I’m a M28. Tall. Fit. And big. I do well on dating apps and I’ve been telling my hookup stories. Idc if you believe them or not. I know where my dick’s been.


My dick has led me into some interesting situations…

This was about a month ago.

I matched with a F55. Blonde hair brown eyes. Recently divorced. DDs. 5’2.

Chatted, flirted, quickly moved to snap. Nudes and fantasies were exchanged.

We sexted throughout the day for two days. I wanted her, she wanted me.

We planned to hang out that Saturday. She wanted to meet in public (understandably so)

I had a friend’s birthday on Friday night. So I got pretty faded.

Around 230am I get a message from her.

“Come over.”

My friends were readying to call it a night anyway.

I messaged back “I’m kinda drunk. If you’re ok with the taste of whiskey on my lips”

She replied, “come kiss me”

I said “what about the mtg in public”

She replied “true. Let’s meet on my sidewalk. If we’re attracted to each other you come up”

I take an Uber. Tell her I’ve arrived.

I’m really drunk at this point. I’m debating if I should even be doing this the entire way. Luckily I always have a condom in my jacket when I know I’m going out. Never know…

I’m waiting outside her apt for a solid 5 min for her. Finally, she appears…

And let’s just say… nicely putting it… she didn’t look like her pics 100%. It was her. But her pics were at least 7-10 years younger. She’s a little thicker than her pics let on… (Good thing I love women of all shapes and sizes 😏)

She’s wearing yoga pants and a red t shirt. I immediately notice no bra underneath. My mind wondering if there’s no panties also…

She walks straight up to me, no words, and kisses me. I can taste the sweet red wine on her lips. She wasn’t drunk but definitely horny tipsy

Our bodies press against each other. My cock immediately got hard and pressed against my pants.

When we come up for air she says let’s go upstairs.

We sit on the couch. She offers me wine. I accept. We chat. Make out. Chat more.

Then she starts bitching about her ex.

Their divorce was fresh. A little too fresh.

I start to sober up. And kinda wanna call it a night.

“It’s late. And im drunk. I should maybe get going.”

She agreed. We walk to the door but before i exit she stops me and says “wait”

She grabs my face and kisses me. Hard. Her tongue exploring.

It was like a switch turned on for both of us.

My hands grab her breasts. I felt my cock grow as she unbuckled my pants.

I pull her shirt off. I needed her huge tits in my mouth. I start sucking and grabbing both of them as she moans and strokes my cock

“You’re so much bigger than him (her ex).” She said before she dropped to her knees.

She took a moment slowly stroking my cock and taking it in, her eyes were mischievously horny as she looks at me and says “this is the first new cock I’ve had in 30 years…”

“It’s all yours” was all I could think to say

She took my throbbing veiny cock inside her mouth. My hands holding and guiding her head as she took all of me (she wasn’t lying about the no gag reflex in her sexts)

She slobbered all over it. My cock was glistening and dripping with her spit

I pulled her up and kissed her. She led me to her room by my cock

Pushed me on the bed. Usually I’m the dominant one in bed, but the change up was hot.

She kept sucking away. It was a sloppyyyy blowjob. She put my cock inbetween her big tits and fucked it.

Then she stood up.

“Will you fuck me?” She asked

“Better than he ever did” I promised

She slid her black yoga pants off (no panties- mystery solved)

Her pussy was shaved. Her labia was distinct. Her lips were meatier.

She rolled a condom on my cock.

Climbed on top of me. Rubbing my cock against her pussy. Teasing.

She looked at me. Bit her lip. The first cock in 30 years…

Her pussy then lowered onto my cock.

So, so, sooooo tight

She started slow then picked up speed. She loved when I spanked her.

Her pussy was dripping I could feel my balls getting soaked…

I eventually took control and fucked her hard in missionary. Going deeper than her ex ever did.

She demanded I choke her while I pounded her… I did

I fucked her every which way.

When I was fucking her doggy my thumb was pressed against her asshole.

“Fuck my ass” I heard her say

I thought I misheard and said “what”

“Fuck my ass. He never did”

She brought out some lube…

I slowly entered. I was only about a quarter in as I fucked her tight asshole. She moaned out in pleasurable pain.

She played with her pussy as my thick cock stretched her

“I’m cumming” she screamed

I felt her body spasm. Causing me to cum.

I ripped off the condom and showered her ass with ropes of my warm cum