I played “truth of dare” and lost the bet to my friends, so I had to wear female clothes and finger my butt in front of them. I dressed up like a girl. I looked so good it was unbelievable, but I didn’t want people to see me so I went outside during night. There wasn’t anyone in the park nearby and I had the place for myself. I lowered my panty and sat on bench, I bent my butt backwards so my friends can see. They were hiding in the distance, so we don’t look suspicious, then I started fingering.

It felt really good ,my dick was rock hard knowing my friends are watching, but then at that moment I felt something grope my ass. I thought my friends were messing with me…..but I soon realized there was a man behind me touching my ass. I was shocked and didn’t know what to do, so I stay silent as I felt a hand grab my ass firmly. I was infuriating, how could somebody do something so horrible. My friends were still watching, and didn’t even help.

I tried to push him, then I felt his hand moving down my skirt, inside my thong. He caressed my bare ass with the palm of his hand. The situation was getting out of hand, so I told him I was a boy, but he didn’t stop. I was truly terrified.
After a couple of grabs I suddenly felt one of his fingers poking the entrance of my asshole. There is no way he would go that far in public!……………Right?
My friends were still watching!!
At that moment I felt his finger enter my ass. Did he just do that ?!. He started moving his finger more and more inside me. I was paralyzed at that moment. My ass felt numb and i felt disgusted as I realized the very first time having my ass played with was by a random pervert. He finally took his finger out my ass and out of my panty. Finally it was over and he had his fun.

As I barely started feeling relief once again I felt something pushing against my ass but………….but it wasn’t the feel of a hand or a finger. I couldn’t believe it, he was slowly brushing his hard cock between my tights !!! I felt disgust and pulled off trying to escape, but i tripped and fell .Before i could get up he grabbed me from behind and was already on top of me rubbing his hard cock between my ass, it almost felt like he was fucking me through my thong.

I turned my head and saw all my “friends” recording me from afar….Then with horror I felt my panty getting lower. I had to do something, I wasn’t just gonna let that guy do as he pleases . Before I could rethink my options his cockhead already went inside. His penis was ripping my ass, I wanted to pull off of him and run ,but he firmly held my hips and pulled my ass deeper into his dick, until I felt him balls deep, he began pounding into my butt. I couldn’t believe what was happening, he was raping me.

Soon after that guy slid two fingers in my asshole and began to pull my hair. Having my butt fingered as he pounded my previously virgin ass ,I felt every inch of him entering and sliding out my butthole. His balls were slapping against my ass. It felt so weird and dirty like a forbidden way of doing it. I couldn’t help but feel the tiniest bit of pleasure making its way inside me. I was getting butt-fucked by a stranger, with my legs spread apart, taking his cock in my ass. Then I realize with shame that I was indeed getting hard. Unbelievable, how could I get that aroused being raped in the ass by some bastard. He fucked me harder and harder.

Then he stopped all of the sudden and with what will forever be a stab in my pride and self-esteem I, not even realizing it almost as my body had taken over my mind, pushed my ass towards his cock. I barely stopped myself from cumming having his cock and fingers inside my ass. My friends came infront of us, filming me,but he couldn’t stop fucking my helpless ass. I felt something warm, but when I turned my head to see it was too late. He was ejaculating ,pumping my ass full of cum for everyone to see.

Then he got me down on my knees and slapped his dick on my face. Omy god it was huge!! That thing was inside me?? I was so shocked by his size that I didn’t realize, he was already stuffing his prick down my throat. I was taking another man’s dick in my mouth. I could taste my own ass while he was face-fucking me. My head was locked onto a stranger’s cock and I couldn’t do anything. Surrounded by people recording, realizing there is gonna be a video of me getting fucked. He pulled my head harder towards his cock, so I can’t escape. It is so embarrassing to choke on dick while recorded. I felt like a cheap slut. It didn’t take long before my mouth was full of his seed. I had to walk back home dressed like a chick, having my ass dripping with his cum, hoping nobody sees me like this.