Now it had been 7 years since me and Emma went our separate ways. I had seen her a couple of times when we were both back for Christmas and new year but nothing happened, we just talked and laughed and also the occasional face time. The last time we met was almost 3 years ago when she told me she had a boyfriend in France. I was happy for her. I didn’t really have a meaningful relationship throuhout college, just a bunch of hookups here and there, the longest I ever dated a girl in college was 2 weeks. It’s safe to say that I wasn’t the relationship type. Even after getting a job in one of the biggest corporations on wall street, I still wasn’t the dating type. I spent most of my waking hours working and going to the gym.

Now out of the blue one day, I got a message from Emma saying she’s in New York and wants to meet and catch up. Of course I said yes and we agreed to meet for a drink this evening. When I saw her at the bar again after almost 4 years, looking as beautiful as when I last saw her, it brought back a lot of feelings. We hugged immediately and said our hellos. We talked about how life has been these past years and how much we missed each other. She also told me that she’s in New York for a job as a chef in a high end restaurant. I wished her good fortune for her new job and was happy for her. I was more happy that now she was close to me again. I didn’t hope for anything from her in a romantic way, although i wouldn’t be totally opposed to the idea of us being together. I just wanted her back in my life, her leaving left a huge void in my life and heart which nothing and no one was able to fill.

So in the next few months, she settled in New York and her new job was going great. Also we started to hangout almost daily, her restaurant was near my office and I’d often drop by late at night when I’d put in some late hours at the office (which was daily) and went to her restaurant after closing time. We’d sit in the empty place by ourselves and talk about nothing and anything over a bottle or two of wine. It seemed like we picked up exactly where we had left off 7 years ago.

I also started doing my business lunches or dinners at her restaurant not only because the food was marvelous but also because she’d send me a slice of my favorite dessert for free everytime, which she knew was apple pecan pie.

One day we were hanging out at the restaurant having some wine and I asked her “Em what happened with your boyfriend in France?”

“Yeah, That” she said with an exhausted face

“It wasn’t anything serious, I just dated him for a couple of months and we broke up”

“Why?” I asked

“He was a nice guy but honestly, I felt nothing for him. It would’ve been cruel to keep him hanging around without us having any future”

“So why aren’t you dating now?”

“What is it with the interrogation?” she said playfully

“Nothing just curious” I said

“It’s just that my last boyfriend was the only guy I’ve been with since *ahem*”

“Ohhh, Okay”

“And being with him was a total bust so I just gave up on dating and just focused on my career”

She had done great things in her career, she was the head chef of one of New York’s top restaurants only at the age of 25

“And what about you hotshot, all of my girlfriends want to jump your bones and they give you plenty of signals whenever we hangout but you aren’t too excited about those things either?”

We had been hanging out at each other’s place also, sometimes alone and sometimes having a party at either of our places to which both our friends came to.

I had noticed some of her friends flirting with me but I ignored them because I wasn’t really interested in them.

“Yeah, it’s kind of the same for me too, I’ve never really had a girlfriend and I’m a bit tired of casual hookups too”

“So here’s to focusing on our careers then, cheers”

“Yep gots to climb that corporate ladder”

Then after we were a bit drunk and in no shape to drive, we started walking towards her place. We reached the outside of a park and it looked beautiful under the combination of the moonlight and the streetlight and I stopped her.

“Do you regret it?”

“Do I regret what?” she asked

“Having sex with me on the night of the prom”

“Never, It was my decision and I’d do it again in a heartbeat. And I wanted it to be you”


“It’s kinda obvious isn’t it, you’ve been with me for most of my life and we’ve been through everything together, You’ve always been there for me and the only thing I regret sometimes is leaving you to go to France”

“You shouldn’t regret that, our lives turned out to be great and we’re here together now”

“Did that night change the way you used to think about me?” she asked me

“No, nothing can make me change the way I think about you, You’re my best friend and you’re perfect and besides, that was the best night of my life”

she smiled and said “Glad you enjoyed it”

Then we started walking again, her holding my hand and walking ahead of me

I said “You know I really meant what I said to you that night Em”

She stopped and turned around, didn’t say anything, looking at me softly and not letting go of my hand. She came up to me and kissed me

“Me too” she said

We just kept walking till we reached her place and standing at the doorstep she looked at me and her mouth said bye but her eyes wanted something else

I said to myself, fuck it and went in for a kiss, I hadn’t hoped for her to reciprocate my feelings but she did and then some, she kissed me back and while my kiss was a sweet innocent peck on the lips, hers was violent, she jumped me and put her tongue in my mouth. I was wonderstruck and carried her inside in my arms and locked the door.

She was wearing skin tight blue jeans and a grey tshirt from which I was very eager to get her out of. We took our clothes off all the while trying not to break the kiss and at the same time saying how much we missed each other. We somehow got into her bedroom, clothes flying everywhere and I put a finger on her slit and noticing how wet she was, knowing I had to taste her immediately. I put her on her back on the bed and after giving her one last kiss, went to sucking her nipples. They were hard as pearls and I tugged at them with my teeth which made her moan in joyful agony. Then I went to her pussy which was as dripping at this point. I slowly licked it on the sides teasing her and then from top to bottom, avoiding her clit. After when she couldn’t take it anymore and said ” Oh my god I’ll kill you” in a playful way, I knew I had teased her enough. I put my tongue against her clitoris and played with it furiously. She moaned so loudly, I think she woke the neighbors. Then keeping a suction on her clit, I started to finger her tight pussy, she looked like she was on cloud nine and suddenly she came hard all over my fingers and mouth. Also she squirted a little which was a surprise even for her. She said “That’s never happened to me before” and kissed me

“I’ll have to return the favor now” is all she said before she put me on my back now and engulfed my cock in her warm mouth. “Oh my god” was all I was able to get out of my mouth.

She sucked for what felt like an eternity of pleasure. Then as I was about to cum, I told her and she took my cock out of her mouth and said “Not yet”. She placed herself on top of me with her pussy right against my tip in her hand, playing with it. And all I could say was

“I don’t have a condom”

“Does it matter?”

When she said that, something animalistic inside me woke and I turned her on her back which she replied to by a playful squeak and I pushed all of my cock inside her. Her eyes rolled to the back of her head and she let out a loud moan. I started to fuck her hard with her saying “Please don’t stop” repeatedly, I knew that I couldn’t hold back for long now and told her I was about to cum, she told me “Just cum inside” and with that I buried myself as deep as possible inside of her and unloaded ropes after ropes of cum inside her wet pussy and by the look on her face, she came too.

“Are you on birth control?”

“No, I’ll just get the morning after pill later”

We just laid there with me still inside of her, not pulling out. She said from under me

“Are you going to stay like that all night”

“I’m going to stay like this forever, I’m not letting you go again Em”

“I’m not going anywhere Mikey, but you do need to get off me”

“Why?” I asked playfully

“Because we’re all sticky and dirty” she said in that cute squeaky voice of hers which could cure all diseases and end all war

I laughed and moved off of her and we took a shower together and helped each other clean off. After that we climbed on the bed together and cuddled together.

Just as we were about to go to sleep, I whispered in her ear “You’re mine now Em, I’m not letting you go anywhere”

all she said was “I know baby” and we both fell asleep