of shit,” she demanded, his own charger cord currently dangling from her device.

There was no point arguing, there hadn’t been ever since Clarence, strong as an ox and as dumb as one, started dating the bitch. Dave just grabbed his wallet and left the apartment, out into the warm afternoon. The walk gave him time to flip through his own phone, the dozens of articles and papers he’d been reading. Behavioral modification, subliminal messaging, subsonic sound engineering, even stuff he’d pulled from the dark web that was claimed to have come from MKULTRA. All coalesced into the program running on his computer and the biggest, most expensive speaker he’d been able to buy.

All of it bullshit, apparently. Why had he expected anything different?


The campus store was closed, forcing him to walk further down to the 7-11 a mile away. It ended up being nearly an hour before Dave made it back to the apartment, “Hey, I got the-” he started to say as he came in, only to stand stunned in the doorway.

Cassie was still on the couch, of course she was, but her barely there outfit had been tossed aside. The leggy blonde was laying there naked, her big, firm tits rising from her chest and her nipples hard with arousal. Those long, shapely legs were spread wide open, one hand between her legs steadily, almost lazily pumping two fingers in and out of her shaved, tight pussy. Her mound and thighs were glistening with her own nectar, Faintly she moaned, eyes glued to something on her phone.

She didn’t even look up when Dave opened the door, barely even seemed to notice he was there. “Mmm, fuck,” she purred, her back arching slightly as her hips rose from the couch. Her body trembled, pearly teeth closing on her bottom lip. “Nnnng, almost…fucck..”

The thump of the grocery bag hitting the floor made her gaze finally snap to the door, her eyes rolling in annoyance. “Finally, get your ass over here.”

Dave didn’t move, couldn’t even believe his eyes as her legs came together and she rose to kneel on the couch. Turning to face away from him she bent over the back, legs slightly spread, her toned, tight ass and dripping, juicy pussy on full display. With one hand she reached back, spreading her lips to show off the wet, pink hole. “I need a dick, yours will do.”

This wasn’t happening. it couldn’t be. But the longer he stood there the more her ass shook, a teasing and inviting sway interrupted by her rude demand to “Get over here and fuck me already!”

“It worked,” Dave said slowly as he approached, his hands almost automatically reaching down to unzip his fly. His cock sprang out almost immediately, rapidly growing just from the sight of this cockteasing bitch begging for his rod. “It really work-”

“Ugh, don’t talk,” she groaned, but her ass shook a little more fervently. Definitely room for improvement, but that didn’t matter right now. The device worked, and he was going to take full advantage. “About time,” Cassie muttered when his hands fell on her hips, giving that plush rear a firm squeeze. “Are you going tooooo-!”

Her words ended in a satisfied moan, her head falling to let blonde hair cascade down. A single thrust had buried him deep in her sopping cunt, a groan of his own joining the chorus. Her pussy was velvet soft and perfectly tight, her trembling walls squeezing him just right. Any thought of taking it slow or savoring the moment were banished; she’d barely finished the first long sound of pleasure when another burst forth, his narrow hips pulling back and slamming into her once more.

“Ah, fuck, mm!” she grunted, hands tightly clenching the back of the couch. “That’s it, get me off, fuck me you-nngah!” Her glorious ass began to move in time, pushing herself forward and thrusting back to meet his throbbing cock. Words vanished, rhythmic grunts and whines all that escaped her. Dave filled the silence with groans of his own, hundreds of masturbatory fantasies all coming true at once. The harder he fucked her the more she whined, her trembles becoming more pronounced.

He knew he wouldn’t last long, but it didn’t matter. Her head fell back, mouth open in a loud, gasping cry as her snatch clenched down, her body shaking as she came hard around his nerdy dick. “Ffffffuck yes!” she moaned, falling forward, her body shivering. “Fuck, finish it, cum in me, I need it, cum in my fucking cunt!”

That was all it took, his throbbing rod slamming hard into her slick hole as his balls churned and pulsed. The filthy words tipped him over the edge and he let out a wordless groan of pleasure, burying himself balls deep. Thick, sticky ropes of cum pumped out into her pussy, Cassie letting out faint whimpers as hot seed flooded her. “Oh, shit, motherfucking…shit.” Dave’s whole body shook as he pulled back, a last spurt of seed shooting out to splatter onto her tanned ass cheek.

“Fuck, there we go,” she sighed, slowly pulling herself up and rising from the couch. “Right, I’m gonna take a shower. Don’t you have some nerd shit to do in your room or whatever?” she said dismissively, giving him a faint shove as she walked by. Her hips swayed as she did, hot cum trickling down her thighs.

Nerd shit. Yes. Yes, he did have nerd shit to do.