I was in my mid 30’s living in an upscale apartment complex after divorce. The community was nice and there were lots of 30-40 something’s living there at the time. Mostly decently well off and divorced. The complex had a great gym, nice outdoor patios and a pool that was truly amazing. So, one summer weekday I’m at the pool and this older woman (found out she was 47 once we talked) was laying out in a very revealing bikini. She had gorgeous blonde hair, and a Barbie like figure. Roughly 5’6, skinny, petite, and absolutely huge fake boobs. I took my spot at the opposite end of the pool and there were a few others laying out and lounging in the pool, but not busy by any means. Throughout the next couple of hours I kept stealing glimpses of this woman’s beautiful body. Laying there with my headphones and sunglasses on, fantasizing about her amazing, huge tits, checking out her sexy feet and legs, and quite frankly just dreaming of going to town on her. After awhile in the hear I got into the pool and kinda walked around in it. I noticed that she was looking right at me. I’m typically not shy, but I was struggling with approaching this beautiful woman.

After a bit I got out of the pool and back in my lounge chair. Shortly there after she got into the pool and was heading my way. Her huge tits were barely in this tiny bikini and I was downright staring. She came over to my side and started to make conversation. After awhile were chatting naturally and she continues to reposition herself in hot ways driving me wild. I was worried about my cock having a mind of its own and her noticing. Before long she said I’m going to head back and pack a cooler with some beers, wanna help me carry it. So we walk back to her place, talking and laughing, clicking quite well. Once inside her apartment my mind was racing. We packed the cooler and headed back to the pool. After consuming a few drinks the flirting was definitely ramping up. I told her I was going to head home and shower but asked if I could have her number so we could continue to get to know each other and hang out. She obliged and said she had left her phone in the apartment but would text back when she got home if I text her.

After a short time contemplating I sent her a text saying I’m about to jump in the shower, I had a really nice nice with you today. As I was getting out of the shower my phone buzzed, with a text that said, wanna get ready and come over to continue our convo? I didn’t hesitate for any reason other that I was drying off, and she followed up with a picture. Her sitting on the floor with a perfectly placed towel just barely covering her pussy. Her sexy thighs out, her huge tits showing with it cutting off just below her nipples. I was stunned. I said I’ll be down in 30. I walked in the door as she answered in a tiny tank top—this busting out—and a very tiny g string. She said “I poured a glass of wine for after.” I said “after what?” She grabbed my hand leading me towards her couch and said, “after we make each other cum.” I had a feeling this was going to be a fun visit but no idea it would go quite like this. I sat on the couch and she dropped to her knees. She quickly had my shorts down rubbing my growing cock through my boxer briefs. She said I saw you looking at these as she drop the straps on her tank top exposing her amazing tits. I reached for them and her head went down, slowly sucking me as I let out a moan. She continued sucking as I rubbed on her big tits for a nice long time then paused to say, tell me when you’re close. A few minutes later I was and I moaned out. She stopped and said save it, its my turn. She flopped herself onto the couch and I knew exactly what to do as I dropped down between her legs and pulled her panties to the side. My gosh this woman tasted amazing. Her perfect bald pussy was soaked. After just a couple of short minutes she tensed up and moaned out that she was cumming. I was grabbing my cock as she was soaking my face.

I took a moment standing in front of her throbbing as she was breathing deeply, she said “now let me finish you!” I was expecting her amazing mouth again but instead she sit sit. I did as I was told and she straddled me sliding slowly down onto my throbbing cock. She rode me slow and intentional. Her tight pussy grasping me so tight. I was loving the view and she felt incredible. I knew I wasn’t going to last long as she started speeding up. I felt her pussy clench me which made me start to throb harder and she said I’m cumming, give it to me. Here I am a few short hours after meeting this beauty and I’m exploding in her milf pussy. She rode out every last drop before slowly sliding off and cuddling up beside me.

This was the start of a fantastic year of sexting, fucking, and creating porn. I have plenty more stories of her to share if everyone is interested.