Last week I ran into a woman I knew almost 20 years ago. She had worked for me and then we ended up being FWB for a while. I’ve always remembered her as the best sex I had ever had.

Skip to now, and we bump into each other at a grocery store. We chat for a while and I start to feel that desire I had for her back then. Then she was 23, short and curvy with huge tits and a big ass. As I said, she was the best sex I ever had. She loved oral and cum and fucking anywhere. I was around thirty at the time and her boss so we had to keep it on the down low.

So after a while we decide to meet the next night for drinks. I’ll admit I was a bit nervous. She still looked great and I wanted to impress her.

We meet at the bar and the chemistry is still there. She has dark brown eyes that are sexy as hell. At some point I say to her that she was the best I’d ever had. She smiled and said that she told her girlfriend earlier today that she was meeting ‘my best fuck.’. She said that before me, all she hooked up with were college guys who came and left. She said that me taking my time and going down on her and making her cum first was such a change for her.

Now I have an average cock, and I know it. But I use it the best I can and employ my tongue and fingers as much as possible.

She looks at me and just says, ‘let’s go to my place.’. Hell yes.

As soon as we are in her door we are all over each other. Our clothes were off instantly. I had those big nipples in my mouth as she stroked me. Then she started sucking me and I remembered how good she was at sucking cock.
She straddled my face at I ate that delicious pussy likely life depended on it.

She then moved down and sat on my cock. Her pussy was incredible still. I loved her on top. Seeing those huge tits swat. I could suck her big brown nipples. Or pinch them hard like she loved.
She rode me hard and talked dirty. She loved to talk dirty. She came while leaning back and squeezing my balls. Shortly thereafter I came hard in her.

We laid there for a while and she suggested a shower. She had a big glass shower. We soaped up and groaped up. I went down and sucked her clit. I buried my tongue deep as I could in her. Then I moved back and licked her tight asshole. The shudder and moan it caused told me I hit the jackpot. I tongued her ass and fingered her pussy. She ground into my face. I then worked a finger in her ass and two in her pussy. She came hard.

We got out of the shower and got on the bed, soaking wet.
She bent over and said ‘fuck me!’
I needed no more direction. Her beautiful ass and pussy was right there for my taking. I couldn’t resist one more quick lick so I ran my tongue from her clit to her ass. Then I plunged into her pussy.
I pumped away for dear life. She told me she loved my balls slapping her clit. I told her pussy was amazing and her ass looked so good.
With that, I worked a finger in her ass as I fucked her.
After a minute or two she said, ‘are you going to fuck my ass or not?!’
Hell yes. I pulled out and she told me there was lube in her nightstand drawer. I lubed us both up well. I have to say, the feeling of my cock head popping into her ass was one of the greatest feelings ever. I worked my whole cock in and got to work. She was frigging herself as I pumped away.
I couldn’t hold out long and told her so.
She said to fill her ass with my cum. That’s all I needed. I felt my balls tighten and came deep in her ass. It was incredible.
I have to say, the sight of my cum dripping out of her ass made me want to pound her some more right then.

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