I received dozens of applications for our open receptionist position within a week of posting the job. Our office was right on the water, overlooking the city across the river, so it was a highly desirable location for attractive 20-something year old women. Our clientele consisted primarily of middle aged men, so there a clear bias towards hiring women who would be eye candy to our clients. It’s an unspoken part of the business, but everyone does it.

I had interviewed six candidates already on that Thursday afternoon and I squeezed Vanessa into the 4pm slot to clear my Friday afternoon schedule. Some of the other candidates had impressed, one in particular dressed well and would have caught the attention of our male clients so Vanessa needed to blow me away at this point.

4:03pm. “Hey Vanessa, are you going to make it today?” I texted the 24-year old applicant.

“Heyy yes so sorry omw!” She replied instantly. “Traffic is crazy!!”

4:13pm. I’m getting aggravated. I’ve been in the office since 7am and I want to wrap up my day. I mentally decide that she has until 4:20 to show up before I cancel.

4:17pm. A blond woman dressed in a form fitting low cut black dress. Her curves are to die for, B cups, perfectly rounded ass and shoulder length straight hair. Her toned legs peeked out from her short dress and it wasn’t hard to get a preview of her cleavage. I glanced around as she walked up to the front desk. Every man in the office had become seduced by this young woman’s presence.

“Hi, I’m here for my interview, Vanessa!” The woman greeted my current receptionist.

“Ah, hi Vanessa, I’m Nick, I’m the office manager,” I walk up and shake the woman’s hand firmly.

“Hi Nick, I’m super sorry I’m late!” Vanessa cleared hair from her face and displayed a tantalizing smile.

“It’s ok, come with me,” I returned the smile and led her to my office.

If I’m being completely honest in hindsight, Vanessa wasn’t the best candidate for the job but could she answer phone calls, entertain clients and not screw up too badly? I hoped so. I had made my decision before asking her a single question. I offered her the job on site and she leaped out of the chair, hugging me and thanking me.

I had Vanessa shadow me for her first day with us. She wore a dark red jumpsuit that day, quite a bold outfit for your first day on the job. It hugged her sensational curves almost as well as the black dress did and she caught me admiring her body on multiple occasions. She smirked at me each time, flattered by the attention her new boss was offering.

On the second day, I had planned for Vanessa to work with our other receptionist, so I didn’t see her as often. At the end of the day, as I was about to close my office, I saw her approaching and waved her in. Today she was wearing a low cut white shirt and a loose but short skirt. This girl looked hotter with each passing day.

“Hi Vanessa, how was your day with Colleen today?” I asked.

“Good, I feel comfortable here with everyone,” she said, as she bent down awkwardly to adjust her heels. She nearly stumbled, grabbing a chair to catch her balance.

“Need help with that?” I hesitated.

“Oh Mr. G, thank you so much!” She smiled and I adjusted her heel so she could be comfortable. “Mr. G?” Vanessa asked in a much softer tone. I glanced up and froze. *Holy shit, no, no, I didn’t see anything*. She giggled playfully.

“Yes Vanessa?” I stood up immediately.

“Is there anything else I could do to help you around here?” She sat on the edge of my desk, her skirt sliding up.

“Vanessa, you’re doing great so far, everyone here likes you!” I respond.

“Mr. G,” she placed a finger over my sleeve and traced it towards my hand. “Anything else at all I can help with?”

“I’ll let you know, I appreciate you asking,” I retort, but she won’t let it go. I watched Vanessa’s eyes glare outside my office and then back to me. She turned her body towards me, subtly spreading her legs enough where I again see her lack of underwear. A second finger joined as she traced back up my arm. Her other hand rested on her knee and she leaned towards me.

“Can I ask you something, Mr. G?” Vanessa asked in a seductive tone. My heart began to thump and I felt myself beginning to sweat.

“Of course, what is it?” I asked calmly.

“Do you think I’m pretty?” She ran her hand up her leg and bit her lip.

“I…umm, I-I’m not sure that’s appropriate, Van–”

“Shhhh, it’s ok, nobody’s listening, you can tell me.” Vanessa responded. I confessed to finding her ‘pretty.’ This flattered the blond girl just a foot away from me. “Would you say I’m… hot?” I froze, my eyes wandering. “Mr. G, I won’t tell anyone, it’s our little secret.” Those words captured me. I looked down, but she already noticed. *Shit, this is a nightmare*! Vanessa bit her lips and moaned quietly, spreading her legs further.

*I could literally be fired for doing this*, I thought as pulled into the parking lot. I contemplated turning around and leaving. *Hey, we both have plenty to lose, right? We’ll keep this a secret*. I parked my car and adjusted my sports jacket, checked my watch and headed into the building. I told the front desk who I was seeing and her apartment. They buzzed her room and a voice told them to let me up. I took the elevator to the ninth floor and wandered the halls until I arrived at room 906. My heart began to thump again as I knocked on the door.

“Hey Nick!” She greeted me as the door swung open.

“Hi! You look… great! Your hair looks nice!” I hesitated but noted her pink highlights in her hair.

She showed me around the apartment, modern and beautiful, with an impressive view of the city across the river, then stepped away towards the bathroom. She mentioned that someone was coming in a half hour or so but I didn’t hear her. As she emerged from the bathroom, she noticed me staring at her incredible curves. She was wearing booty shorts and a tight t-shirt with her hair in a pony tail.

“I’m sorry if this comes off as inappropriate still but you look incredible,” I shyly admitted.

“That’s so flattering Nick,” she smiled, nearly blushing. “You’re, uh, quite handsome yourself.”

“Well thank you!” I took a step towards her. “I have to confess…”

“Yeah? What is it?” She faced me with a curious look on her face.

“I’ve been attracted to you since I first saw you.” I admitted. “I’m sorry if that’s weird for you.”

“No, not at all, it’s flattering,” she replied. “I’d say the same for you. I hope that’s not weird for you either.”

“At first yes but now I’m okay with it, if you are.” I said, to which she chuckled. I closed my eyes and leaned in for a kiss. I felt my entire body feel a euphoric sensation as our lips met. Hers felt soft and seductive. I wanted more instantly. My hand tucked behind her neck as she returned the kiss, our lips intertwining. We were past the point of awkwardness now and it was pure bliss. My other hand held the back of her shirt and began drifting lower. She threw her arms around me and I pulled her closer, our lips sealed together.

My tongue brushed her lips before being welcomed into her mouth and I swirled it slowly as it met hers. My hand reached the bottom of her shirt. I felt her arms raise up and her shirt followed, and my hand felt her smooth sun kissed skin for the first time. Our tongues became tangled up, kissing more frantically and I could feel swelling in my pants. So could she. She moaned softly as our kiss became passionate. My hand slipped up her shirt, exploring her alluring body. I soon realized she wasn’t wearing a bra, as my hand reached her breast, perky and round. Her hands gripped my shoulders as I touched each of her breasts, gently squeezing them as we continued to kiss. My bulge was pressing against her booty shorts.

“I need you right now,” she whispered into my ear. She leaned back for a moment. “Can you fuck me quick or is that weird?”

“No, I want you too,” I replied, “you’re so hot, I can’t keep my hands off you.”

“Me too, you’re fucking hot, Nick.” She yanked her shirt off over her head and tugged down her booty shorts. I stared in awe, her figure even more impressive in the nude. Her hour glass body just inches from me, I threw my jacket on a loose chair and unbuttoned my shirt as she bent over, ripping my belt off and pulling my pants to the floor. My body trembled the instant I felt her hands graze the bulge under my briefs. She moaned and ran her hands over my legs before tucking fingers into my briefs and shoving them to the floor. “Fuck me now baby.”

I grabbed her circular ass and threw her on the couch. She began to pant as her hands wrapped around my dick, firmly stroking my shaft and tip to full size. My fingers explored her thighs and discovered her clit, which caused her entire body to convulse to my touch. She ran her fingers through her hair as her pony tail disappeared. My fingers drifted lower and reached her slit. I could feel her dripping as her hands raced up and down my shaft. I spread her lips and guided two fingers into her pool of wetness, resulting in a shriek. “Oh baby, fuck!” I returned the favor, groaning as her hands captivated my body with their grip of me.

Within seconds, my heart thumping heavily, she released my dick and spread her lips, and I seamlessly slid myself into her. She soaked me instantly as I gradually rocked back and forth deep inside her. “Ohhh, ohhhh, ohhhhh!” She moaned louder with each movement. I sat up, towering over her and watching her body become consumed by my motion. I navigated my hips, shoving myself into her and rocking side to side, lowering my hands to her gorgeous breasts.

My hands traced down her body, gripping her hips as I began to thrust in and out of her. I pulled about halfway out before diving back in and each time she felt even wetter. Her hands pulled the couch’s cushion then leaned under her, pushing her body towards me. Her eyes squinted, as if she didn’t know how to contain the feeling with each thrust. I sat up and snatched her legs, pulling them over my shoulders as I slammed into her. “Ohhhh fuck yes, just like that!” She yelled.

I soon leaned over her, the feeling of our bodies touching adding to the excitement. My dick flailed in and out of her as our lips and tongues met again. My hands held her shoulders and I shoved her entire body as my dick shoved up in sync. I felt my balls clashing up against her with each motion and our tongues were swirling around each other again. I felt her body tensing up and my dick even more drenched.

“Cum for me baby,” I said as we kissed. “Cum for me now!” Her fingers dug into my back, the feeling of her wetness pushing me to the edge. She moaned loudly, pulling me even tighter to her.

“Fuck, fuck, ahhhh!” She screamed, reaching orgasm at that moment. Her entire body was quivering to my dick’s aggressive motions as I slammed into her as hard as I could. I matched her moans with my own as I felt myself about to blow. “Cum inside my pussy baby, cum inside me!” Those words pushed me over and I squeezed her shoulders, leaning up slightly and thrusted hard, erupting inside her tight walls. My body shook as I unloaded into her, spraying my cum into her soaked pussy. I continued thrusting into her until my balls were emptied and I gradually pulled out.

She stood up after a minute. “You have no idea how much I needed that, Nick.” She kissed me and walked to the bathroom, turning back. “Our secret, right?”

“Of course, nobody has to know.” I replied, hearing my phone buzz in my pants pocket on the floor.

“Good,” she entered her bathroom. “Especially not my sister.”

“Why would I tell your sister?” I laughed, reaching for my phone. I opened the most recent text. I froze, my eyes widening immediately. *Holy shit! No fucking way. No, no, no, this isn’t real*.

“You should probably get dressed soon!” She exclaimed. I scrambled for my clothes, dressing as quickly as I could. I was in full blown panic mode, my heart racing. She soon returned from the bathroom and noticed me breathing heavily. “Are you ok, Nick? Too much excitement for one night?” She smirked.

“No, no, I’m good!” I tried laughing it off. At that moment, the front door rattled and then opened.

“Hi Mr. G!” Vanessa exclaimed.

If there’s interest, I can do a Part 2! Let me know your thoughts!