Now It had been almost 4 months of me and Emma dating and quite frankly they had been the best 4 months of my life. Not just because of the fantastic sex we had but also because we were perfect together in every way. We made each other laugh and feel things we’d never felt for anyone before.

But there was a problem with our sex life. It wasn’t exactly a problem but a conundrum more precisely. Emma didn’t like to take birth control pills because she’d never took them before and when she tried because of me, she told me that she didn’t like it and they made her feel weird. And neither of us liked the feel of a condom. So whenever we had sex, I’d either pull out and cum on her face, tits or in her mouth and if I did cum inside her, she’d just get the morning after pill. We both knew that they weren’t a hundred percent effective and we had talked about what we’d do if Emma ever got pregnant. We were both adults who love each other and both of us have very well paying jobs so it wouldn’t be a problem for us to have a baby. We both would be very happy to have a baby too. We weren’t actively trying for a baby because it would be too soon but we weren’t exactly playing it safe either.

Now Christmas was approaching and Emma hadn’t been home for Christmas in the last 2 years because she was in France and I hadn’t been in 3 because of my job. So we decided to take a long holiday this year and go home together for Christmas and New year. We had both mentioned to our parents that we were dating someone and they also knew that me and Emma had met in New York but they didn’t know we were together and in love. So to tell them finally, I told my parents that I’d be coming home this year and I’ll be bringing my girlfriend home with me. They were happy that I was finally coming home this year and really excited to meet my girlfriend.

“I’m so happy that you’re finally coming home Mike, we have missed you”

“I’ve missed you guys too mom”

“So tell me more about the special girl, you won’t even tell me her name”

“It’s a surprise mom, trust me you’re gonna love it”

“She must be very special if you’re bringing her home. You’ve never even told me about any of your girlfriends before”

“That’s because I’ve never had a real girlfriend before, and yes she is very special and I love her very much.”

Emma also said that she’ll be bringing her boyfriend home with her to her parents who had no idea about us same as my parents. Her father wasn’t thrilled but her mother was excited.

We reached our hometown together on 23rd evening. I was excited for our parents to see me and Emma together. My mom loved Em and I already knew she was gonna freak out from happiness when she saw us together. The plan was to go to my house and then to Emma’s house and see their reaction when they found out. Her father never approved of anyone she dated(not that she dated much) but was happy for his baby daughter but I wasn’t too worried, her father liked me and her mother absolutely adored me.

We reached our city before our initial arrival time because our flight was preponed. So we thought “another surprise for our parents”. We were supposed to reach in the night but we got there in the evening just before dinnertime. I knocked on my door and my mom came out and hugged me me really tight and almost shouted “Michael you’re finally home”. My dad heard this from inside the house and came out but to my surprise, Emma’s parents also came out of the house. It wasn’t uncommon for our families to host dinner for each other but I didn’t know they were going to be there that night. Her mom and dad hugged her. Then we said hello to each other’s parents. Then after a while we were just standing there in front of our parents when realization started to hit them, my mom said

“Michael, is she the one you…”

“Yes mom she is”

Both our moms started giggling and smiling and hugged us both while our dads just stood there and smiled and nodded in approval.

“I can’t believe it, you two are together, finally” her mom said hugging us

“Yes mama I know” Emma said

Then we finally made our way inside the house and washed up for dinner as my mom added two more plates to the table. We sat down, all six of us together and started to have dinner.

My mom asked ” How did this even happen, after all these years?”

I held Emma’s hand over the table, looked her in her eyes and explained “She got a great job at a restaurant in New York and moved there and we got together to talk and then we took it slow for a couple months but one night when I was walking her home, I kissed her and it just kinda happened”

“I still can’t believe it, after all these years you kids are finally together, I always knew you secretly loved each other” her mom said tearing up a little

“It wasn’t really a secret mom” Emma said

“How so?”

“I had told him before leaving for France, on the night of the prom”

“Oh that is so cute” my mom said and me and Emma just looked at each other and smiled

“I’m glad you finally found each other, you two are perfect for each other” her mom said

Emma and I looked in each others eyes and said “We know”

The rest of the dinner went on like this with Emma and me answering a million questions about us and our life in New York. As we finished, Emma and I agreed that it’d be best if we stayed at at our own houses separately. She started to leave with her bags to unpack at her house, we kissed and said love you to each other and both went to bed after we said goodnight over text.

The next day and we went Christmas shopping for my family because I didn’t have the time to get them anything in New York and also we thought we’d go around town a little. It’d been a long time since we had been here. We went to the mall and I got my mom a handbag which Emma helped me choose and I got my dad a motorcycle jacket because he had a newfound love for motorcycles and had bought one recently.

After shopping was done, she asked me jokingly “Did you get me a present for tomorrow or not?”

“Ofcourse I got you a present Em, did you get me one?”

“Yes, I have and it’s definitely gonna be better than yours” she said grinning. I loved her competitive spirit.

“Damn ok, guess we’ll have to wait till tomorrow” I was pretty confident with my gift for her, I didn’t know what hers was

She smiled and kissed me.

Emma’s family hosted dinner for us on Christmas eve and the food was fantastic, I could tell Emma had helped her mom make it and we sat next to each other and had dinner. Then her dad opened a bottle of champagne and made a toast to Emma and me being back home after all these years. I think it was his way of saying he was happy that we were together and we just laughed and drank. Emma didn’t touch her champagne.

Then after dinner me and Emma went for a little walk around the neighborhood under the moonlight. She leaned into my chest while walking and said

“Being back here with you, it makes me feel like everything is perfect”

“It is Emma, and you’re perfect”

“You know, I think this is the longest we’ve gone without having sex since we got together”

“Damn, yes it is” I said, a little surprised

“How about I sleep at your house tonight?” she said in a sexy tone

“Your dad would kill me, I don’t think he’d let us sleep together in my house even if we were married”

“Yeah I think he’d kill you too” she said laughing and kissed me and after a brief pause, she said

“You think about us getting married?”

“I think about a lot of things” trying to play it cool, she just smiled and we walked back home and kissed each other goodnight.

It was Christmas day and Em and I both gave our parents the gifts we’d bought for them and agreed we’d give each other our gifts later in the day

Later we were laying in my bed together cuddling and I heard a knock at my door, it was my mom, She’d come holding a tray of orange juice and potato chips. She used to so this when me and Emma were hanging out in my room when we were younger and I said laughing

“Were not in school anymore mom” Emma chuckled and my mom put the tray on my desk and looked at us holding each other and said

“I still can’t believe that you guys are together, you’re so perfect”

Then my mom and Emma talked a little and then my mom left and when we were alone again, I pulled out a box from under my pillow and gave it to Emma and said

“Merry Christmas Em”

She opened it and found a diamond necklace inside and gasped “wow, its so beautiful”

When I was at the Jewelry store buying this necklace for her, I looked over to some engagement rings and momentarily thought about getting one for her instead of the necklace but then I thought, I do love her and want to spend the rest of my life with her but it’s too soon.

“Just like you” I said and put the necklace on her, she looked beautiful and I kissed her

“It’s gonna be hard to beat this gift” I said with a smug smile

She didn’t look at me like she normally does after I teased her but looked me in my eyes in total seriousness and said in a voice no higher than just a whisper

“I’m pregnant Mikey”

When I heard those words, I couldn’t move, couldn’t speak and couldn’t think. It felt like my world turned upside down. “What do I do now” was the only thing flashing in my mind which felt like it was floating in space. I came back to the land of the living when a teardrop rolled down Emma’s cheek because I had been silent for an unusually long time and she said in a shuddering voice “Please say something”

When I came back to my senses I still didn’t know what to say and just kissed her for what felt like an eternity and when we did break off the kiss she said “Please say something, anything”

“I love you Emma” was all I could say

Then we stayed like that with her in my arms looking at me and me still trying to process the space shattering news. Then I asked her “ How far along are you?”

“Four weeks, I just found out a couple days ago. I did take the plan B pill after we had sex but they aren’t a hundred percent effective, I’m sorry baby”

I just thought about what this meant, Was I ready to be a father? We practically already lived together but should we get married? I did wanna marry her and make her my wife and have kids with her. So I thought, fuck it I’m gonna do it, It wasn’t too soon, We had practically been in love with each other since we were kids.

“You don’t have anything to be sorry about anything Em, You’re perfect, We’re perfect, this is perfect”

“Are you happy?” she asked me

“I couldn’t be happier, This is the best Christmas present ever. Plus I’m the one who got you pregnant, if it’s anyone’s fault it’s mine. Are you mad at me?”

“I could never be mad at you Mikey, I’m happy to be pregnant with our baby”

We kissed and I rubbed her belly and kissed it, she chuckled and said “Our baby is about the size of a peanut right now, I don’t think it can feel you kissing it”

“Hey, I can kiss my baby if I want to” we laughed and kissed, then I almost forgot what I had to do. I broke our kiss and told her to stay here and don’t move and left in a hurry. I went downstairs to my mom and said

“Mom where’s grandma’s engagement ring?”

“It’s in my locker why?”

“I need it, I’m asking Emma to marry me”

With that she jumped and hugged me tightly and started talking about how amazing this is and how she couldn’t believe it and I told her I’m in a hurry and we’ll talk later, she said “wait here” as she went to get the ring. She got back after a while with a small red leather box and I opened it to find my grandma’s beautiful ring that had been in our family for generations and now It was Emma’s turn to wear it. I told my mom to call dad and call Emma’s parents over because we had some big news to share and I went back to my room.

There I saw Emma playing with her belly and my last thought was “damn she’s perfect” she saw me as I opened the door fast and closed it

“What was the rush?” she asked me

I didn’t answer and just got down on one knee and opened the box. She immediately stood up on her feet gasping with her hands covering her mouth.

“Will you marry me Em?” I said with a wide smile on my face, I didn’t have time to prepare a whole speech

She stood there shocked and didn’t answer for a while but then starting moving her head up and down and said yes in the cutest squeaky voice and kept jumping with excitement as I put the ring on her.

“Oh my god It’s beautiful, where did you even get that?”

“My mom, it was my grandmothers, it’s been in our family for a long time”

“I love it” she said looking at her ring before jumping on me and wrapping her legs around me and jamming her tongue down my throat.

“I want you to make love to me right now Mikey” she said between kisses

“Later, I promise but right now we have to go downstairs, everyone is gonna be waiting to hear the good news”

“I’m gonna hold you to that promise” she said before breaking the kiss and climbing off of me.

We went downstairs and told everyone the two good news. Ofcourse we told them about us getting engaged before Emma being pregnant because I didn’t want her dad to think that I knocked up his daughter and didn’t even ask her to marry me. We had a big celebration that day and everyone was very happy. Emma slept with me in my house that night and we made love for what felt like the first time again.

Two months later we got married in a big ceremony in our hometown like Emma always wanted and all of our friends and family were there and it was perfect. Now It has been almost two years since we got married and bought a house together in New York. We have a baby daughter Kayla and my wife just told me she is pregnant again. Life couldn’t be better.