Hi, I’m Michael and this is the story of me and my best friend Emily

It all started when I first laid my eyes on Emily when we were both 5 years old and Emily’s family had just moved across our house and we became best friends soon enough. We went to the same schools, some same classes and our parents were also very good friends. We used to hangout together all the time in each other’s house doing homework or just chilling.

We were each other’s first kiss when we were 12. It wasn’t anything romantic, I was just a curious preteen and wanted to see what all the fuss was about and Emily being the kind soul she is, let me kiss her.

During highschool we were both in relationships, nothing serious for both of us, until my girlfriend cheated on me and Emily broke up with her boyfriend for some reason she didn’t tell me. We were never together during our school time because we never thought of it and we were best friends so the idea never came to us.

So as prom was approaching, I decided to not go but Emily being as stubborn as she is decided we’ll go together.

So we got ready for prom, I wore a tux and went across the road to Emily’s house to pick her for prom and put a corsage on her. I knocked on the door and her mom opened it looking all excited. Emily came down the stairs and i laid my eyes on her and she looked absolutely stunning. My jaw literally dropped. Emma was easily the most beautiful girl in our highschool. She was about 5’5″, fit figure from all the gymnastics she did, perfect C cup breasts and an a magnificent ass with brown hair and green eyes. I was about 6′ with a moderately athletic body because of being on the school soccer team with brown hair and eyes.

“Emma you look beautiful” I told her

She blushed “stop it Mikey”

“No really, you look amazing”

“Thanks, You look handsome too”

We went to prom and had a great time. We danced and laughed but the real story doesn’t begin till the afterparty

So after prom was finished, we went to one of my friend’s lake house for the afterparty. There was alcohol, music and some weed. Me and Emma were a little drunk at this point.

She grabs my hand and tells me “Come with me”

she leads me into a room and we both sit on the bed together

“I need to tell you something”

“Sure Em what is it?”

She doesn’t say anything for a bit but then a tear drop starts to fall down her eye and she says

“I’m going for a culinary course in France after highschool”

Even though we had no plans to go to the same city to attend college together, it still would’ve been nice to atleast be close enough to meet regularly. She was my best friend for the last 13 years and I didn’t want her to go away. I was surprised and not in a good way

“Why are you going all the way to France, are there no good culinary schools here?”

“There are but all the best ones are in France and I just got selected into an amazing program”

“Why didn’t you tell me you applied for France?”

“It just seemed like a really long shot and I didn’t think I’d get it in a million years”

My eyes were also a little moist at this point “I don’t want you to go”

She placed her hand on mine “Please don’t make it harder than it already is Mikey, I don’t wanna leave you either”

She leans forward and kissed me and I kissed her back

“There’s another reason why I brought you here”

me confused “What?”

her smiling “I want you to be my first”

my jaw dropped and I couldn’t comprehend what I just heard


“You heard me Mikey, it’s something I have to do before I leave and I want it to be with you”

“Your first time should be meaningful and with someone special”

“You’re special to me and meaningful’s overrated, didn’t your girlfriend cheat on you after your “meaningful” first time?”

“I’ve never told you this but I never actually had sex with her”

“What!?, you’re a virgin too?”

“Yes but can you not shout it out loud”


“So, do you wanna do it with me?”

confused “I don’t know, I guess yes?”

smiling ” Are you asking or telling me?”

“Telling you?”

she laughed and hugged me.

“Do you know how to start?”

“Don’t worry we’ll figure it out”

She started to kiss me and I kissed her and she told me to touch her and I did, she removed my tux jacket and started to touch my abdomen under my shirt. I got a little more confident and started touching her boobs and ass over her dress. She started to unbutton my shirt.

Then I unzipped her dress and helped her take it off and she helped me take my pants off.

She was wearing matching black laced underwear which looked very sexy. I wasn’t able to take my eyes off her body and told her “You’re the most beautiful girl in the world”

She smiles and I kiss her, this time with a little tongue which she liked. She started to run her hands over my body and underwear and I was reciprocating the same. Then with one hand, I unhooked her bra (begineers luck I guess) and she gave out a surprising squeak.

Then I took my underwear off and she told me I had a nice dick and helped me put on a condom. I laid her on the bed on her back and started kissing her neck. Then slowly I made my way down to her breasts and played with the nipples which were standing at my touch. I kissed and caressed her breasts which made her gasp and moan. Then I made my way down to her belly piercing which she had gotten during her rebellious teenager phase. I kissed it and made my way towards her panties. There was a huge wet spot on it and I kissed it. She let out a loud moan. Then took her panties off and put a finger between her wet slit. She moaned as I put one finger inside and made sure she was wet enough for my cock. Then as I put another finger in she let out a loud moan and she was ready. I placed the tip on her entrance and slowly moved it up and down to make it wet with her juices. As I started to go inside her, she let out loud gasps and a little shout but didn’t ask me to stop. Slowly I slid all the way inside her and the feeling of my cock filling her up was the best feeling in the world. Then I started to move a little and she was now comfortable with my cock inside and was enjoying it.

I started going faster and she was rubbing her clit. Then I don’t know what came over me, maybe it was how her pussy felt around my cock or how close I felt to her right now kissing her while fucking, and I told her ” I love you Emma”

She looked me in the eyes and said ” I know Mikey, I love you too”

This put us both over the edge and we both came together with me still inside her and her pussy milking my dick of all my cum.

I kissed her again and we went home.

Then She went to France to pursue her dream and I went to Harvard for a business degree. The last time I saw her before she left was at the airport. She hugged me and said goodbye and then we kissed for a long time. We were both very sad and she was crying a little, we promised to keep in touch. But this isn’t the end of the story, there’s more to come.