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Amidst the frustration of my school dropping my major and having to switch schools last minute, I had forgotten to send in my housing application in time for fall sophomore semester. I called the housing office with just days to go before the semester was to begin. They told me they should be able to find me a dorm on the first day of classes, but this would not be guaranteed.

Move-in day, Friday, became quite stressful without the guarantee of a dorm for fall semester but I already had some off-campus apartments lined up as a backup. I arrived and explained my situation to the counselor.

“Hmm, I’m afraid we’re quite short on dorm openings at the moment.” She flipped through several sheets of paperwork. “Well, it’s your lucky day, we do have a vacant dorm. It’s Building C, co-ed, I’ll let them know you’re coming.” The rest of the day was a relief and by the afternoon, I was relaxing in my own dorm. I went out and explored campus, met a few people along the way before calling it a night.

Saturday morning was uneventful and after venturing to the University’s fitness center for the first time, I showered and prepared to head out to lunch when I heard a knock on the door.

“Hi Mr. G, I’m from campus housing,” a middle-aged woman said. “It seems there’s been a mistake with your dorm.” I froze, preparing for the possibility of being evicted from my vacant room. “We were supposed to assign this room to another student and normally we would simply assign you a roommate. The problem is, the only other student we need to find a dorm for is a female. We don’t normally assign co-ed roommates but she said she’d be ok with it if you are. You don’t have to accept but it’s up to you.” I was shocked, certainly not expecting this to be my University’s solution to their screw up. “She authorized us to share her e-mail with you so you two can connect if you’d like. We need to have this resolved by 5pm. Please let me know!”

Sure enough, I e-mailed my prospective roommate and she replied back right away with one of those “heyyy!” greetings. Amber Clarkson. A quick search of multiple social media platforms revealed that she was… well, quite simply, hot.

Sunday morning, the morning after I accepted the counselor’s request to assign me a female roommate. Amber and I exchanged numbers and she texted me that she should arrive around noon, which she promptly arrived on time.

“Hi Nick, nice to meet you,” Amber said as I opened the door.

“Amber,” I gazed straight at the curvy blond standing in the doorway. “Nice to meet you too! Here, I’ll take your bags.”

I took her to lunch on campus, friendly interactions the entire time before we walked through a heavy rain back to our dorm afterwards.

“Yuck, I feel like crap!” Amber exclaimed once we were in our dorm. “I’m gonna shower, I’ll be back.” She took a towel and walked down the hall to the communal bathroom.

About fifteen minutes later, the door handle rattled and in walked Amber, her blond hair soaking wet and just a towel wrapped around her. She kicked off her flip flops and threw her clothes into a pile. I made a conscious effort to not look too much, but fuck, what a body she had! Amber had an athletic build, much shorter than me and perfectly rounded curves to complement her imposing face. I peeked subtly a couple times as she held the towel facing away from me.

Suddenly, there was a break in the silence. “I guess we’re going to see each other like this throughout the semester, right?” Amber hesitated. “But don’t look!” I heard her towel drop to the floor. I didn’t want to make things awkward, especially having known her for less than two hours. My eyes were glued to my computer screen but they drifted slightly so my peripheral could catch a glimpse of my naked roommate.

Amber and I spent much of the evening together in a friendly manner, wandering around campus, eating dinner and comparing schedules before we both decided to go to sleep. …or so I thought.

Within ten minutes of the lights turning off, I heard a muffled noise coming from across the room. At first, I ignored it but after a minute, I curiously peeked over at Amber’s bed. There was a motion coming from under her sheets. *Is she… no, I’m imagining! She’s not… it can’t be!*

Monday was the first day of classes. Amber and I both had classes in the morning and neither of us expected to be back at our dorms until later in the afternoon but I decided to run to my dorm to change clothes before lunch, as it had gotten much warmer than expected outside. I stuck my key in the door and swung it open.

“Oh shit, I’m so sorry Amber!” I quickly turned away as my roommate grabbed a towel to conceal her exposed B cups.

“No, no, it’s ok Nick, I wasn’t supposed to be here,” Amber laughed. “My professor canceled class on the first day.” We had a laugh about it when she threw the towel aside, revealing her teardrop breasts. She noticed me frozen. “What? It’s not like you’re not gonna see them at some point!” She turned away, bending down to her still unpacked suitcase to assemble an outfit. This revealed her polka dot panties and her curvy ass. I couldn’t decide which was the better view.

After classes were done for the day, we had dinner separately but returned to our dorms later in the evening. We made small talk, learning about each other and ignoring the ‘incident’ from earlier in the day and what I heard the night before. I was distracted by her skin tight tank top and shorts she was lounging in the dorm with at first but our conversation was natural and I began to see her more of a friend and less of an attractive girl.

Later that night, after we went to “sleep,” I heard the noise under her sheets again. This time, she spilled a slight moan. As soon as she did, silence dominated the room. I pretended to be asleep as I heard a movement from Amber’s bed. From my peripheral vision, I could tell she had sat up and was staring at me to see if I was awake. All of a sudden, I was fighting the urge to sneeze. I kept breathing normally and held off the sneeze.

A few hours later, I had returned from the restroom and found Amber sprawled out on her back with the sheets hanging off of her. My heart began to thump. I couldn’t resist peeking at the girl I had heard moaning earlier. Her toned leg was uncovered up to nearly her waist and most of her cleavage was visible. I admired her sexy figure for a few seconds before laying back down.

Tuesday morning. I invited Amber to join me at the gym early before breakfast and she enthusiastically obliged. The notion of her intentionally teasing me the night prior popped into my mind. It occurred to me that she was sleeping naked with me in the room and her sheets conveniently covered what it needed to. The more I thought about it, the more I was convinced that my roommate was teasing me!

I found the loosest basketball shorts I had and wore them without underwear along with a semi-tight t-shirt. *Two can play at your little teasing game, Amber*.

Amber went straight for a treadmill, so I joined her for a few minutes before heading to lift weights. She was wearing pink booty shorts and a black sports bra, which accentuated her voluptuous breasts. Within ten minutes of me walking over to the weight rack, I noticed another rack hovering over me.

“Shit, you scared me, Amber!” I said as I lifted the barbell up over me.

“Wow, you’re strong, Nick,” my roommate murmured in a flirty tone and giggled. She picked up some weights and stood a few feet from me before starting her squats. I turned my leg slightly, offering her a view up my shorts and I watched her provocative ass stick out with each squat. Our eyes locked a time or two and I could feel tension building.

“I think this is an Olympic sized swimming pool,” I said as we walked by the pool.

“Want to check it out?” Amber asked.

“I don’t have trunks with me. Maybe tomorrow.” I replied.

“So? Come on!” Amber raised an eyebrow and opened the door to the pool room. Naturally, I followed out of curiosity. “Wow, this is so nice.” I looked around the massive room, realizing that not a soul was with us. I followed her around the edge of the pool, admiring her ass with each step. As we explored the edge on the deep end side, I inched closer to Amber, waiting for the perfect moment.

“Hey,” I said in a confused tone, “what’s that over there?” I pointed to a random tile at the bottom of the pool.

“What?” She paused and asked me. I pointed again and she crouched down.

“There!” I bent over, reaching to push her in. Instead… *whoa*!

As I fell beneath the surface, I saw her head tilting, her hand over her mouth and laughter exploding from her. I swam back up to the surface.

“You think I was gonna fall for that?” She laughed hysterically as I swam to the edge. I extended an arm and asked her to pull me out. She refused but I insisted. “I’m not falling for that either, Nick!” She started walking towards the exit.

“Oh no you don’t!” I leapt out of the water and ran after her, struggling to catch her in my soaked gym clothes. She shrieked, nearly slipping into the water herself. I caught her a few steps before the exit, grabbed her by the waist and pulled her into my arms, running back towards the pool.

“No, Nick, no!” She flailed her arms and legs, desperate to escape but I ran right to the pool and tossed her in. Splash! Seconds later, the drenched blond broke the surface and splashed water towards me, adjusting her sports bra. “You asshole!” She extended an arm, saying “help me out.” Now it was my turn to decline and she splashed me relentlessly. I struggled pulling my soaked shirt over my head and cannonballed into the water. I swam under Amber and pushed her feet up, launching her into the air and then underwater.

We splashed around for five minutes as a swim team arrived for practice. We took that as our cue to leave and we did, walking across campus laughing as everyone stared at us in our wet clothes.

After our unplanned swim, we started wearing less clothing in our dorm around each other, in fact Amber lounged around in a bra and booty shorts sometimes and a tank top with panties other times. I returned the favor, opting for shorts with no underwear and shirts became rare for me in our dorm. Neither of us seemingly wanted to make a move for the next couple of days, though.

Then Friday rolled around. We went to the gym together again, flirted again and went about our days. Amber told me she had a Tinder date that night and I was going to a pre-season basketball game with my friends. I checked my phone after finishing my shower and noticed a text from Amber.

“Hey are you still here? Need your opinion!”

“Yeah just got out of the shower, be right there!” I thought nothing of it and walked into our dorm. As soon as I swung the door open, my heart thumped again and my jaw dropped halfway to the floor.

“Hey Nick!” Amber exclaimed. “I need your opinion on this outfit,” she said, struggling to adjust her outfit. “How does this make me look?”

*Sexy, stunning, incredible, insanely hot, gorgeous, smokeshow, bombshell*. Well those are the adjectives running through my mind. “You look great, Amber,” I stuttered, which was like saying Antarctica is cold, it was an understatement. My roommate wore a cherry red romper that exposed most of her legs, most of her cleavage and showed the top of her shoulders. Her wavy blond hair swayed freely and she wore the perfect amount of makeup.

“Thanks Nick, wish me luck!” She hugged me, grabbed her purse and scampered out of the room, nearly stumbling in her heels.


My friends and I left the game at halftime. The starters were out of the game and it was a blowout. I was tired from a long week of classes, so I headed back to the dorm. As soon as I opened my door, I noticed the light was on. I looked around but I didn’t see Amber’s romper or purse. I undressed to my boxers and started playing games on my laptop.

About fifteen minutes later, I heard the door rattle. I turned around and saw my roommate enter.

“Oh shit, I’m sorry, I wasn’t expecting you yet!” I said, scrambling for a t-shirt.

“I wasn’t expecting *you*!” Amber responded. “It’s ok, I’ve seen you like that before.”

“What happened, you’re back early.”

“Yeah,” she sighed. “Guys suck. This guy was so boring. I couldn’t get out of there fast enough.”

We made small talk for a few minutes and we both decided to stay in the rest of the night.

“Hey Nick,” Amber said in a soft voice. “You wanna watch a movie with me?”

We spent the next two hours watching a chick flick in my bed. We both balked during the kissing scenes and decided to go to bed afterwards. I was already regretting my lack of action. There was my chance, and I figured I’d blown it. I drifted in and out of sleep for half an hour.

And then she moaned. I glanced over at her bed. There was rapid movement coming from the lower part of the bed under the sheets and Amber covered her mouth with her other hand. I began massaging my dick under my boxers as I watched my roommate masturbate. “Ohhhh!” She moaned, her hand unable to completely mute her. “Ohhhhh!” I stroked myself harder, yanking down my boxers. I closed my eyes, fanaticizing about my horny roommate just a few feet from me. My hand wrapped around my dick tight when…


*Shit, shit, shit, this is bad! She caught me!*

“Nick!” She sat up in her bed, throwing the sheet aside. I turned towards her, now realizing that she was naked. “Fuck me, please.”

“Wait, seriously?”

“Fucking hell Nick, we’ve delayed it long enough. Just fuck me now. Fuck me hard. Fuck me rough.” She sat at the edge of the bed, her hands outstretched. Never had I sprung out of bed quicker in my life than that moment.

I spun Amber around and climbed on top of her in her bed, ferociously making out with her. There was no peck, no kissing, no easing into it. Our tongues were buried in each other’s mouths the instant I was in her bed. It was passionate, extraordinary, intoxicating, exhilarating, simply electrifying. My dick swelled up on Amber’s leg as I felt her tits under my chest. I shifted to her neck and she dug her nails into my skin, dragging them down my back. It physically hurt but it was such a turn-on, she may as well dug a knife into my back and I would have enjoyed it. My mouth moved around her neck, kissing, nipping and sucking on her as my hands ran down her body.

She slid her body down her bed until she was laying under my dick. “Mmmmm, so this is what you’ve been hiding.” Her hands massaged it as she kissed my tip. She rolled it around and squeezed her tits around it, rubbing up and down my fully erect shaft. Her fingers grazed my balls as her lips gradually consumed my tip and she ran her other hand up my chest. I lowered myself onto her, forcing my shaft in her mouth, shoving between her lips. She sucked me and slurped it out, again kissing the tip and massaging it in her hands, then burying it down her throat, bopping her head as my legs pinned her body down. I shifted my body towards her, sending my dick deep into her mouth. She sucked my shaft, letting it out and then taking all of it again. My roommate had talent and I needed to stop before I erupted already.

I pulled out of her mouth and instructed her to move up. I traced my hands around her tits, down her body and between her legs. I positioned myself between her legs and slid my tongue around her entrance, causing her body to quiver and begging me to pleasure her. My tongue traced around until it reached her slit. Amber moaned at my tongue’s contact and I gave her an exaggerated lick before flicking up to her clit. She immediately grabbed my hair and moaned again. “Ohhhh!” I adjusted my body and teased two fingers up against her slit as my tongue flicked her clit. My fingers eventually slid into her and I couldn’t believe how wet she was, then again she had been fingering herself! Her body convulsed as my tongue ran up and down, striking her clit each time. I shoved my fingers deep into her wet pussy, causing her to moan every time I guided them in.

“Mmm, I want to feel your wet pussy,” I groaned.

“Fuck me now!” She panted, grabbing her own tits in pleasure.

I climbed up over her, pin her to her bed and effortlessly glide my dick up against her lips. I teased her for a moment and she moaned, begging to be fucked senselessly. I held her hips and dove in. I started slowly, shifting my body around side to side, sliding further into her with each movement. I stared down at her perfectly sculpted curves beneath me. Her body pushed towards me, desperately begging to be fucked harder. The world seemed to stand still in that moment. It felt incredible to be inside her tight walls.

I pulled myself out so my tip was still between her lips and then I pushed my lower body forward, shoving my dick back into her wetness. “Ohhhh fuck!” Amber moaned, frantically rubbing her clit as I began thrusting into her faster. I pulled her hips upwards, and she bent her knees as I pounded myself deep into her tight pussy. “Fuck baby, just like that! Ohhhh fuck!” I felt myself getting too close, so I slowed down and rocked my hips, shuffling my dick side to side deep in her.

“Turn over,” I instructed Amber, standing up facing her bed and flipping her on her stomach. “Hold onto the bed.” I smacked her ass cheeks and held under her hips, sliding into her and pulling her towards me. I stood in our dorm, pulling her body towards me and shoving myself deeper into her. She shrieked as I stared at her ass facing me. My fingers grabbed her ass as I held her tight to me, thrusting my hips upwards, fucking her clenched pussy.

I stood Amber up and laid on my back in my bed. I took her hand and guided her over me. I watched her sexy figure climb onto me, rubbing her clit as she lowered her wet pussy on me. My body felt galvanized as she took all of me up into her. She slowly started to bounce herself on me, sliding around me and running her hands up my chest. I shook my hips, shoving myself into her in sync with her movements. I grabbed her tits, feeling them bounce with her movements on me. She leaned over, intensifying the feeling even more and our tongues swirled around each other’s mouths again, causing us to fuck even harder. She was bouncing on me wildly like her body was possessed by my dick. “Ohhhh fuck, fuck, fuck!” She cried out louder every time she took me deep into her.

“Fuck, I’m so close, baby!” I groaned, met by her moan. “All fours, Amber!” She climbed on her hands and knees, sticking her perfect ass in my face. My hand pounded her ass as I grabbed her hips, slamming my dick into her, my body clapping against her ass with each pounding thrust. She shrieked again and I couldn’t contain my groaning. I leaned over her body and navigated my fingers to her clit as I fucked her as hard as I could. “I’m gonna cum, fuck!”

“Cum in my pussy please, ohhhh fuck!” She contracted around my dick, her body shaking as I plowed into her. She cried out as I felt her wetness become stronger and pushed me over the top.

“Fuck!” I yelled and as I smacked her ass, I unleashed ropes of sweet cum into her soaked pussy, erupting for several seconds, refusing to stop until every last drop was stuffed into her.

I watched my fluids drip out of her onto my bed. She fingered it up and licked it. That night, I knew it was going to be a hell of a semester.