I’d been living in Singapore on a uni work exchange for about 5 months in a run down student hostel run by a family of Filipinos. For the first few months my dorm manager/landlord was an older balding guy who I barely ever spoke to apart from via text. Luckily this story isn’t about him, or else I’d probably still be in therapy to this day.

After the old guy decided he’d had enough of running the place and left to do whatever it is old hostel managers do during their retirement, the owners sent their daughter “Sophia” as I’ll call her to run the place.

Now Sophia was a pretty decent upgrade in my eyes, for starters she was friendly, actually came to introduce herself, and also chatted often with everyone. But more importantly she had a thick ass and had a decent pair of tits to match, which was pretty rare in that part of the world. She would almost always be wearing stupidly tight jeans or leggings every time she came to visit or talk to me. She was tanned and had a pretty and kind face, not like a supermodel but more like that one friends mum you had a crush on as a kid. Seeing as I’ve always had a slight thing for milfs, I was head over heels as soon as I met her.

We hit it off pretty quickly as friends, seeing as she actually lived in the managers room on the top floor. She’d cook around the same time as me and also did her shopping at the same supermarket, so we got to know each other pretty well over the next two months or so. She was majorly into medicine and wanted to be a nurse, while I was half way through my own medical training so we often chatted about medicine. She’d told me all about her husband a few times too during this period, so I already assumed nothing was going to happen and that I’d have to settle for staring at her ass when I thought she wasn’t looking.

Our relationship began to change one day though after I’d taken a post work shower. The dorm had these dumb as fuck auto locking doors that you needed a key to open, and being dumb as fuck myself I’d gone to the shower with just my shorts, sandals and towel but no key. After realising I’d fucked up and deciding breaking my own door down would probably be a bad idea, I headed upstairs to find Sophia and beg her to let me back into my room.

Wet hair dripping and my dignity pretty much gone I snuck through the corridors and up the stairs past the kitchen where luckily it was just her cooking. After an awkward explanation as to why I was bare chested wearing a shorts/fuzzy shower slipper combo, and after she’d finished laughing she headed upstairs to grab her key and meet me outside my room.

After what seemed like an hour she appeared, unlocked the door and after I’d found a shirt stayed around for a bit for a chat. It was then she said those magic words.

“You know, you should drop by without your shirt again, you looked pretty good in just your slippers and shorts”

She gave me a wink and headed off, that amazing round ass bouncing away giving me the courage to call out and ask her if she’d like to grab some drinks that night at the bar round the corner. She laughed, twirled her hair and said of course and that she’d meet me at 8.

We headed off together, I noticed she’d gained extra make-up since we’d spoken and had changed her already tight leggings for a pair of jeans that caused her ass to bulge in all the right places. Add on effect of the high heels she was now wearing and I damn near busted a blood vessel resisting the urge to stare. She slung her arm through mine and told me to lead the way.

We drank, chatted and cautiously flirted for a while until the alcohol kicked in. Booze is expensive in Singapore and we were both broke, so we had to go for the strongest but cheapest beer we could. After about a pint and a half she dropped some serious hints about her husband still being back in the Philippines. Even a dense bastard like me could understand what that meant, especially with her foot rubbing up and down my leg under the table.

About an hour later and we were back in the managers room with her pressed against the wall with my hands in her hair making out like two horny drunks. I remember how warm she was and how desperately she grabbed my hair and shirt as I moved to kiss her neck. As she squirmed with every movement of my mouth I took the chance to pull her forward and finally get a grab of that big PAAG ass.

We made out for a while, my hands on her body while she grabbed at my own. I pushed her over to the bed, laying her down with her legs hanging over the edge as I ripped her jeans off as quickly as I could.

Legs up in the air and my mouth around her now soaking wet pussy I started gently, kissing the lips and edges as I slowly circled her clit with my thumb. She moaned in her thick filipina accent which drove me wild, going from gentle kissing to full on wet messy head. She went wild when I grabbed both of her legs and pushed them up and apart, running my tongue along the whole length of her pussy before licking her clit. Her moans were turning me on more than anything else, watching her grasp at the bedsheets and shudder with each breath.

She pulled me up when I took a moment to breathe, our chests touching as I took my shirt and belt off. I reached back down and pulled her top off and her bra down, revealing her soft tanned breasts and perky little nipples. I took one in my mouth, playing with it with my lips and tongue as she reached down into my trousers and started massaging my cock while pushing me back onto the bed.

I lay for a moment as she straddled me, her huge firm ass cheeks resting on my cock with only a millimetre of fabric separating us. I watched as she slid like a cat down off the bed, her head coming to rest above my now fully erect cock. She took it in her petite hands and started jacking me off slowly, staring into my eyes the whole time while telling me she couldn’t wait to feel it fuck her.

She blew me for a while, her delicate pretty lips smearing her lipstick all over my pale shaft as she worked her mouth up and down my cock. She moved like a professional, bobbing her head and using her lips to push and pull at my cock. I watched that pretty little face slowly become messier with spit as she struggled to force my cock deeper and deeper into her throat. Eventually going as far as she could I grabbed the back of her head and forced her down and back up, fucking her mouth roughly as she gagged and slurped.

I couldn’t hold myself back anymore, I pulled her off of me and stood her up. Jeans around my ankles now I shoved her over the bed and smacked her cheeks calling her a slut telling her arch her back. Once she was face down with her arse in the air I grabbed those wide hips and pushed apart her wet married pussy with my cock. She moaned in her thick sexy accent as I filled her up, pushing in slowly until she’d taken the whole length of my dick.

I grabbed her hair, pulled her head back and proceeded to go to town on her. Ramming her like I’d been dreaming of for the last three months, each thrust causing her to moan louder and grip the sheets tighter. The room filled with nothing but heavy breathing, moans and the loud smack of our bodies colliding. I gripped her hips as tightly as I could, using all my strength to pound her harder and harder as I slapped her ass every few seconds.

Pulling out and letting her catch her breath I leaned down against the headboard laying on the bed. She crawled next to me and we kissed as I pulled her leg over my body, forcing her to straddle me again. I smacked her ass one more time for good measure and then pulled those glorious cheeks apart as I moved my dick into position.

I held on to those cheeks as hard as I could while I jackhammered her pussy from below this time. My cock thrusting up as I pushed her ass down onto me, I could tell it was working by the way her nails dug into my shoulders and she screamed into my ear. I was completely mindless at that point, her pussy felt so tight and warm around my cock and her thick accented moans were too much for me. I worked my fingers around her clit as she rode, keeping the same pace as she edged towards climaxing. With a few extra hard rams of my cock mixed with playing with her clit she went rigid and shook for a moment as she came. Feeling her pussy quiver and contract around me was the final push I needed.

Fingers digging into her thighs shoving her down onto me as hard as I could, with my dick as deep as it would go I stupidly gave in and filled her pussy full of my cum. We stayed locked in each other’s arms making out as I spasmed inside of her filling her more with each second.

We stayed like that for a while before fucking once more in the shower. We realised we’d need to stop by the hospital for the pill anyway, so we spent the rest of the night together till we fell asleep in the early hours. Our relationship stayed sexual, she kept up her marriage but still spent every night in my bed more or less. Until she got a job elsewhere and we had to break it off. Last I saw on her Facebook she was back in the Philippines with a kid and her marriage intact, guess that’s how it goes sometimes.