(“Noah” here; this was written by Tori, the tiny blonde bombshell from the previous [stories ](https://www.reddit.com/r/gonewildstories/comments/tingfc/mf_sleeping_with_my_best_friends_tiny_blonde/); she saw the requests for more in the comments of the previous posts I had written, and so, wrote the story of what happened the next day, for the fans and for me. Let me tell you, it’s a pretty great experience to read a sexy story from your partner’s point of view; this definitely helped alleviate some long buried teenage insecurity)

(For reference, this is pretty close to what Tori’s body [looked like](https://i.redd.it/92s3fzfoq9p81.jpg).)

**Tori’s Story**

I woke up slowly, engulfed in Noah’s arms, and the feeling of his cock pulsing against my ass in line with his breathing.

I wiggled back and put a little pressure on him and received a soft moan and tighter embrace in response. I didn’t need to wake him quite yet.

I closed my eyes and thought about the night before. How excited I had been, how my body literally convulsed in pleasure, how he filled me up… but mostly how he looked down on me, his piercing eyes expressing his need, his hands squeezing my neck and his “Mmm good girl”

I was instantly wet just thinking about it.

Nobody had ever called me a good girl before. For some background, I grew up in a very religious household and even after leaving the church, found it hard to do anything outside vanilla sex. While my boyfriend and I certainly had excellent sex, he was always so sweet and careful with my body, making me feel loved and cared for.

And with Noah? I had felt absolutely ravaged afterwards. My cunt, soft and pulsing, my neck was kind of sore, and my whole body was left wanting… more.

More choking, more being thrown around, more being smacked and absolutely pounded.
Everyone I had been with before was taller than me (not too hard, seeing as I’m 4’11), but I had never been with anyone taller than 5´8 out of sheer convenience. Making out with someone over a foot taller than you is relatively inconvenient for the most part.

But Noah and I had come together in the strangest of ways, and I was still in awe. I remember after the[ first night cuddling together](https://www.reddit.com/r/gonewildstories/comments/thraug/mf_sleeping_with_my_best_friends_tiny_blonde/), I told my boyfriend about what we had done. I was so nervous that he was going to be upset, but he simply wasn’t. He was excited and made me blush when he said he thought it was cute that I wanted to kiss him. As I talked more about it, he ended up being the one suggesting that we have sex, something I never wouldve considered. But from the moment the thought was put into my head, I became obsessed with the idea.

Even though we did have my boyfriend’s permission, I still felt so dirty. It pained me and my previously spiritual soul to think this, but I felt like a slut and it felt good. Noah had made me feel used last night in the best of ways. His hands could encircle my entire waist, he had effortlessly picked me up and fucked me last night so well, I was in disbelief that it had even been real.

Yet here I was, in his strong embrace, pressed up against his muscular chest, listening to his steady breaths.

While I had been daydreaming about the night, I paid close attention to the noise outside the bedroom as his roommates were getting ready for work and leaving the house. After hearing one last door close, Noah pulled me closer; he had been listening as well.“Good morning princess” he muffled into my neck. This sent shivers throughout my whole body.

With those three words, I was once again putty in his hands. His hands caressed my body, moving up over my stomach to my boobs, pausing for a gentle squeeze and moving back down. As he teasingly caressed over my thighs, inching closer to my cunt, I started to shake with anticipation. His cock started to grow and harden against my ass and I spread my legs to welcome his fingers to my now incredibly wet pussy.

As one hand continued to tease me, the other went up to my face and started to caress my cheek. His steady rubbing incurred little gasps as I felt him push and pull, at the same time his hand starting to tighten on my cheeks. He kept rubbing and getting closer to my slit, gently dabbing his finger in, teasing me. As I went for another deep breath, his finger went in me at the same time he stuck his fingers in my mouth.

Holy fuck. I groaned, muffled through his fingers, as he went deeper in me. I was sore from last night but his fingers kindled pleasure as I moaned with each thrust. I could feel an orgasm swelling, threatening with each push, my breath quickening and getting so close until –

“That’s enough of that”

Noah pulled out of me and in one easy motion, flipped us out of the oh so comfortable spoon position and pushed me onto my stomach.

My heart quickened. Last night we had been so intent on having sex for the first time, there wasn’t a second thought about switching positions. Noah easily grabbed my waist and roughly pulled me towards him, his thick member now pressed directly against my cunt. As one hand positioned himself into me, the other slid down my back and wrapped itself into my messy hair. I whimpered as he pushed his cock slowly into me and at the same time, pulled my hair up so that my back was arching up, my shoulder blades resting on his chest, his break tickling the back of my neck

. “Fuck, you are so tight”, he growled and all I could respond with was another moan as he pulled out and pushed in again, this time filling me up completely with his huge cock. I was thankful for the fact that I didn’t have to stifle my moans like last night, I honestly don’t think I could have. From this position, he started building rhythm, thrusting his cock deeper inside of me, each time faster and harder.

I felt my body responding, tightening on him as well with every movement. His hands started to wander again and with an effortless pull, he moved my upper body up off the bed and held tight onto my chest, pulling me close to his body. I instinctively locked my legs around his, as he, with incredible physical effort, simply started bouncing me on his cock.

God, I could feel every thrust ripple through the rest on my body, and I couldn’t help but moan and rest my head back onto his shoulders. One hand let go of my chest and wrapped around my neck.

Fuck the pressure overhwlemed me and I could feel my orgasm starting to welling up.

“Harder” I quietly begged, honestly not knowing if he could go any harder than how he was pounding into me now.

I got what I wanted. In response to my plea, he released my body back onto the bed, and shoved my neck into the pillows and started fucking me relentlessly. Muffled by the pillows, I moaned his name and begged him to come in me. I was his slut, his dirty play toy and I needed him. Needed his release with mine, and begged more for it. He started to gasp and grab me tighter, and it sent me straight to my orgasm as well, feeling his cock release into me as I convulsed uncontrollably.

He collapsed onto me, and I was for a moment completely smothered by his body, his heavy breathing and warm throbbing cock still inside me. I struggled underneath and he lifted himself, pulling out of me, which got one last “oh fuck” from me and laid down to hold me once again as a little spoon.

He stroked my cheek with his thumb and kissed me gently as we listened to our heart beats slow. I was ready to drift back to sleep when he whispered into my ear

“Will you be a good girl for me in the shower too?”