I was 27 and home on leave from the military. 

The day I was flying back to my duty station in Japan, the flight was canceled right before boarding.

Some problem with the airplane…

Since it was a connection for an international flight, the airline gave everyone hotel vouchers and scheduled a new flight for the morning.

The hotel was nice.

After checking in and dropping my bag in the room, I went to the restaurant to grab some dinner.

I went to sit at the bar, and a few seats down there was a woman alone having a drink.

She was pretty.

Mid 30’s probably, long blonde hair, makeup, business clothes.

I could see her looking at me out of the corner of my eye when I sat down. She shifted around in her seat a little and moved her hair back.

Don’t want to sound like a douche, but I’m a decent looking guy. I’m tall, and was in good shape from the military.

I ordered a drink and headed to the restroom.

There was a mirror on the way and I could see her checking me out.

That’s when I decided I should shoot my shot…

I sat back down at the bar, ordered some food, turned to her and asked “were you on the canceled flight to Japan?”

She wasn’t, but that got the ball rolling…

I grab my drink, move down to sit next to her, and the conversation keeps flowing.

Beth was her name.

She had a corporate job where she traveled a lot, and was headed to Chicago early in the morning.

The vibe was good. We ordered another round of drinks.

She was putting out all the signals. Smiling a lot, giving me eyes, touching my arm whenever I made her laugh.

When my dinner arrived, she excused herself to the restroom.

I could see she had a nice body when she stood up. Great ass…

Things were getting more familiar. She ate some of my fries, and as the music was turned up we had to lean in close to talk.

I showed her some of my pictures from the military and she said “you look really hot in your uniform.”

Then we did the “guess my age” thing.

Turns out she was 42.

I tell her she looks 32.

“Pilates and serum” she laughed.

Another drink and we’re both a little buzzed.

She asks me, “how was your dinner.”

“Pretty good” I say.

Then she starts rubbing my thigh and whispers in my ear “how about some dessert.”

Caught me off guard… I had to clear my throat and answered “sure.

“Smooth right…

We settle our tabs and make our way to the elevator.

This is really happening…


When the doors shut, I pulled her close and we started making out.

Began slowly, then got more intense.

She pushed her tongue deep in my mouth so I did the same and pinned her against the wall which made her gasp.

By the time we get to her floor, she’s flushed red and I’ve got a hard on.

We get to her room and keep making out and groping each other as the door shuts behind us.

Soon we start undressing.

She had a fit body. I could tell she was enjoying showing it off as my hands explored her.

We make our way to the bed. I’m rubbing her wetness as she’s stroking me.

She grabs a condom from her purse and I roll it on.

Then she straddles me and lowers herself on my dick.

I’m usually not into girl on top, but she was great at riding, the best I’ve experienced actually.

She puts her hands on my chest, I grab her firm ass, and she bounces up and down on my dick.

After a little while, she leans back and starts grinding her hips in circles on me as I’m deep inside her.

I give her tits a good squeeze, then she gets creamy and tosses her head back as I start rubbing her clit with my thumb.

A lot of loud moaning and heavy breathing, then silence and some shaking as she cums.

Then she collapses on top of me as I hold her close.

After she recovers, she asks “did you make it?”

I’m still rock hard… inside of her…

“Turn around” I tell her.

She smiles, gets on all fours, and I slide back into her.

The room was filled with wet slapping sounds as I thrusted in and out from behind.

I can feel my orgasm building.

I grab her hips and start fucking her hard.

She responds with “Yes! Yes! Yes!” and cums again.

At this point I’m pounding her, ready to explode.

I push it in her deep and cum hard.

It was a star seeing orgasm… swear it made my ears ring too…

I collapse on top of her and we lay there completely spent and satisfied.

After a little while we clean up and relax in the bed.

“Do you have any condoms? I just had the one” she says.

I tell her I’ll go get some from the little kiosk downstairs.

When I get back to the room, she’s face down ass up on the bed looking back at me.

“Ready for round two?” she says with a smile.

I undressed so fast… made her laugh.

We go at it doggystyle for a long time, really enjoying each other.

I gave it to her with a steady pace and she came over and over again.

“You cum easy” I said to her.

“With a stud like you I do” she replies.

Wow… just… wow…

Before long, it gets more intense and I’m pounding her again.

“Pull my hair” she tells me.

I gather all her hair close to her head, give it a good tug, and fuck her deep and hard.

Her pussy starts gushing…

When I cum, I wrap her up, pull her hair, and pin her against the bed as I’m grunting loudly.

She had a proud smile on her face, enjoyed feeling my dick throb inside her.

Again, we’re both totally spent.

We clean up, then fall asleep spooning.

I wake up, it’s 430am and she’s working on her laptop in bed.

She says she’s going to leave soon.

I’ve got a big morning hard on that I show her.

She smiles but says her “downstairs needs a break.”

Then she closes her laptop and says, “here, come with me.”

We go to the bathroom and she starts running the shower.

We hop in, embrace, make out a little, and then she gets on her knees and starts giving me a blowjob.

Nice way to wake up…

She was good, did the mouth/hands combo really well… didn’t take long until I was close.

I tell her I’m about to cum and she just keeps going.

My knees get weak as I fill her mouth and she keeps her lips wrapped around my cock.

Swallowed too… absolutely amazing…

She stands up, I give her a kiss, and we finish showering.

Soon we’re both dressed, she’s packed up, and we’re headed down to the lobby.

One last embrace, a kiss, and she’s off to catch her flight.

We kept up on Facebook for a little while. Never saw her again though.

I still think about that amazing night.