Now, while Lewis loved having a name, it wasn’t enough! He needed to be remembered, not just known! He gave his second wish to Zorath. “I need a car. A big car.” He said, smiling aggressively. “Most importantly, a tough car.”

The next morning, he woke up, and there it was. It was exactly what he needed. Big, black, and badass! He sat in the car, fidgeting with all the new gadgets. Zorath got in the passenger seat, proud of what she conjured. As they left for their next spree, Lewis got an idea. “Hey, this thing is really sturdy, right? Like, REALLY sturdy?” Zorath sat upright, intrigued. “It can withstand the weight of Quazar-al, its basically invulnerable.”

Lewis used another of his many wishes. “I need booze. Lots of booze.” And so it was. A compartment opened up in the middle of the car, revealing a bottle. He pulled it out, and another popped up. “Oh hell yeah” Lewis laughed. “I like where this is going”

They drank for almost an hour, still driving, barely keeping to the road. Lewis had drank 7 bottles, while Zorath had 3. “Are you drunk already? For a literal deity, you-you can’t even hold your drinks!!” Said Lewis, swerving the steering wheel. “You know *hic* Lewis, you are a stupid man. But I love ya!” Said Zorath, leaning her head on his lap. “We *hic* were supposed to kill people with this car!”

“You know, I probably already did, but who knows!?” They both laugh. Lewis puts his hand over Zorath’s waist. “You want to make sure?” Says Zorath, as she lifts her head, gripping his belt. “Because I can really make you lose control of this wheel!”

After about ten seconds of drunkenly fumbling with the belt, Zorath finally removes it. “Get *hic* ready” She says, as she pulls down Lewis’ pants, revealing his rod. Zorath freezes, then prepares herself, and opens her mouth. She leans forward, and wraps her lips around the killers tip, licking and sucking. Lewis moans, and desperately tries to focus on the road, but his mind was drawn between the alcohol and Zorath’s sloppy mouth, gliding up and down. It was slightly warmer than a human mouth, and her teeth were a little sharper. They heard the car crash, and Zorath had won already. She laughed, and Lewis grabbed her by her hair, and forced her face down to the base. Zorath choked a little, but didn’t resist.

Lewis lifted Zorath’s face, and shot hot ropes of stringy white goo all over it. He moaned her name, and his body went limp with pleasure. “I win” said Zorath. “I knew I *hic* would.” Lewis frowned. “Fine.” He said. “Next time is your turn!”